高一英语材料 一.词性转换(必修二 Unit3 Computers)
  1. simplify vt. adj adv
  3. solve vt. n.
  5. reality n. vt.
  6. application n. v.
  2.operator n. v. n.
  4. explore v. n. n. adj. adv. adj.
  8. appearance n. v. n.

  7. finance n. adj.
  9. logical adj. adv. 二.单词填空

  10. happiness n. adj. adv.
  1. As soon as the students of geology arrived on the island, they were eager to 探索) ( .
  2. You should (简化) the procedure?it’s too complex (复杂的).
  3. Music is the (通用的) language of human beings.
  4. He set a (目标)for himself of exercising at least three times a week.
  5. They (宠坏) their child with too much praise in the past.
  6. We have a lot in c, so we often have a lot to talk about.
  7. She didn’t like the plan, but p I see nothing wrong with it.
  8. They get along with each other quite well though their personalities are t different.
  9. We are all persuaded by his (逻辑的) argument.
  10. Unexpected difficulties a (出现)in the course of their experiment.
  11. With the help of his friends, he finally s the problem.
  12. It may rain, but a (不管怎样)I will go out playing basketball.
  13. We can d many songs from the internet nowadays.
  14. There are different t of blood, as you know.
  15. He said he wouldn’t come, so his sudden a surprised all of us. 三.选择词组填空 in common make up go by deal with in a way share…with as a result as well as be filled with with the help of after all watch over win second place

  1. Will you please my child while I am out?
  2. Those two brothers not only look alike, but also they have a lot .
  3. When I am back to school from sick leave, I will for the missed lessons.
  4. , he has been very successful.
  5. I cannot think of ways to the salesman at the door.
  6. I made great progress in English Mr. Lin.
  7. Look! Little Tom is in tears. Don’t scold him. , he is only a boy of six.
  8. Three months before I knew about it.
  9. Your unbelievable story should be us.
  10. When we got the news that we won, the room laughter. 四.单项选择 1 . Yesterday morning he got up earlier than , for it was not a(n) day. A. common; usual A. deal with, deal with B. usual, ordinary B. deal with, do with
C. usual, normal
D. common, ordinary D. do with, do with

  2. How do you it and what should you it? C. do with, deal with

  3. I can’t tell you the exact time I’ll get there, maybe at eight or nine or even later. , I’ll be there as early as I can. A. Anyhow B. However C. Thus D. Therefore
  4. The new dictionaries are very useful. They well and already. A. sell, have been sold out C. sell, sell out
  5. -- John failed his final exam. -- I’m not surprised at the news . , he is never seen busy with his lessons. A. at all, After all
  6. A. be, in the way A. Since A. so a young boy A. There;since A. Until A. has caught B. in all, After all B. be, in a way B. As B. a so young boy B. There;after B. Before B. has been catching C. above all, In all C. being, on the way C. Before C. a such young boy C. It;that C. After C. will catch D. As D. has been caught D. at all, In all D. being, by the way D. So D. such a young boy D. It;before There used to a truck and I can’t get through. B. sold, had sold out D. are sold, have been sold out

  7. you grow older, you’ll know better and better about yourself.
  8. Tom is that he can’t go to school.
  9. will be years we meet again.
  10. I could get in a word he had left.
  11. Do you know the thief by the police?
  12.-How many times not to play with fire? -I’m sorry. I’ll never do that agai n. A. do you tell B. had you told C. are you told D. have you been told
  13. --What’s happening in the new area? --New houses recently over there. A. are built A. did happen A. completed B. built B. has happened B. had been completed C. have built C. is happen C. complete D. have been built D. has been happened D. have been completed
  14. There is a police car in front of our neighbor’s house. What do you suppose ?
  15. All the preparations for the project , and we’re ready to start.
  16. Great changes in the city , and a lot of factories . A. have been taken place; have been set up C. have taken place; have set up
  17. --How long at this job? A. were you employed C. had you been employed A. are not decided C. is not being decided A. has set up B. has been set up B. have taken place; have been set up D. were taken place; were set up -- Since 19
  90. B. have you been employed D. will you be employed B. have not been decided D. has not been decided C. will set up D. is set up

  18. When and where to go for the on-salary holiday yet.

  19. This is a photo of the power stat ion that in my hometown .

  20. --Did you move into the new house? -- No. The rooms yet. A. were being painted A. very lovely a day A. As a result of A. Even though A. turn over A. long; every other day C. soon; every two days 一 That’s right. A. Had B. Has C. Was D. Is
  27. Sorry, I got a bad cold yesterday. Every time you are absent, you an excuse. A. take up A. at all B. at least B. give up C. in this way B. do with B. For C. With C. send up D. in total C. deal with D. Through C. in same C. was he injured D. in similar D. he was injured D. deal about D. make up
  28. He spent very little time at school, perhaps a year .
  29. How do you a car accident when it happens? A. do about A. As A. in like
  32. So badly A. did he injure
  30. production up by 60%, the company has had another excellent year.
  31. I’m fond of music while my sister likes reading novels. It seems that we have nothing . B. in common B. he injured in the car accident that he had to stay in hospital for several weeks B. are painting B. good lovely a day B. As a result from B. If so B. go over C. have not painted C. such lovely a day C. Resulted in C. Anyway C. watch over B. often; every fourth day D. frequently; each five days D. have not been painted D. so lovely a day D. As a result D. Instead D. take over
  21. It is that I’d like to go for a picnic.
  22. the money shortage, many small companies closed down.
  23. I’m not sure what will happen during the trip, , I will try all possible means to get there.
  24. She had to our young children after her husband died.
  25. These flowers should not be watered too , once .

  26. ? the only house Mr. Smith has got completely burnt out last night?

  33. Is a new modern gym being built in our city now? Yes, and it next year. A. has been finished A. which A. by the way can you C. in a way you can B. finishes B. what C. will be finished C. that B. on the way you can D. in this way can you D. will finish D. where
  34. A modern city has been set up in was a wasteland ten years ago.
  35. Only hope to make improvement in the operating system.

  36. The manager as well as his whole team determined to do the work as as they can and promises to get it completed in time . A. are; well B. is; well C. are; good D. is; good

What can I do for you, sir? I’d like to see the manager of sales department. A. in the charge years from now on. A. are not kept ; will have to C. don’t keep; will have to were from Germany.. A. study; of whom C. studying; of them B. study; of them D. studying; of whom B. are not kept; have to D. don’t keep; have to B. under charge C. is in charge D. in charge

  38. If city noises from increasing, people shout to be heard even at dinner table 20

  39.I was told that there was about 50 foreign studnets Chinese in the school, most

  40.They came to the corner had many car accidents. A. where; watched B. where; seen C. which; watched D. which; seen
  41. He often speaks the role he played in the play, made others upset. A. which B. that C. where D. when
  42. Pisa is a city, has a leaning tower. Pisa is a city, there is a leaning tower. A. which B. that C. where D. there 五、用所给单词的正确形式填空。
  1.According to a recent research,dolphins are much more than other animals.(intelligence)
  2.It’s scary to stay in a house alone in darkness.(totally)
  3.Most of the time,women are forced to make a between family and career.(choose)
  4.The mother was amazed by the little kid’s idea.(create)
  5. speaking,it’s worth all the efforts.(person)
  6.This is a painting full of and hope.(imagine)
  7.The earth is nothing but a very small planet in the endless .(universal)
  8.The earliest in China is abacus.(calculate)
  9. arose about exactly how to spend the money.(disagree)
  10.The progress is changing our life.(technology)
  11.When I came in, he was (lose) in his homework.
  12. He (respond) to the rude words of the boss by being late for work on purpose.
  13.I see him (play) basketball on the playground when I pass the playground.
  14.I saw him (bit) by a dog yesterday.
  15.I saw him (play) the piano on the party.
  16.The plane crashed and (burst) into flames.
  17.A new law has been made (protect) the animal from (harm).
  18.With the animals (die) out, measures should be taken to save them. Keys:

  16. burst
  4.creative 5 .Personally

11 lost
  12. responded
  13. playing
  18. dying 4

  14. bitten


  17.to protect; being harmed
高一英语补短材料 5 答案
  1. simple; simply
  2. operate; operation
  3. solution
  4. exploration; explorer
  5. realize; real; really
  6. apply; applied
  7. financial
  8. appear
  9. logically; logic
  10. happy; happily 二.单词填空
  1. explore
  2. simplify
  3. universal
  4. goal
  5. spoiled
  6. common
  7. personally
  8. totally
  9. logical
  10. arose
  11. solved
  12. anyhow
  13. download
  14. types
  15. appearance 三. 选择词组填空
  1. watch over
  2. in common
  3. make up
  4. In a way
  5. deal with
  6. with the help of
  7. After all
  8. went by
  9. shared with
  10. was filled with 四.单项选择 1-
  5. BBAAA 6-
  10. ABDDB 11-15 DDDBD 16-
  20. BBDBD
  41.A A/C
  21. DACCB 2
  6. CDDCC
  31. BCCBD


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