高一英语材料 高一英语材料 英语
一.词性转换 (Unit4 Wildlife protection)
  1. protect vt. n.
  2. important adj. n.
  3. affect vt. n. 4 . distant adj. n.
  5. laughter n. v.
  6. powerful adj. n
  7. contain vt. n.
  8. succeed vi. n. a dj. adv.
  9. employ vt. n. n. (雇员) n. (雇主)
  10. loss n. v. adj. n. (失败者) 二.单词填空
  1. By 1881, the population of Ireland had (减少) to
  5.2 million.
  2. China is getting more and more (强大) in the world.
  3. It is not allowed to (打猎) wild animals in this area.
  4. The climate (影响) the amount of the rainfall last year.
  5. A tiger is a very (凶猛的) kind of animal. However, it won’t
attack you if you don’t.
  6. People say that barking dogs don’t b .
  7. I'd a it if you let me get on with my job.
  8. Fresh fruit and vegetables c plentiful Vitamin C.
  9. Very few people s in losing weight and keeping it off.
  10. It wouldn't do you any h to get some experience first.
  11. He showed no m to his enemies.
  12. Your mistake resulted in heavy l.
  13. Dave didn't r(回应)to any of her emails, which made her angry.
  14. It is a rule that our baggage should be i by customs officers(海关人员).
  15. I am busy, so I have to e a housekeeper to look after my children.
die out according to in peace in danger so that succeed in do harm to burst into laughter protect…from pay attention to come into being in relief
  1. The new country only two years ago.
  2. the teacher, He fell far behind other students as a result of laziness.
  3. The government i s doing its best to those rare animals being hunted.
  4. I had warned him of the possible danger, but he didn’t it.
  5. Elephants would if men are allowed to shoot as many as they wished.
  6. Children’s lives are every time they cross the road.
  7. The two communities live together .
  8. Hearing the funny story, all of us .
  9. Why don't you start out early you don't have to hurry?
  10. No one was hurt, and we all smiled .

  1. Much by the story of Cong Fei, I also determined to be a volunteer worker. A. affected B. appreciated C. admired D. effected the news? ?He said nothing.
  2. ?Jerry, How did Tom A. reply B. contact to C. answer to D. respond to
  3. Hua Lian Department Store will some people as its workers. A. employ B. demand C. reserve D. inspect
  4. You'll need a variety of skills, leadership and negotiating(谈判). A. containing B. contained C. including D. included
  5. If we don’t take steps. The Tibetan antelopes and pandas will some day just as dinosaurs. A. die down B. die out C. die away D. die off
  6. He is wearing sunglasses to his eyes from the strong sunlight. A. protect B. hold C. stop D. prevent
  7. at the school gate is asking to see you. A. Some men B. A some man C. A certain man D. Certain a man
  8. It was such a __ to hear that all the earthquake victims in Chile have been taken care of. A. mercy B. relief C. loss D. laughter
  9. Great attention must be paid welfare, especially in the poor area. A. develop B. to develop C. to developing D. developing
  10. Can you believe that in a rich country there should be many poor people? A. such; such B. such; so C. so; so D. s o; such
  11. Have you moved into the new house? Not yet, the room . A. are being painted B. are painting C. are painted D. are being painting
  12. Look! The ship . A. is unloading B. is being unloaded C. had unloaded D. is bee n unloaded
  13. The children many times not to swim in the river. A. told B. have told C. have been told D. are being told
  14. The new plan now. A. is discussed B. is discussing C. is being discussed D. is going to discuss
  15. The whole city looks like a big construction site. Many new factories . A. have been built B. are being built C. are going to be built D. are building
  16. A science lab in our school at present. A. is being built B. has built C. is building D. will be built
  17. Since your car . You may use mine. A. is being repaired B. has been repaired C. is repairing D. is being repairing
  18. A new cinema here. They hope to finish it next month. A. will be built B. is built C. has been built D. is being built
  19. Look! The roads now. A. are widening B. are widened C. are being widened D. is to be widened
  20. The window is dirty. I know. It for weeks. A. hasn’t cleaned B. didn’t clean C. wasn’t cleaned D. hasn’t been cleaned

  21. It will be wonderful world if all nations live in peace with each other. A. a;a B. the;the C. a;the D. a ;/ 22 The album(唱片) twelve songs in all , five classics(经典歌曲) A. includes;including B. contains;included C. include;included D. contains;including
  23. The car accident the driver’s carelessness. A. resulted in B. resulted of C. resulted from D. result for
  24. Getting in the forest is very dangerous. A. losing B. lost C. to lost D. being lost
  25. Wait till you are more . It’s better to be sure than sorry. A. inspired B. satisfied C. calm D. certain
  26. I hear Tim once was of losing his life, but now he is . A. in danger, out of danger B. in a danger, out of the danger C. in the danger, out of danger D. in the danger, out of the danger
  27. When he was asked about the question where he was last night, he was . A. at loss B. in a loss C. at a loss D. with losses
  28. I don’t think the change of timetable will our plan much. A. effect B. affect C. be affected D. be effected
  29. Her pale face suggests that she in poor health and I strongly suggest that she a doctor. A. is; sees B. be; see C. is; see D. be; should see
  30. Fur coats are good means to people from frost bites in cold winter. A. stop B. prevent C. protect D. keep
  31. World Wildlife Fund very much the efforts that China has made to protect endangered species from being further endangered. A. enjoys B. prefers C. loves D. appreciates
  32. Look! The foreign guests around the factory by Mr Zhang. A. is showing B. are being shown C. are being showing D. have been shown
  33. It is believed that a new kind of drug by the scientists and they are hopeful that they will succeed in a couple of months. A. has been developed B. is being developed C. is developing D. has developed
  34. “We can’t go out in this weather,” said Bob, out of the window. A. looking B. to look C. looked D. having looked
  35. he will return to his native land. A. It is long before that B. It is before long that D. It will be long before that C. It won’t be long before 五.阅读理解 People realize that, although animals may not have the same intelligence(智力)as human beings, they are smart enough to learn certain things. Dogs are extremely useful as companions for blind people. When a dog has been properly trained, he will always lead his blind master in the right direction and keep him out of danger. For example, seeing-eye dogs learn never to cross a busy road when cars are coming, even if their master ordered them to do so.
Horses are also able to learn many things. Horses that are used for guard or police duty must learn never to be frightened of noises, traffic, and other disturbances. Racing horses are able to run much faster than other horses, but they are also quite high strung(易紧张). Therefore, it is necessary for those people who train them to be very patient(耐心) and understanding. The moving pictures and television can use trained animals too. Some animals, such as monkeys and foxes, are easy to film. All you have to do is make a trail in front of the camera by dragging something that smells good to the animals over the ground. Big animals, such as lions and tigers, can be photographed as they bound happily back to their families and dinner. If a movie actor is nearby, the well-trained animal will pay no attention to him. However, the audience may imagine that the actor escaped a terrible death by the skin of his teeth.
  1. Dogs who help blind people must learn . A. to obey all orders B. to obey only safe orders C. never to cross roads D. to cross road when ordered to do so
  2. Race horses are hard to train because they are . A. faster than other horses B. smaller than other horses C. clever than other horse D. more nervous than other horses
  3. What does “make a trail” mean here in the last paragraph? A. place something to attract the animal B. give the animal a certain task C. order the animal to do things D. follow the animal to hunt
  4. Lions can be photographed easily when . A. they are following a trial of something that smells good to them B. they are returning to their families C. they have been trained to work with other animals D. they do not know a movie-actor is nearby 六. 用所给词的正确形式填空
  1.The plane crashed and (burst) into flames.
  2.The enemy killed the villages (mercy).
  3.A new law has been made (protect) the animal from (harm).
  4.He was deeply (affect ) by my words.
  5.You can’t (full) appreciate foreign literature in translation.
  6.I tried to discuss it with her but only succeed (介词)making her angry.
  7.Our company (employ) about one hundred people last year.
  8.The flood did a lot of (harm) to the crops.
  9.The shelter gave her (protect) from wind and rain.
  10.Winter is the best time for (hunt) in the mountain areas.
  11.The dentist (inspect) the children’s teeth twice a year.
  12.He could remember every small incident (clear).
  13.After (wash) her hands, the girl went on to rub them dry.
  14.This book is about how these basic beliefs and values (affect) our daily life.
  15.His (raise) his arm gave her (protect) from the heavy blow.
  16.We should pay attention to (protect) the environment to offer our children a good livng place. Keys:
  1. burst
  3.to protect ; being harmed
  5. fully 6 in 7 employed
  8. harm

  9. protection 10 hunting 11inspects 12 clearly 13 washing 14affect 15raising; protection 16 protecting
高一英语补短材料 6 参考答案 一. 词性转换
  1. protection
  2. importance
  3. effect
  4. distance
  5. laugh
  6. power
  7. container
  8. success; successful; successfully
  9. employment; employee; employer
  10. lose; lost; loser 二.单词填空
  1. decreased
  2. powerful
  3. hunt
  4. affected
  5. fierce
  6. bite
  7. appreciate
  8. contain
  9. succeeded
  10. harm
  11. mercy
  12. loss
  13. respond
  14. inspected
  15. employ 三.选择词组填空
  1. came into being
  2. According to
  3. protect from
  4. pay attention to
  5. die out
  6. in danger
  7. in peace
  8. burst into laughter
  9. so that
  10. in relief 四.单项选择 1?5 ADACB 610 ACBCB 11-15 A B C C B 16-20 A A D C D 21-25 DDCBD 26-30ACBCC 31-35DBBAB 五.阅读 BDAB


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