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高一英语必修 Unit2 高一英语必修 3 Unit2 单元测试题
第一部分: ( 满分 54 分) 第一部分: 部分 英语知识运用 共三节,
Designed By Ray Zhu
  3.19 第一节:单项填空( 小题; 第一节:单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分, 满分 15 分)
  1. He sat at the desk, a novel. A. read B. to read C. reading D. reads
  2. If you cheat in the exam, you could hardly it. A. throw away B. get away C. get away from D. get away with
  3. No potatoes for me?I'm a diet. A. at B. in C. on D. with
  4. The speed of cars and trucks is to 30 kilometers per hour in large cities in China. A. limited B. limiting C. limiting to D. limited to
  5. Smoking is a bad habit. You should it. A. throw away B. get away with C. get rid of D. throw
  6. I'm really tired Tom. He had me for two hours in the rain. A. of, waiting B. with; wait C. of; waited D. with; waited
  7. Bob ran the 100 meters in
  9.91 seconds, and I have not seen this year. (浙江 20
  05) A. the best B. better C. the most D. more
  8. Filled with anger, he didn't shout or swear, but just silently at me. A. looked B. stared C. glared D. glanced
  9. ? Why was Tom scolded by our teacher? ? For . A. tell a lie B. telling lies C. told lies D. telling lie
  10. ? Anything new in the new regulations? ? They will be to us all. A. of great benefit B. do harms C. do many good D. for the benefit
  11. Must I get through the business in one evening? No, you . A. mustn't B. haven't C. needn't to D. don't have to
  12. Your article is too long. You must to about 3000 words. A. cut it off B. cut it up C. cut it down D. cut it into
  13. If your knowledge can be in some way with my experiences, we are sure to succeed. A. joined B. united C. connected D. combined
  14. The news was so that all the people present at the meeting were at it. A. amazing, amazing B. amazed, amazed A. oughtn't to B. dare not C. amazing, amazed C. need not D. amazed, amazing D. will not
  15. You be sitting in this waiting room, sir. You see, it is for women and children only. 第二节:完形填空( 小题; 第二节:完形填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分, 满分 15 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1~10 各题所给的四个选项(A,B,C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项,并 把答案写在答题卷上. Every person needs water and a diet of healthy foods. These foods should contain some fat, some fiber, a little salt and so on. People need energy 16 . They eat different kinds of food which change into energy. The energy is 17 in calories. Even when you 18 , you are using energy ? about 65 calories an hour. 19 you are at school, or walking home, your body is burning up 100 calories an hour. When playing football or basketball, you 20 be using 400 calories an hour. On Sports Day, during the relay race, you will use most of all, 21 as much as 650 calories an hour. The Chinese diet is considered to be the healthiest in the world. It contains a lot of fruit and green vegetables. It is 22 in fiber and low in sugar and fat. The Chinese eat less sugar than many other countries in the world. That is 23 lots of people in China have healthy white teeth. People in the Western world do not eat such healthy foods. They eat 24 fat and sugar and don't take enough 25 . Because of this, they 26 weight very easily. Their diet contains a lot of fat in the 27 of potato crisps,
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potato chips, butter, cream and chocolate. They eat a lot of sugar which exist in cakes, soft drinks, 28 and so on. The result is that many of them become fat. 29 some have bad teeth. In some parts of Britain, one person in ten, 30 the age of thirty, has no teeth left.
  16. A. for life B. to live C. to live with D. for a living
  17. A. measuring B. taken C. measured D. measure
  18. A. are asleep
  19. A. While
  20. A. must
  21. A. surely
  22. A. rich
  23. A. how
  24. A. much too
  25. A. exercises
  26. A. put on
  27. A. type
  28. A. sweets
  29. A. But
  30. A. at B. fall asleep B. During B. can B. usually B. poor B. why B. many too B. food B. gain on B. form B. sweet B. Or B. for C. go to sleep C. As C. need C. perhaps C. good C. what C. too many C. work C. get on C. kind C. candy bar C. And C. with D. go to bed D. If D. might D. hardly C. bad D. that D. too much D. exercise D. put up D. sort D. sweet thing D. So D. by
小题; 第三节:阅读理解(共 12 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 24 分) 三节:阅读理解( 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A,B,C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项,并把答案写在答题卷上. A. . A car needs gas to run and your body also needs food to work for you. Eating the right kind of food is very important. It can keep your body strong, so take care of what you eat. There are four main food groups altogether. The dairy products group has food like milk, cheese and sour milk. The other three groups are the meat and fish group, the fruit and vegetable group, and the bread and rice group. Each meal should have at least one food from all the four main groups. With all these food together you will be given enough energy during the day. It is easy to get into bad eating habits. You may eat your breakfast in a hurry to get to school on time. Or you may not have time for a good lunch. It may seem easy to finish your supper with fish and chips all the time. But you will find yourself tired during these days and you can not think quickly. Watching what you eat will help keep your body healthy and strong. It is also good to take some exercise. It will help you eat more if you take a walk or play games in the open air. Having a good eating habit with some exercise is the key to your health.
  31. Which of the following diets do you think is the best one? A. Eggs, tomatoes and chicken. B. Milk, bread, cabbages and beef. C. Corn, fish, cream and pork. D. Rice, beancurd, apples, fish and chicken.
  32. Which of the following is a good eating habit? A. Going to school without any breakfast. C. Finishing your lunch in a very short time. B. Eating fish and chips for supper all the time.
D. Having at least one food from all the four groups each meal.
  33. In this passage the writer mainly tells us that . A. every person needs food to grow well B. taking exercise can keep your body strong C. right kind of food with exercise will keep you healthy D. enough energy helps people think more quickly B. . Good health is the most valuable thing a person can have, but one cannot take good health for granted. It is
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important to remember that the body needs proper care in order to be healthy. There are three things that a person can do to help stay in good shape: eat right food ,get enough sleep, and exercise regularly. Proper nutrition (营养) is important for good health. Your body cannot work well unless it receives the proper kind of "fuel"(燃料).Don't eat too much food with lots of sugar and fat. Eat plenty of foods high in protein (蛋白 质) ,like meat, fish, eggs and nuts. Vegetables and fruits are very important because they provide necessary vitamins (维他命) and minerals. However, don't overeat. It is not helpful to be overweight. Getting the proper amount of sleep is also important. If you don't get enough sleep, you feel tired and easily get angry. You have no energy. Over a long period of time a little a amount of sleep may even result in a change of personality (人的个性).Be sure to allow yourself from seven to nine hours of sleep each night. If you do, your body will feel strong and refreshed, and your mind will be sharp. Finally, get plenty of exercise. Exercise firms the body, strengthens the muscles, and prevents you from gaining weight. It also improves your heart and lungs. If you follow a regular exercise program, you will probably increase your life-span (寿命).Any kind of exercise is good. Most sports are excellent for keeping the body in good shapes: basketball, swimming, bicycling, running and so on are good examples. Sports are not only good for your body, but they are enjoyable and interesting, too. If everybody, were to eat the right foods, get plenty of sleep and exercise regularly, the world would be a happier and healthier place. We would all live to be much older and wiser.
  34. According to the passage,. A .we should always keep fit B. if we were healthy, we could spend our days in doing things with less sleep C. one can eat a lot to stay in good shape D. one needn't take any exercise if he is healthy
  35.In order to keep good health, . A. we should eat a lot of sweets B. one needs a large amount of fat C. people should eat according to the foods nutrition D. we must try to sleep now and then
  36. Eating more and sleeping less. A. can keep healthy B. is no good for you C. gets you more energy D. will keep your personality
  37.The writer explains in this passage. A. how to eat B. the importance of doing exercise C. how to keep healthy D. what to eat
  38.The title of the article should be . A. Eating and Exercising B. How Vitamins Work in Man's Body C. Staying Healthy D. Sleeping Well C. Isn't it astonishing how much time we spend talking about food? "Have you ever eaten …?" "What did you have for lunch?" and so on. And yet when you travel from one country to another, you will find that people have quite different feelings about food. People often feel that what they eat is normal (正常) and that what other people eat is strange or silly. In most parts of Asia, for example, no meal is complete without rice. In England, people eat potatoes every day. In the Middle East, bread is the main part of every meal. Eating like so many things we do, becomes a habit which is difficult to change. Americans like to drink a lot of orange juice and coffee. The English drink tea four or five times every day. Australians drink a great deal of beer, and the French drink wine every day. The sort of meat people like to eat also differs from one country to another. Horse meat is thought to be delicious in France. In Hong Kong, some people enjoy eating snakes. New Zealander eat sheep, but they never eat goat meat. The Japanese don't like to eat sheep meat be-cause of its smell, but they enjoy eating raw fish (生鱼). So it seems that although eating is a topic we can talk about for hours, there is very little common sense in what
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we say it. People everywhere enjoy eating what they have always eaten, and there is very little we can do to change our eating habits.
  39. Which of the following is true according to the article? A. All people have the same feeling about food. B. In most parts of Asia, people usually have rice for meals. C. People often consider other people to be strange or silly. D. The topic people spend time talking about is bread and meat.
  40. People in different countries . A. drink the same sort of wine B. have the same eating habit C. eat different kinds of meat D. have the same tea at different time within a day
  41. The Japanese don't like to eat sheep meat . A. because they dislike its smell B. because it is too expensive C. because it is easy to go bad D. because they think it will do harm to their health
  42. English people drink tea four or five times a day . A. because they get thirsty easily B. because there is plenty of tea in Britain C. because of their drinking habit D. because they have enough time to do so
第二部分:英语技能运用(共四节, 第二部分:英语技能运用(共四节,满分 46 分)
第一节:根据句子的意思,写出正确的单词,并注意词的正确形式. (共 10 小题;10 分) .
  1. He gained all his (力量) and was ready for a second try.
  2. I patted her (温柔地) on the shoulder.
  3. It is healthier to keep a b diet every day.
  4. This restaurant was not giving its (顾客) energy-giving food.
  5. (好奇心)drove Wang Pengwei inside Yong Hui's restaurant.
  6. Wang Pengwei stopped worrying and started advertising the (好处) of his food.
  7. To succeed, we must (结合) talent with working hard.
  8. He has been working for a long time, but he is still full of .(energetic)
  9. You should do some (研究) before making the final decision.
  10. She is not (苗条的)enough to wear these tight trousers. 第二节:用正确的情态动词填空(共 5 小题;5 分)
  1. When we are cooking with a gas fire, we (can / must) keep the window open.
  2. Mr. Joseph has stayed in the US for several years. He (may / can) speak English quite well.
  3. Jack's ill, so they (must / have to) change their plans.
  4. It (can't / mustn't) be Miss Gao. I know she has gone to Beijing.
  5. You say you not do it but


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