Unit 1 Women of achievement
Karl Marks
Shakespeare Thomas Edison
Madam Curie
Confucious Premier Zhou
Warming up:

  1. Who is your hero/heroine?
  2. Who do you admire most in your heart ? Why?
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  3. Do you think he/ she is a great person?

  1. Do you remember that we have learned some great persons in Unit 5 module 1 ? Besides Nelson Mandela, what other great men do you know?

  2. Can you list several famous and great women?
Do you know any great woman in this world? Is there any woman that really inspire (encourage) you? Why do you admire her?
What qualities do you think a great person should have?
I think a great person should be…
great people
modest determined
A Chinese saying goes:
Women can hold up half the sky.
Who is she?
She was a Quaker. She helped improve prison conditions and gave prisoners work and education. Her work helped the Quakers get the Nobel Peace Prize in l9
Elizabeth Fry (1780 --l8
  45), Britain
Who is she?
She was Dr Sun Yatsen's wife, was one of the top leaders in modern Chinese history. She concerned herself with welfare projects, leading China Welfare Institute especially for women and children.
Soong Chingling (l893 --l98l ), China
Who is she?
She is an American. She helped found an international campaign to stop the use of landmines. She worked hard to make as many countries as possible agree not to use them. She and her organization were given the Nobel Peace Prize in l9
Jody Williams (l950 -- ), USA
Who is she?
She was a Chinese, a doctor who became a specialist in women's illnesses. She devoted all her life to medical work for Chinese women and children. Her work encouraged many other women to become doctors.
Lin Qiaozhi (l90l--l9
  83), China
1983 died leaving her body for medical research
Who is she?
She was born in France, a girl from the countryside who dressed as a man and went to fight for the French and to drive the English out of France. She was caught and put to death by the English.
Joan of Arc (l412--l43l), France
Who is she?
As a young girl, she always wanted to study animals. She went to Africa and studied chimps. Her research showed the connections between chimps and human beings. She works to protect chimps everywhere.
Jane Goodall (l934-- ), Britain
Which of them do you think is a great woman? Give your reasons .
Elizabeth Fry (1780 --l8
  45), Britain
Soong Chingling (l893 --l98l ), China
Jane Goodall (l934-- ), Britain
Jody Williams (l950 -- ), USA
Joan of Arc (l412--l43l), France
Lin Qiaozhi (l90l--l9
  83), China
Read the following table. Name Ambition (抱负 抱负) 抱负 Problems She was criticized for (忽视 忽视)her neglecting (忽视)her family and enjoying fame Her relatives help political opinions completely different from hers Sacrifices (牺牲 牺牲) 牺牲 Less time was spent with her husband and family. After her husband died, she lived alone.
To help Elizabeth improve prison Fry conditions To work for civil rights, Soong Chinglin democracy 民主)and (民主)and peace To work with animals Jane Goodall in the wild
She lived a hard life in She gave up the comforts of life the wild to study the chimps.
Ambition (抱负 抱负) 抱负 To prevent the making and use of Jody Williams landmines Name
Joan of Arc Lin Qiaozhi
It isn’t easy to work with groups in different countries and persuade government to stop the making and use of landmines. To drive the Women were not English from allowed to fight like a France man. To help Women had greater women and difficulties getting children with into medial college their illnesses and getting further and health training.
Sacrifices (牺牲 牺牲) 牺牲 She has lost her own personal time because of the demands of the job. She lost her life She never got married or had a family of her own.
What do these great women have in common?

  1. Work hard at their chosen careers.
  2. Stick to their idea without any withdrawal
  3. Overcome all sorts of difficulties
  4. Give up things like families or life to achieve their ambition
  5.Make great contributions to the society
After a glance at the title, what do you think the passage is about?
Who ? What? where?
Introduction of Jane Goodall
1934 April.3 born in England
In childhood spent much time outdoors exploring various creatures At 17 For 40 years decided to go to Africa has been doing research in Gombe, In 1965 In 2002 received her Ph.D honoured as a peace fighter by the UN
What is she doing?
Where are the photos taken?
Gombe National Park in East Africa (Tanzania) 坦桑尼亚
Skim and answer the questions:

  1.Who is the protector? Jane Goodall
  2.What animals are observed? chimps
  3.What did our group do in Gombe National Park? (para
  1) Observe the chimps in the forest.
  4. What has Jane Godall been doing in the forest? (para
  2) Observing and recording their daily activities.
  5.What’s the purpose of her study? (para
  3) To understand and respect the lives of chimps
Careful reading
The first paragraph
The whole day
watching a family of chimps wake up
first activity
wander off into the forest
Come into mother’s chimp arms,go to sleep together in their most of the time nest for the night
feed or clean each other as a way of showing love in their family
The mother chimp and her babies play in the tree
Outline of the text

  1.A day in Gombe National Park by our group
What’s our work like?
Hard ,tiring , time-consuming

  2.40 years’ work on observing chimps by Jane goodall
Determined, devoted, brave, with great love, and sympathy,
The second paragraph The first thing The second thing She discovered that chimps hunt and eat meat She observed chimps as a group hunting a monkey and then eating it
The She also discovered how third chimps communicate with thing each other What’s the significance of her dicovery?
The third paragraph
True or false

  1.She hopes that chimps can be left in the forest.
  2. She supposes that people should not use chimps for entertainment.
  3.She has spent more than forty years helping people understand her work.
  4.She has built many homes for the wild animals to live in.
The fourth paragraph
The achievements of Jane:

  1.Working with animals in their own environment.
  2.Gaining a doctor’s degree for her studies.
  3.Showing that women can live in the forest as men .
  1. What did the group do first in the morning? They.
A. went into the forest slowly B. left the chimp family of chimps wake up C. observed the family of chimps wake up D. helped people understand the behaviour of the chimps
  2. Why did Jane go to Africa to study chimps in the wild? Because she wanted. A A. To work with them in their own environment B. To prove the way people think about chimps was wrong C. To discover what chimps eat D. To observe a chimp family
  3. Jane was permitted to begin her work after.
A. The chimp family woke up C. Her mother came to support her B. she lived in the forest D. she arrived at Gombe
  4. The purpose of her study was to .
? Watch the wild chimps in cages ? Gain a doctor’s degree ? Understand and respect the lives of chimps ? Live in the forest as men can
Main ideas
Para 1: A day in the park Para 2: Jane did research on chimps and her achievement Para 3: Her attitude to the animals Para 4: She has achieved everything she wanted to do
The passage is mainly about how Jane Goodle chimps in their environment worked with and help people understand and respect of these animals. the life
chimps Jane Goodall has studied the for many
years in Africa and helped people understand how much they like human. Jane behave was work with animals in their own determined to . She spent many years environment observing and their daily activities. recording For 40 years, Jane has been helping the rest of the world understand and respect the life of these animals. Sheinspires those who want to the cheer achievements of women.
Only if we can understand can we care Only if we care will we help Only if we help shall all the life is hopeful
Jane Goodall
We have a choice to use the gift of our lives to make the world a better place Jane Goodall

  1. What made her a great success?
  2.What should we learn from Jane Goodall?
  3. What do you think is the best way to protect wildlife?
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  1. What made her a great success?
We think that there are two points that made her successful. One is her way to study chimps, and the other is her true love to the animals. The first one is facile(容易做到的 容易做到的), facile(容易做到的), because it is only a way. Everyone can do it. But for the second one, it is more easily said than done. As a woman, she gave up everything, went to the forest to study the chimps and devoted all her love to these animals. It is really not easy. What we cannot understand is that how she has such great personality 人格,个性). (人格,个性).

  2.What should we learn from Jane Goodall?
wisdom and courage animals. deeply love to the animals her consideration her hard work

  3. What do you think is the best way to protect wildlife? We should call for all the citizens to love wildlife, protect their living conditions, forbid hunters to kill them freely, build more natural reserves for them and we shouldn’t disturb them. The national wildlife protection parks shouldn't be open to the tourists.
Debate( argument)
?Girls: women are able to do more than men.
?Boys: Women are not able to do more than men.
.What did Jane do in the past 40 years to achieve her goal of studying chimps?
  1. She did not study at a university but she was determined to work with animals in their environment. (determined and brave)
  2.She has argued for them to be left in the wild and not used for entertainment or advertisements.
  3.Has been helping the rest of the world understand and respect the life of these animals.
  4.She has set up special places where they can live safely. Great love and sympathy towards chimps
Only after her mother came to help her for the first few months was she allowed to begin her project. 她的母亲头几个月来帮她的忙,这才使她得以开始自己的计划。 她的母亲头几个月来帮她的忙,这才使她得以开始自己的计划。 状语”开头的句子要用倒装, 以“Only + 状语”开头的句子要用倒装,即将助动词或连系动词 置于主语之前。 置于主语之前。 只有这样,我们才能学好英语。 只有这样,我们才能学好英语。 Only in this way can we learn English better. Only when your identity has been checked, . A. You are allowed in C. will you allow in B. you will be allowed in D. will you be allowed in


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