Module 3
课后习题 一.根据首字母或提示完成单词
  1. Yang Lan hosts a TV program with an aof 12 million.
  2. The teacher found Tom had a (天赋) for painting.
  3. Which musical (乐器) are used in pop and rock music?
  4. Ann likes rock music and dancing. She hates (古典) music and hiking.
  5. In recent years, Jay Chou, a 31-year-old Taiwanese singer has released(发行) several a.
  6. He tried to enter the garden s, without being found.
  7. We were most iwith their patience.
  8. In France, 40 percent of (农民) owned little or no land in 17
  9. What you say and do will (影响) your child.
  10. This piece of beautiful music was c for the piano. 二.英汉互译
  1. 留下印象
  2. 分裂
  3. 记录
  4. 与……不同
  5. 以……而出名
  6. be successful in
  7. as well as
  8. go deaf
  9. refer to
  10. in the mid-1980s 三.翻译句子
  1. 工作了 8 小时,我们都感到累了。
  2. By the time I was eighteen, I had learned three foreign languages, including French, Japanese and Italian.
  3. It was Henry that gave us the lecture on American economy last Thursday. 四.单词填空 Three Great Composers of the Eighteenth Century Haydn, “the father of the symphony”, was the son of a peasant. He
  1. the symphony
  2. a long piece for a large orchestra.
  3. in eastern Austria for 30 years, Haydn moved to London, where he was very successful. Mozart was a composer, possibly the greatest musical genius of all time. He had musical
  4. from a very early age. By the time he was 14, Mozart
  5. many pieces for the harpsichord, piano and violin,
  6. for
orchestras. Haydn was deeply
  7. by Mozart when he first met him. Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany. He
  8. musical talent when he was young. In his twenties, he met both Mozart and Haydn. However, it was Haydn
  9. encouraged him to move to Vienna. As he grew older, he began to
  10.. But he continued composing.
基础知识讲解 基础知识讲解
  1. audience n. 观众,听众 There was a large audience at the pop center. Three thousand audience crowded the concert hall. The audience
  1. in a variety of ways, some in suits, some in dressed, and some in jeans. A. is dressed B. are dressed C. is dressing D. are dressing
  2. mean to do Mean doing 翻译: 我打算在这儿呆很久 We mean
  2. you tomorrow. 我们打算明天看望你。 Being a student means studying hard. Missing the train means for another hour. 赶不上火车预示着要再等一个小时。
  2. be different from… 与……不同 be different in 在…… 方面不同 填空: City life are different
  3. country life. The two boys are different
  4.their tasts.
  3. be known as be known for be known to 填空: Lun Xun is well-known
  5. a great writer. Lun Xun is well-known
  6. his great writing. Lun Xun is well-known
  7. all Chinese.
  4. be impressed with/by/at I was deeply impressed by/ with/at his speech. 我对他的演讲印象深刻。 I was
  8. the beautiful and quiet town. 这座美丽而宁 静的小镇给我留下了非常深刻的印象。 Impress sth. upon/on sb.=impress sb. With sth.铭记,使对……有印象
  5. go deaf 变聋 go 为系动词,变得,后接 9作表语,表示由好变坏或 正常变特殊 翻译:她 70 多岁时耳聋了。 Fish soon goes bad in hot weather. go mad/blind/bad/wrong go pale/red/outgoing go hungry hear from 受到
  6. hear of =hear about 听说 翻译:I was shocked to hear of his poor death. 我经常收到父母的来信。 His sester left home in 1998, andsince. A. had not been heard of B. has not been heard of C. had not heard of D. has not heard of
  7. 课文: By the time he was 14, Mozart had composed many pieces for the harpsichord, piano and violin, as well as for orchestras.
by the time 到……为止,引导时间状语从句。从句用一般过去时,主句常 用于过去完成时 填空: By the time I reached the station, the train(leave)。 By the time he (graduate) from his Junior High School, he had learned 3,000 words. as well as 除……以外还有……, 和……一样也……(就前原则) Tom bought some books a dictionary. Tom as well as his classmates were sent abroad for further study.(改错)
  8. 语法:强调句 和过去完成时


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