Unit One Women of achievement
by Show
Warming up
Women of achivement achievement n.功绩,成绩 eg:quite an achievement了不起的成就 sense of achievement成就感 achieve v.完成,达到 achievable adj.可完成的 achiever n.成功人士
习题练习: 习题练习:
When we visited my family home,memory cameback. A A.flooding B.to flood C.flood D.flooded
B The lawyer listened with full attention, to miss. A.not trying B.trying not C.to try to D.not to try
现在分词(短语)作状语 现在分词(短语)
表示一个正在进行的动作 表示时间,原因,结果,条件,让步等方式或 伴随情况 eg:Walking in the street,I saw Mr.Wang. 当我在街上走时,我看到了王先生。 eg:Being ill,he stayed at home. 由于生病,他留在了家里。 eg:Working hard , you will get a good achievement. 努力学习你才有所成就。 eg:We visited a number of cities,travelling by train. 我们坐火车游览了好多城市。
习题练习: 习题练习:
A Letterbox are much morein the UK than in the US,where most peple have a mailbox instead. A.common B.normal C.ordinary D.usual
have in common
与..有共同之处 他们有很多共同之处,因为他们是双胞胎。 They have a lot in common ,because they are twins. 扩展: in common with与....一样 out of common非凡的,不平常的 in common共用,共有
common 强调许多事物或人所不同具备的 特点 ordinary 与一般事物的性质或标准相同,强调平 常,无特殊之处 general 一般的,全体的,总的 usual 经常、固定或重复发生,有一定规律, 强调时间
fight for
为...而战 而战 fight against为反对...而战 fight with sb与某人并肩作战 fight on继续战斗 fight back抵抗,回击 fight down抑制,克服 fight off竭力摆脱,阻止 fight out解决
计划,项目,工程;课题, 计划,项目,工程;课题,作业 a project for sth./to do sth.做某事的计划 a project on关于...的课题 eg:工程项目的第一阶段现已完成。 (提示:the first phase) The first phase of the engineering project has been completed.
献身,致力于... devote sth/oneself to +doing be devoted to +doing 与介词to搭配的动词短语: get used to习惯于 look forward to盼望 object to反对 get down to着手 stick to坚持 turn to求助于,转向 refer to参考 be addicted to沉迷于
习题练习: 习题练习:
A If you have a job,yourself to it and finally you'll succeed. A.do devote B.don't devote C.devoting D.not devoting
(do 用来加强语气,强调动词 用来加强语气,强调动词)
鼓励,鼓舞 encourage sb. to do sth. 扩展: ask/allow/permit/require/advise/forbid/order by the advances in technology,many farmers have set up wind farms on their land. A.Being encouraged B.Encouraging C.Encouraged D.Having encouraged
Reading Part 1
bahave oneself crowd in in the shade of work out move off say to oneself either or cheer sb./sth. be worthwhile to do/doing work with set up lead a ...life
习题练习: 习题练习:
Eugene's never willing to alter any of his opinion.It's no use with them. B A.to argue B.arguing C.argued D.having argued (It is no use doing sth.)
表示一种概念,习惯,经验。 eg:大声朗读在外语学习中是很重要的。 Reading aloud is very important in learning a foreign language. eg:此处禁止吸烟。 Smoking is not allowed here.
习题练习: 习题练习:
D Only when I left my parents for Italy how much I loved them. A.I realized B.I had realized C.had I realized D.did I realize
“only+状语” 引起倒装 only+状语 状语”
only+状语 置于句首,逐句部分倒装。 状语 置于句首,逐句部分倒装。 eg:只有在那时,我才意识到我错了。 Only then did I realize that I was wrong. eg:我唯一想的问题就是我妈妈。 The only thing I think is my mother. eg:只有用这种方式才能解决问题。 Only in this way can we solve the problem. 扩展:if only但愿,要是 only if只要
think about 关心,考虑 关心,
think of think twice think aloud think up think over think highly of think for oneself 考虑 再三考虑 自言自语 想出 仔细考虑 对...评价很高 独立思考
习题练习: 习题练习:
We had wanted to finish our task by noon , but it did't quite as planned. D A.find out B.give out C.hand out D.work out
work out 计算出,设法弄懂 计算出,
work as work at work for work on work through work with work it work up 担任...工作 从事 受雇于 继续工作 完成,解决 与..共事 干成,办到 用尽,耗光
争论,辩论; 争论,辩论;说服 argue about.../that argue for / against赞成/反对... argue with sb.about sth.与某人争论某事 argue sb. into doing sth说服某人做某事 argue sb. out of doing sth.说服某人不做某事
set up
建立,创立,安装, 建立,创立,安装,安排 set aside 留出,拔出 set down 写下,记下 set to do sth 开始做某事 set back 拖...的后退 着手 set about 出发 set off
support:支持,拥护,赞成 支持,拥护, 支持 support sb./sth. 支持,拥护某人 surpport doing sth.支持,赞成某事 surpport sb. in doing sth支持某人做某事 sth eg:他们相互支持。 They surpported each other. 扩展: support oneself自己谋生 support one's family养家糊口 in support of 支持...
习题练习: 习题练习:
Would you please the paper for me D and see if there are any obvious mistakes? A.look around B.look into C.look up D.look through (~around环顾四周;~into调查;~up查阅; 环顾四周; 调查; 查阅; ~through快速查看,浏览) 快速查看,
习题练习: 习题练习:
It is reported that the police will soon C the case of the two missing children. A.look upon B.look after C.look into D.look out (~upon旁观;~into调查;~out当心; 旁观; 调查; 当心; ~after照顾)
look down upon
轻视,瞧不起,蔑 视 扩展: look around四处看 look ahead ahead计划未来 look into调查 look out注意,小心 look up查找 look up to sb. 尊敬某人
look after照顾 look forward to期盼 look on旁观 look through检查 look sb. up and down 上下打量某人
Reading Part 2
carry on do rearch on by chance come across intend to do in case of in an emergency make sure too...to could to wait but to do sth of one's own place...second on
习题练习: 习题练习:
-It's a long time since I saw my sister。 A -her this weekend? A.Why not visit B.Why not to visit C.Why not visiting D.Why don't visit
why not
为什么不? 为什么不? Why do sth.?(为什么做某事?) eg:为什么这么晚才来? Why come so late? eg:为什么不问问他? Why not ask him?
习题练习: 习题练习:
The meal over ,the managers went back to the meeting room to their discussion. D A.put away B.take down C.look over D.carry on (A.收好,放好 B.写下,记下 C.检查 D.继续)
carry on
继续 carry on with sth / carry on doing sth 扩展: 扩展: carry out执行,实施 carry away拿走 carry through贯彻 继续做某事” 表“继续做某事”: go on with sth go on to do sth(做另一件事) go on doing sth(做同一件事) keep(on) doing sth
not ...until
直到...才 直到 才 eg:他直到晚上10点才回来。 He did't come until 10 o'clock in the evening. Not until he left his home__to know how A important the family was for him. A.did he begin B.had he began C.he began D.he had began
习题练习: 习题练习:
C -Have you some new ideas? -Yeah.I'll tell later. A.come about B.come into C.come up with D.come out with
come across 偶然遇见
come about come along come on come out come after come at come up with come to 发生 取得进展 快点,进步 出来,出版 查找 袭击 想出 到达,苏醒
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