Unit 4 Earthquake
Language points

  1. rise (rise?rose?risen ) vi. (指日月星辰等的 升起,上升 =go up ; 起身 指日月星辰等的)升起 起身=get up 指日月星辰等的 升起, n.增加 增长 起伏 增加 起伏=increase raise vt. 抬高 提高 养育 饲养
  1. The sun rises in the east.
  2. He rose from his chair and began his speech.
  3. There has been a sharp rise in the number of people out of work.
  4. His job is raising chickens.
  5. They their arms and waved to us with joy. B A rose B raised
smelly out of
  2. A gas came __ the cracks.
smelly : smell+ y = adj. smell n./v (smelt/ smelled)
n. + y → adj.
health + y→ healthy wealth + y→ wealthy wind + y→ windy sun + y → sunny

  3. burst vi.vt. (burstburstburst)
使某物爆炸,胀破,爆破, 破裂
burst in/into a room /building 突然进入房间/大楼 burst into sth. = burst out doing
  1. 他没有敲门就突然进入房间.
He burst into the room without knocking at the door.
  2.飞机坠毁起火了. The plane crashed and burst into flames.

  3. 他们全都突然笑起来/哭起来/唱起来. All of them burst out laughing/crying /singing. =All of them burst into laughter/tears/songs.

  4. But the one million people of the city, who thought little of these events, were asleep as usual that night. think little of these events 对这些情况几乎没有怎么 去考虑、没当一回事 think little of 不重视,忽视
think nothing of 认为没什么 think badly/poorly /ill of 对……看法不好,评价很低 think well/much / highly/a lot/ a great deal of 对……重视/高度评价
The headmaster thought highly of your progress.

  2. To tell you the truth, I Tom, who think poorly of is very lazy and never knows what to do .
  5. It seemed as if the world was at an end. 世界似乎到了末日。 世界似乎到了末日。 as if = as though 好像… 引出方式状语从句 It seems/seemed as if sb/sth…=It seems/seemed that+表 语从句
  1.似乎没有人知道发生过什么事。 It seemed as if no one knew what had happened.
  2. 看来这个问题没有解决的办法了。 It seems as if there is no solution to this problem.
It seemed as if the world was at an end! = It seemed that the world was at an end!

  1. She spoke to me as if she knew me.
, 她和我说话的神情, 好像她早就认识我似的。

  2. He talks as if he knew everything.
  3. The teacher treats the student as if he were his own child.
as if后还可跟名词、形容词、不定式 后还可跟名词、 后还可跟名词 形容词、 等。如:
  1. He acts as if (he was) a fool.
  2. She left the room hurriedly as if (she was) angry.
  3. Tom raised his hand as if (he was going) to say something.

  6. at an end= finished 结束,终结(作表语) 结束,终结(作表语) ★ We were very happy when the work was at an end. Compare: at the end of by the end of in the end 尽头; ★at the end of “在…尽头;在…末” 在 尽头 末 截止……末为止”; 末为止” 到 截止 末为止 ★by the end of “到/截止 意思“最后、终于” ★in the end 意思“最后、终于”= at last/ finally
  1. Wash your hands the experiment. at the end of

  2. How many English words had you learned by the end of
last term?

  7.In fifteen terrible seconds a large city lay in ruins. 在可怕的15秒钟内,一座大城市就沉沦在一片废墟之中。 lie( lay lain) 处于某种状态;躺,平躺,平卧 平放 in ruins : severely damaged or destroyed 毁灭; 崩溃; 覆灭 毁灭 崩溃
go to ruin = fall into ruin 衰落 败落 衰落,

  1.The whole factory has lain waste for many years. 整个工厂多年来一直荒芜在那里。 lie on one’s back 仰卧 lie on one’s side 侧卧
lie on one’s chest/stomach 俯卧
  2. He let the farm go to ruin. 他让农场败落了。
lay/was in ruins 成为废墟)
  1. The city (成为废墟)after 成为废墟 the war.
  2. An earthquake left the whole town in ruins.
  3. His career is/ lies in ruins .
lie lied lied lying 说谎 撒谎 lie to sb. 对某人说谎 tell a lie /lies 说谎 You could see from his face that he was lying.
  7. lie 与lay的区别
中文 原形 过去 式 过去分 现在分 说明 词 词
放置; 放置 lay 产卵 躺; 位于 说谎 lie lie
lay lied
lain lied
lying lying
不及物动词 不及物动词

  8.分数的表示法 . 分子 分母 基数词 序数词
分子大于一, 分子大于一,分母用复数 三分之一 one- third 五分之三 three-fifths two and three-fifths ? a quarter ?

  1. 三分之二的陆地为森林所覆盖. 三分之二的陆地为森林所覆盖. Two thirds of the land is covered by forest.
  2. One fifth of the students in this class are girls 这个班里五分之一的学生是女生. 这个班里五分之一的学生是女生.

  3.More than 61% of the surface of the earth covered by water. is
  4. Seventy percent of the workers in this are factory young.

  9. The number of people who were killed or injured reached more than 400,0
the number of ……的数量 谓语用单数 a (great/large/small) number of 大量 谓语用复数

  1.The number of tasks is fairly small this year. 今年的任务量不多。
  2. A great number of people have written to express their support. 许多人已书面表达了他们的支持。
  3. The number of deaths (have) risen to fifty. has

hurt 指肉体上,也可指精神上的 指肉体上, 伤害.也可为“疼痛,痛苦” 伤害.也可为“疼痛,痛苦” injure 指由于意外或事故而受伤. 指由于意外或事故而受伤. 指外伤/器械伤,如枪伤? 指外伤 器械伤,如枪伤? 器械伤 wound 刀伤?剑伤. 刀伤?剑伤.

  1. He fell off the bicycle and injured his arm.
  2.He got wounded in the fighting.
  3. My knees hurt and my feet hurt too.

  11. People were shocked. shock: n. 打击 震惊 震动;触电 电击 打击; 震惊, 震动;触电/电击 vt. 使震惊 使惊愕 使震惊, shocking: adj. 使人震惊的
  1. The news of his wife’s death was a terrible shock to him.
  2. You will get a shock if you touch the live wire.
  3. I was shocked by his rudeness.
  4. His failure in the exam was shocking to his parents.

  12. rescue n. 搭救;解救 营救 搭救;解救;营救
The rescue team reached the mines at once after the accident happened. v. 解救;救出;营救 解救;救出; He rescued the man from drowning.
rescue workers = rescuers n. come / go to one’s rescue援救某人 came to his rescue We (来救他)and pulled him out of the lake.

  13. shake ?- shook -- shaken 摆动 ,摇动 ;震动 摇动 震动
shake sb’s hand /shake hands with sb 握手 shake one’s head摇头 摇头 shake with anger气得发抖 气得发抖 He is shaking hands with Tim.
I was shaking like a leaf (= very nervous) before my exam.
2008年5月12日下午2点28分四川发生了大地震。 shook / hit at A big earthquake Sichuan 2:28 May12,20
  08. on

  14. Some of the rescue workers and doctors were trapped under the ruins. trap
  1) 做动词 困住, ① 困住 使陷于困境 如:
  1. Dozens of people were trapped in the building when the fire took place.
  2. There’s no way out! We’re trapped!
  3. Julia felt trapped in her role of wife and mother. 诱骗, 诱使(trap sb into doing sth)”; ② 诱骗 诱使 夹住, 压扁; 夹住 压扁 把……储存 如: 储存

  1. I was trapped into telling a lie. 诱使
  2. Take care not to trap your fingers 夹住 in the door.
  3. How can you trap the sun’s heat? 储存
  2) trap还可作名词 意为“圈套 陷阱; 还可作名词, 还可作名词 意为“圈套; 陷阱; 计谋” 构成的常见短语有: 计谋”, 构成的常见短语有: set a trap 设置陷阱 fall/walk into a trap 落入圈套

  15. All hope was not lost.
= Not all hope was lost.
不是所有希望都破灭了。 不是所有希望都破灭了。
all…not … = not all…该句为部分否定 该句为部分否定
★表示全部否定: 表示全部否定: no one, none, nobody, nothing, not…any, 以及“no+ 以及“ 名词” 名词”
①不是所有的孩子都被留下了。 不是所有的孩子都被留下了。 Not all the children are left. (= Only some of them left early.) ②不是所有的孩子都吵闹。 不是所有的孩子都吵闹。 Not all the children are noisy. (= Some of the children are not noisy.)
All the students do not agree to the plan. = Not all the students agree to the plan.

  16. bury
vt. 埋葬 葬 埋葬; The boy buried the dead bird in the backyard. 男孩们把死鸟埋在后院。 男孩们把死鸟埋在后院。 vt. 使沉浸(或专心于) 使沉浸(或专心于) be buried in…= bury oneself in…埋头于 专 埋头于; 埋头于 心于 be buried in thought 沉思 bury oneself in study 埋头研究; 埋头研究;专心学习

  17. To the north of the city, most of the 10,000 people were rescued from the coal mines.
to/ on/ in to
  1.Japan is the east of China. in
  2.Taiwan is the southeast of China.
  3. Mongolia is on /to the north of China.

  18. the the the the The the
the dead : n.> 难 > +形容词 表一类人,复数.例如: 形容词: +形容词: 表一类人,复数.例如: living 活着的人 young 年轻人 old 老人 injured 受伤的人 blind 盲人
are The old taken good care of.
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