必修4 必修 Unit1 配套练习

  1.Children should be taught to behave b politely in public places.
  2. The university plans to set up an institutefor Chinese studies. i
  3. The teacher encouraged her to be more outspoken in her ideas. campaigning
  4. The miners are c for better working conditions. entertainment
  5. A cinema is a place of e. consideration
  6. He never showed any c for his mother’s feelings.
  7. The birth r is the number of rate births compared to the number of people.

  8. Which o do you work for? organization
  9. The smile on her face made it all worthwhile w specialist
  10. I went to see a s who found I had too little sugar in my blood. 11 M is one of qualities to be a Modest great man. 12 Mark made a hearty apology to his behaviour teacher for his bad b in class.
  13. John insisted that he had no c with the failure of the connection experiment.

  14. Her health is in poor condition c because she never takes any exercise.
  15. There is the g gap between generation parents and their teenage children.
  16. The example set by the teacher us to work still harder. inspired(inspires) ( )
  17. The American President will deliver an important speech on antiterrors. was observed
  18. A man walking on the opposite side of the road.

  19. He is such an experienced teacher respects that everyone him. support
  20. I hope you will me in my decision. explain
  21. Can you to me why you are late for the meeting?
  22. Nobody enjoys being looked down on/upon by others.
  23. She raised her hand to shade her eyes from the sun. cared for
  24. When I was ill, my mother me carefully.

  25. Don’t with me, I have made argue up my mind; I won’t change my decision. mean
  26. Sorry, I didn’t to be rude to you. came across
  27. She some old letters in the course of her search. devoted
  28. The old man all his spare time to keeping pets. observe
  29.You must the traffic rules. 30 the bad weather, I’d Considering rather go to Shenzhen by train instead of by plane.

  31.我突然意识到他是在向我求婚。 (hit) 我突然意识到他是在向我求婚。 我突然意识到他是在向我求婚 hit me that Suddenly it he was trying to ask me to marry him.
  32.这花是准备给妈妈的。(intend) 这花是准备给妈妈的。 这花是准备给妈妈的 are The flowers intended for mother. . 33他打算早上起程。(intend, move off) 他打算早上起程。 他打算早上起程 intended to move off He in the morning intended moving off = He in the morning. . 更多资源xiti1
  23.taobao.com 更多资源
34今天早上她生了个小男孩。 今天早上她生了个小男孩。 今天早上她生了个小男孩 delivered She a boy this morning . gave birth to = She a boy this morning . . 35在我离开的时候你继续工作。( 在我离开的时候你继续工作。( 在我离开的时候你继续工作。(carry on) ) while I’m away.
  36.帮助他们就是帮助你自己(mean) 帮助他们就是帮助你自己( 帮助他们就是帮助你自己 ) carry on working To help them . means helping yourself
37我从来没有打算让他读我写的有关他的东 我从来没有打算让他读我写的有关他的东 。(mean) 西。( ) meant him to read I never what I wort about him 38他和他妻子争论度假的最好地方。(argue) 他和他妻子争论度假的最好地方。 他和他妻子争论度假的最好地方 He his wife the best argued with about place for a holiday. 39We can reach the island only by boat. we reach Only by boat can the island.
40A lion will attack a human being only when it is hungry. it hungry will a lion Only when is __ attack a human being. 41你一旦习惯了这里的气候,你就会喜欢这个 你一旦习惯了这里的气候, 你一旦习惯了这里的气候 城市。 城市。 Once used the weather you get to here, you’ll enjoy the city. 42我们把敌人从祖国赶走。( 我们把敌人从祖国赶走。( 我们把敌人从祖国赶走。(drive) ) drove out of We the enemy our motherland.
43这本书值得读。(worthwhile ,worthy, 这本书值得读。 这本书值得读 worth) worthwhile It is reading the book It is worthwhile to read the book worth It is while reading the book. The book is being read worthy of worthy to be read The book is worth reading The book is .
44如今越来越多的中国人庆祝母亲节 如今越来越多的中国人庆祝母亲节 Nowadays more Chinese and more observe the Mother’s Day. 45你为我们准备一顿丰盛的晚餐真是太体贴人 你为我们准备一顿丰盛的晚餐真是太体贴人 。(consider) 了。( ) is considerate of you to It __ __ prepare a good meal for us. was
  46. The rest of the apple thrown away. were The rest of the apples sent to the nursing home.

  47. 他不得不努力工作来供养这样一个大家庭。 他不得不努力工作来供养这样一个大家庭。 (support) had to work to support He hard such a large family.
  48. 别再提这件事了。( 别再提这件事了。( 。(refer) ) Don’t again. refer to the matter
  49.请让我查阅一下我的笔记本,找出准确数 请让我查阅一下我的笔记本, 请让我查阅一下我的笔记本 字(refer) Let me just refer __ notesto find the to my exact figures.

  50.他一生都在忙于照顾穷人。 (concern, .他一生都在忙于照顾穷人。 care for) ) She concerned for, herself with caring the poor all her life. was concerned with/about caring for She the poor all her life.
  51.昨天我偶然碰见了一位老朋友。 昨天我偶然碰见了一位老朋友。 昨天我偶然碰见了一位老朋友 By chance came across I an old friend yesterday.
  52. 穿红色衣服的女孩吸引了我的注意。 穿红色衣服的女孩吸引了我的注意。 caught eye The girl in red my .



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