Shilong Senior High
一、编者意图 二、教材重组 三、教学安排设计 四、教学案例 五、反思
Warming up Using language
Reading Workbook
以话题为中心呈现听说读写的材料和学习任务 (content based; task based) Make new friends and keep the old; one is silver and the other is gold.

  1、教材使用建议 、教材使用建议 (
  1)对教材内容进行适当的补充和删减 ) (
  2)替换教学内容和活动 ) (
  3)扩展教学内容或活动步骤 ) (
  4)调整教学顺序 ) (
  5)调整教学方法 ) 英语课程标准 英语课程标准P61 英语课程标准

  2、指导思想 、
more input more output

  3、重组原则 、
  1)话题一致原则 )话题一致原则
  2)功能一致原则 )功能一致原则
  3)目标一致原则 )目标一致原则
课时 1 2 3
课 型
Intensive reading Extensive reading Vocabulary & structure Reading, Listening & Speaking Writing Assessment

Warming Up, Pre-reading, Reading, Comprehending Reading Task (WB); Additional reading?Chuck’s friend Learning about languageP4 Using words & expressions; Using structures (WB)P42 A poem P7; Using language P6; Listening & Talking P41 Reading and Writing P7 Language Practice; Summing up(P
  8); Learning tip(P
  8); Checking yourself(P
5 6
任务1 任务 任务6 任务 任务2 任务
任务5 任务 任务4 任务 Design friendship cards Final task Writing a letter of advice Project An English party on friendship An English paper on friendship 任务3 任务
Period 5 Reading & writing 【Goal】Output in language, mainly in writing 】 【Learning strategies】 】 Scaffolding; cooperative learning ; learning while using; experiential learning 【Theory】 Hayes和Flower 的过程写作法 】 和 (process- focused approach writing); - ); 皮亚杰(Piaget)的社会建构主义理论 皮亚杰 的社会建构主义理论 (Constructivism Theory); ; 英语课程标准》 《英语课程标准》对写作的要求
【Teaching aid】 Multimedia 】 (a computer ;a projector ) 【Learning aims】 】
  1. To learn to write a letter of advice
  2. To master the steps of writing
  3. To train the skills of discovering and correcting mistakes
  4. To learn to carry on self-assessment and peer-assessment
  5. To develop the sense of process- - focused writing
【Writing process】
写作前奏( 阅读范文, 写作前奏(Pre-writing)→阅读范文,针对主题 ) 阅读范文 展开讨论, 展开讨论,范文分析
写作进行曲( 起草提纲, 写作进行曲(While-writing)→起草提纲 模仿写 ) 起草提纲 应用词汇, 作,应用词汇,完成初稿 写作续曲( 自评, 写作续曲(Post-writing)→自评,互评,考虑同 ) 自评 互评, 学的评价和意见, 学的评价和意见,修改 全班共评一、二篇习作 教师指导 全班共评一、二篇习作→教师指导 第二稿→认真抄写 第二稿 认真抄写 教师评价→指出优点和不足 教师评价 指出优点和不足 成品( 完成第三稿, 成品(publishing)→完成第三稿,设计版面 ) 完成第三稿
【Teaching procedures】 】 Step 1: Pre-writing
  1. Enjoy a poem
A Forever Friend

  1)Read the poem aloud expressively. Enjoy the rhyming words.
  2) Have a discussion with your partner about your understanding of friends/friendship.
  3) Pick out the lines you enjoy best.
  2. What beautiful lines have you learned about friends or friendship in this unit?

  3. Read the letter to the editor from Xiaodong:
Dear editor, I’m glad to tell you that I have been admitted into No.1 High School, which I am longing for. I’m crazy about everything in the new school. However, my father says, “Students in high school are too busy to care about others.” Facing the new classmates and new teachers, I really don’t know what to do. Besides, I’m not good at communicating with people. I wonder if I can get along well with my new classmates. I’m really upset. Dear editor, can you tell me how to make friends? And what is friendship exactly? I would be grateful if you would give me some advice. Best wishes Xiaodong

  1) What problem does Xiaodong have? Do
you agree with what his father says? Discuss in groups of four. Collect your advice to Xiaodong and your attitude. Useful expressions: In my opinion, you should… My advice is… I think/ believe… I’m afraid that… I advise you to… I don’t think… Don’t worry… I agree/ I don’t agree. I think so./ I don’t think so.

  2) Discuss the basic structure of the letter to Xiaodong from you, the editor, in groups of four. Para. 1: Response Structure Para. 2-3: Problem solving Para. 4: Closing Para. 2-3: Problem solving Personal attitude Understanding of friendship Advice on making friends
Step 2 While-writing (Individual work) Writing tips: 1st. Organize your ideas and set the paragraphs. 2nd. Use some beautiful expressions and proverbs you have learned. 3rd. Use proper linking words like and, so, however, besides etc. to make your letter coherent. 4th. Read aloud the letter and make some improvement. 5th. Try to finish the letter in
  12-15 minutes. -

价 内

自评 互评
主题 是否突出提建议和表达态度;书信 是否突出提建议和表达态度; 格式是否正确 所用词汇是否地道、 所用词汇是否地道、恰当 词汇 是否运用课文/范文等中的优美词 范文等中的优美词/句 是否运用课文 范文等中的优美词 句 单词拼写错误多/少 单词拼写错误多 少 主体时态是否用一般现在时 语法 句子结构是否正确、 句子结构是否正确、优美
行文 是否流畅 亮点 是否有创意之处
Step 3 Post-writing
  1. Self- assessment
  2. Peer assessment:
  1) Share your letter with your partner and try to give some suggestions to each other according to the assessing standard.
  2) Make an improvement according to the comments from your partner.
  3. Class assessment with the help of the projector
  1. Further improve your letter
according to the Assessment
assessing standard .
Does the article have a clear structure? Does your article include attitude, advice and understanding of friendship? Do you use the capital & punctuation correctly?
Grammar Do you use tense correctly? Do you spell the words correctly? Do you use some good expressions from what we’ve learned ? Language Do you use linking words like “ besides, and…”to make your article more coherent?
*Do you use different sentence patterns?
  2. Make the final copy of the letter with beautiful and clean handwriting. Design the page to make it unique.
1、写作过程 从高一开始,我们就应该让学生懂得写一篇 从高一开始, 文章必须经历几个步骤,如写前准备、起草、 文章必须经历几个步骤,如写前准备、起草、 初稿、自评互评、修改、成稿等。 初稿、自评互评、修改、成稿等。这样写作 得以在正确的轨道上进行。也就是说, 得以在正确的轨道上进行。也就是说,写作 重在过程,而不能只看结果。 重在过程,而不能只看结果。过程写作对学 生写作能力的培养有着积极的影响,它引导 生写作能力的培养有着积极的影响, 学生接触一个全新的写作方式??在一种轻 学生接触一个全新的写作方式 在一种轻 亲切的环境下体验写作,通过积极合作、 松、亲切的环境下体验写作,通过积极合作、 集思广益、相互切磋等途径来学习。 集思广益、相互切磋等途径来学习。

  2、多元评价 、 过程写作优于传统写作的一个重要方面就在于 评价。在课堂中,我们采用了多元评价方式:自评, 评价。在课堂中,我们采用了多元评价方式:自评, 同伴互评,师生共评等。 同伴互评,师生共评等。在不断的修改中形成新的 思路,养成良好的写作习惯,并在不断肯定、 思路,养成良好的写作习惯,并在不断肯定、修正 自己的思维过程中实现自我构建。 自己的思维过程中实现自我构建。
英文写作是一个长期复杂的训练过程。高中阶段的英 英文写作是一个长期复杂的训练过程。 语写作能力的教学应从长计议,从高一开始, 语写作能力的教学应从长计议,从高一开始,从基础 抓起, 抓起,不能等到高考前再进行突击性的强化。


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