Unit Four
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系统,制度 计划,方法 条理,秩序 eg:你想要成功生活就要有条理。 你想要成功生活就要有条理。 你想要成功生活就要有条理 You need some system in your life if you want to succeed. 扩展: 扩展: systematic系统的
习题练习: 习题练习:
D Her shoes her dress;they look very well together. A.suit B.fit C.compare D.match
与...相似 相等 相配 比较: 比较: match&suit&fit match:强调从整体上的匹配及搭配效果; :强调从整体上的匹配及搭配效果; suit:指颜色、款式、时机、口味等的适合; :指颜色、款式、时机、口味等的适合; fit:侧重尺寸 ,大小 :
Reading Part 1
according to widely accepted begin with in all directions a cloud of in time to do sth. cool down on the surface of be foundamental of in chains grow into for the first time in the past give birth to in one's turn prevent ...from depend on as a result of
习题练习: 习题练习:
In a room above the store, where a party A ,some workers were busily setting the table. A.was to be held B.has been held C.will be held D.is being held
be to do sth.
表示注定要发生的事情 表示“应当,必须做某事” 用于将来事实相反的虚拟语气中 eg:所有这一切都要偿还的。(answer for) All these things are to be answered for. eg:如果明天下雨的话,我们就呆在家里。 If it were to rain tomorrow,we would stay at home.
区别: 区别:
be to do sth.侧重预先安排的计划或约定 be about to do不与将来时间连用 be doing仅限少量动词 (go/come/leave/start/begin/) be going to指现在打算或将来要做的事情 根据某种迹象近期即将发生
习题练习: 习题练习:
we'll go camping tomorrow depends B on the weather. A.If B.Whether C.That D.Where
Whether...or not
用以表示两种非此即彼飞的可能性 eg:I really don't know whether they are able to finish the task on time or not. 我的确不知道他们能否按时完成任务。 eg:Whether it is fine or not,we'll go to grandma's this weekend. 不管天气好不好,这个周末我们都要去 奶奶家。
in time
at no time at one time in no time all the time kill time keep time at a time at times take one's time on time
及时, 及时,迟早
绝不 曾经,一度 立刻 一直 消磨时间 (钟表)走的准 每次 有时,常常 从容进行 按时
eg:什么也不能阻止他回家。 Nothing can prevent him from going home. 扩展: 扩展: save sb.from sth救助某人于某事 救助某人于某事 free sb. from是某人免受 是某人免受 defend sb. from保卫某人免受 保卫某人免受 protect sb. from保护某人免受 保护某人免受 prohibit sb.from禁止某人做某事 禁止某人做某事
Reading Part 2
have a chance to explain to be off make a trip push...back into fall back into cheer up be far from come on step forward now that get the hang of enjoy oneself break out fall over
pull 托,拉,拔
pull out of pull down pull up pull apart pull away pull in pull off pull on pull over 拔出,取出 拆毁 停下 拉开,使某人不开心 开走,驶离 到站,进站 匆忙脱衣、鞋 随便穿上 在路边停下
B It is uncertainside effect (副作用)the medicine will bring about,although about two thousand patients have taken it. A.that B.what C.how D.whether
D It is obvious to the studentsthey should get well prepared for their future. A.as B.which C.whether D.that
语法提炼1 语法提炼1
that 引导的主语从句 (
  1)It +be+adj.+that 从句 eg:It is obvious that ... (
  2)It+be+n.词组+that从句 eg:It is a pity that... (
  3)It+be+过去分词+that从句 eg:It was reported that... (
  4)It+不及物动词+that从句 eg:It happened that...
名词词组常见例子: no wonder/an honour/a good thing/a pity /no surprise/a fact 不及物动词常见例子: seem/turn out/appear/happen
D It is not immediately clear the financial crisis will soon be over. A.since B.what C.when D.whether
语法提炼2 语法提炼2
(如果引导it形式主语,if可引导主语,放在句末;如果从句放在 句首,不用if,而用whether引导)
  1、但提出两种选择或与or not连用,常用whether
  4、whether可用在介词之后,或带to不定式前, 而if不可以



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