Unit 1 (Book
  1. rare adj. : existing only in small numbers and therefore valuable or interesting 稀有的; 罕见的; 还有 "杰出的, 气体稀薄"等含义.( rarely adv. 很少; 不平凡地 rareness n. 稀奇;珍贵 ) (
  1) 她喜欢收集稀有植物. (
  2) (非常少见) to find such bird in this country. (
  3) She rarely met him when he was in university, (不是吗)?
  2. valuable adj. worth a lot of money 贵重的; very useful or important = of value(n.) 有 价值的 (of importance = important ,of interest= interesting of use= useful of help= helpful) ? valueless adj. 无价值的 invaluable adj. 无价的 (
  1) 玛丽把她的贵重首饰保存在保险箱里. (
  2) Remember that time is much more . = Remember that time is . (
  3) 你的建议对于学习英语的人很有帮助. (
  4) 他们对于学习英语的人很有用. (
  5) The book that he considered proved to us. 被他当作没有用的那本书对我们很有用. "of +抽象名词"表示人或事物所具有的特征,特性,可在句中做表语或后置定语.of the fancy style / of the same kind / of the different sizes / of the same colour
  3. survive vt. / vi. : to continue to live or exist 幸存,幸免于; survive from 从…存留下来 suvival n. 幸存(e.g. survival of the fittest 适者生存) survivor n. 幸存者 露西在这次事故中幸免于难.
  4. in search of = looking for = in the / one's search for 寻找 / search vt./ vi. Search sb. /sth 搜身/ 搜查某物 search for 寻找 search out 找出, 发现 (
  1) 他进入厨房想找点水喝. (
  2) 他搜遍整个书包却找不到英语书.
  5. select vt. : to choose sb. / sth. usually carefully, from a group of people or things selection n. selective adj. (
  1) Our teacher is selecting players the school football team. (
  2) The students in Class Two selected the handsome boy the monitor. (
  3) They will select one theatre company the 6 to take part in this year's festival. select / choose 辨析: select 指有目的地, 仔细认真地选择, 强调被选择的事物在客观上的优劣; choose 侧重凭个人的判断进行选择, 强调主观性 (
  1) 他们是从许多申请人中选出来的. (
  2) 从四个选项中选出最佳答案.
  6. fancy adj. / vt. : not plain or ordinary; unusual 奇特的, 异样的/ to form a picture of; imagine 想象, 设想; to have a liking for 爱好 / n. 想象力 , 设想, 爱好 fancy that 以为 / fancy (sb's) doing sth 想象(某人) 做某事 / fancy sb. to be / as 认为某人会 成为…/ fancy oneself 自负; 自命不凡 / catch / take sb.'s fancy 吸引某人; 取悦某人/ after sb's fancy 和某人意的
  7. decorate vt. : to make sth look more attractive by putting things on it 装饰 ( decorate sth with sth) decoration n. 装饰 decorative adj. 装饰性的 decorator n. 装饰者 (
  1) 他用自己喜爱的体育明星像来装饰房间.
  8. belong to : to be owned by sth./ sb. 属于 (是不及物动词, 不能用进行时态和被动语态) (
  9. in return (for) : as a way of thanking sb. or paying them for sth they have done 作为报答;
回报 (
  1) 我送给她一份礼物以感谢她对母亲的照顾.
  10. at war : in a state of war 处于交战状态; (oppo. in / at peace) 介词 at 表示状态, 与名词连 用, 名词前一般不加冠词 at play 在玩 ; at rest 在休息 ; at work 在工作 ; at school 在上学 ; at dinner / table / meal 在吃饭 (
  1) The country used to be but now it is and many people have been killed. (
  2) It's bad manners to make eating noises when in western countries. (
  3) He was when I called on him at his office.
  11. remove vt. : to take sth / sb. away from a place 移动 , 搬开 removal n. 移动 remover n. 搬运工, 搬家公司 (
  1) 他去年从农村搬到了城市.
  12. less than : be smaller in number or amount 少于, 一点不, 根本不 no less than 和…一样 less and less 越来越小 (
  1) He found the job interesting after doing it for five years. (
  2) We can just arrive at the station one hour, so take it easy. (
  3) The flood led to 5,000 people to lose their homes. (
  4) She was helpful, so we had to depend on ourselves.
  13. doubt n. : a feeling of being uncertain about sth. or not believing sth. 怀疑, 疑惑 / v. to feel uncertain about sth or to think sth unlikely 怀疑, 不信 beyond / out of doubt 毫 无疑问地 ; in doubt 感到怀疑的; no doubt 无疑地; without doubt; 无疑地 / There is no doubt that 毫无怀疑的(doubt 的否定和疑问句只接 that 引导的宾语从句; 其肯定句后接 whether / if 的宾语从句 (
  1) I don't doubt he can finish the task on time. (
  2) I doubt he can swim across the river. (
  3) He had his doubts they would give him another chance to have a try.
  14. worth prep. : having a value in money, etc 值……钱; 相当于……价值 ; n. the value, usefulness, or importance that sth is considered to have 价值, 作用 be worth (doing) sth 值得; worthless adj. 无价值的; 无用的 (
  1) 这辆自行车值 50 美元. (
  2) 这本小说值得读两遍. (
  3) 这些活动有助于儿童培养自身的价值感.
  15. take apart : to separate sth into the different parts that it is made of 拆开, 可拆开 (
  1) 这台机器可拆洗.
  16. think highly of(be highly thought of) : to have a very good opinion of sb. / sth 看重, 器重 speak highly of 赞扬, 重视 think much / a lot / well of 重视 think little / poorly / nothing of 轻视 (
  1) 老板很重视他厂里的所有工人 (
  2) 为了不受人轻视, 他努力工作



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