高一英语必修一测试 高一英语必修一测试
一、单项选择题(共 25 题;每小题 1 分,共 25 分) 单项选择题
  1. you gave us! A. What a good advice B. How good an advice C. What a piece of good advice C. How a good piece of advice
  2. The number of the people invited fifty, but a number of them absent for different reasons. A. are , is B. is , are C. is , is D. are , are
  3.--Bob didn’t pass this exam. He. A. should study hard B. should have studied hard C. should be studying hard D. study hard
  4. There are twenty passengers on the bus, a baby. A. including B. included C. containing D. contained
  5. Why don’t you put the meat in the fridge? It will fresh for several days. A. be stayed B. stay C. be staying D. have stayed
  6. What can I help you, sir? I’d like to have this watch. A. repaired B. repair C. repairing D. to be repaired
  7. “You can’t catch me!” Janet shouted, away. A.run B.running C.to run D.ran
  8. It was in the street I met Mary yesterday. A.that B.when C. where D. what
  9. Don’t lose heart you fail. A. until B. even if C. unless D. as though
  10. I will do I can you. A all that, to help B. what, helping C. all what, to help D. all, helped
  11.I can’t spend money on the car which is expensive for me. A. too much, much too B. far too, too much C. much too, too much D. too many, much too
  12. Although he is far aboard from his hometown, he is much his family. A. concerning about B. concerned about C. concerning with D. concerned
  13. The money we made last year150million. A. added up B. added to C. added up to D. added
  14. The teacher asked me . A. where was I from B. where I was from C. what country I was come from
  15. Only by working hard . A. can succeed B. succeed C. can you succeed D. you can succeed
  16. They are at the news. A. exciting, excite B. excited, exciting C. exiting, exciting D. excited, excited
  17. Is this the factory my father worked last year. A. which B. that C. where D. the one
  18. Great changes in Zhejiang province in the past few years. A. have taken place B. were taken place C. have taken the place D. were happened
  19. The prisoner would be to three years in prison . A. sentenced ,the B. sentence ,the C sentenced , / D sentenced ,a
  20.Yesterday I many present, but I didn’t them. A. receive, accept B. received, accept C. accepted, received D. accepted, receive
  21. How are getting on with your work? . A. Thank you B. Good, thank you C. Quite well, thank you D. Why do you ask to
  22.I don’t like the way you speak to him. Which the following answer is wrong? A. what B. in which C. that D./
  23. My teacher insisted that we the phrases. A. remembered B. would remember C. should remember D. had remembered
  24.we know, English is widely used in the world. A. Which B. That C. What D. As
  25. --Peter, hurry up! You on the phone. --Oh, I . Thank you. A. are being wanted; come B. are wanted; am coming C. want; come D. will be wanted; should come 二、 完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题
  1.5 分,满分 30 分) Children all round the world are familiar with fairy tales such as “The Little Mermaid” (美人鱼), “The Princess and the Pea” and “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. The colourful 1 from the stories made us laugh and cry throughout our
The stories are the creation of Danish writer Hans Christian Anderson. He was born into a 3 family in Odense, Denmark, on April 2, 18
  05. His 4 life was not easy. His father was a shoemaker and his mother a washerwoman. He 5 very little education. As a child he was very 6 and was laughed at for being feminine (女性化的) and tall. In 1816 his father died and Anderson was 7 to go out to work, first in a tailor’s shop and 8 at a tobacco factory. 9 the age of 14 Anderson moved to Copenhagen to start a career as a singer and actor. He struggled for three years 10 he had to leave the theatre when his voice 11 in 18
  22. 12, Anderson went to a grammar school. Having done well, he was admitted to Copenhagen University in 18
  28. He began to publish his fairy tales in 18
  35. They 13 in small volumes (量) until his death. 14 Anderson lived a 15 life, he tried to make people 16 in all his stories. He wrote because he didn’t want children to have a 17 childhood as he did. The works 18 Anderson world fame, but he remained a 19 man. He never married and his friends were the people who paid for his work. Anderson 20 on August 4,18
  75. His home in Odense is now a museum and thousands of people visit it every year.
  1. A. parts B. pictures C. heroes D. characters
  2. A. days B. time C. childhood D. years
  3. A. poor B. musical C. big D. happy
  4. A. early B. childhood’s C. later D. school
  5. A. accepted B. found C. received D. gained
  6. A. emotional B. upset C. popular D. naughty (调皮的)
  7. A. allowed B. forced C. willing D. used
  8. A. then B. lately C. second D. finally
  9. A. By B. From C. At D. Since
  10. A. since B. after C. until D. still
  11. A. lost B. changed C. broke D. worsened
  12. A. Even so B. Afterwards C. From then on D. Otherwise
  13. A. turned out B. sold out C. came out D. went out
  14. A. Since B. Because C. Although D. As
  15. A. hard B. interesting C. happy D. successful
  16. A. cry B. laugh C. appreciate (欣赏) D. learn
  17. A. sad B. happy C. busy D. strange
  18. A. got B. brought C. made D. cost
  19. A. poor B. unhappy C. moody D. lonely
  20. A. passed away B. passed by C. left D. went 阅读理解(共 20 题,每小题 2 分,共 40 分) 三、阅读理解
Welcome to our school. You can do a lot of things here. Come and join us. Timetable Sunday Monday 8:3011:30 19:0021:00 Personal Inventions Space and Man You can see many inventions by the students; Dr. Thomas West you may also bring your own inventions. If you want to know more about the universe. Wednesday Friday 19:3021:00 18:3021:00 Modern Medicine Computer Science Mrs. Lucy Green Mr. Harry Morison from Harvard University Would you like to know medical science? Learn to use Windows XP.
  1. You may have a chance to introduce your inventions on . A. Sunday B. Monday C. Wednesday D. Friday
  2. The person who teaches Computer Science is from. A. Canada B. Australia C. New Zealand D. America
  3. You may learn something about a disease called TB from . A. Dr. West B. Mr. Morison C. Mrs. Green D. Mr. Thomas
  4. If you want to learn something about satellites, you can go to the class from. A. 8:30 to 11:30 on Sunday B. 19:00 to 21:00 on Monday C. 19:30 to 21:00 on Wednesday D. 18:30 to 21:00 on Friday
Victor’s hobby was collecting stamps. He had stamps from many countries, like England, Canada and China. On his birthday, can you guess what people gave him? That’s rightstamps. Victor’s favourite stamps came from France. He had almost every stamp from 1954 to 20
  04. He only needed one. That was a 1974 special edition*. It was very hard to find. He looked for it everywhere. He asked his friends and relatives to help him. But nobody could find the stamp. It made Victor very sad. “Don’t worry. Never give up,” his father said to him. “If you have enough patience, you’ll find it one day.”
“I hope so,” Victor said. Victor also liked writing. He had a penfriend in France. They wrote to each other every month. Victor’s penfriend, Phillip, usually used new stamps to send letters. Sometimes, his mother gave him stamps to use. Once Phillip’s mother gave him a big, green stamp. It looked old. When Victor received the letter, he was very surprised. On the envelope, he looked carefully at the stamp. It was the 1974 special edition stamp. Victor was so happy. He told his sister, his mother and his father. “You see,” his father said. “You did find your stamp. So, it’s good to have two things in life.” “What are they?” Victor asked. “Friends and patience.” He answered.
  5. It was very difficult for Victor to find a special French stamp of . A. 1954 B. 1974 C. 1994 D. 2004
  6. What does the underlined word “patience” mean? A. 勇气 B. 知识 C. 耐心 D. 目标
  7. Who owned the special edition stamp at the very beginning? A. Phillip. B. Phillip’s mother. C. Victor. D. Victor’s father.
  8. The passage mainly tells us that is(are) important to people. A. a happy family B. a good hobby C. relatives and friendship D. friends and patience
The story is about two old people named David and Rosy Jackson. Both of them had very bad memories. For example, Rosy would forget to cook dinner or take vegetables home after paying for them. David would show up for work on Sundays, thinking it was Monday. One winter they were to take a long plane trip. When they arrived at the airport, there were only ten minutes left. In that situation, anyone would get into the plane right away. But David and Rosy didn’t do so. They went to buy some flight insurance instead. Immediately after they put a two-pound note into a machine, their policy (保险单) came out. “Who would get the money if the plane crashed, I wonder?” asked Rosy. “My mother, of course,” her husband replied. “We should post the policy to her. Now, be quick! Give me a stamp, will you?” he said to Rosy. “The plane is going to take off in another minute.” David put the stamp on the envelope, dropped it into a postbox, and suddenly he let out a cry. What do you suppose happened to him? He had posted their plane tickets to his mother.
  9. Rosy is David’s . A. friend B. mother C. sister D. wife
  10. This passage tells us that David and Rosy . A. were always short of time B. always did everything in a great hurry C. were very forgetful D. usually worked on Sundays
  11. David meant to post his mother . A. two plane tickets B. a two-pound note C. the flight insurance D. an empty envelope
  12. Mr Jackson made such a foolish mistake because . A. he was worried about his mother B. he had forgotten to buy a stamp C. he was worried about this flight D. his memory was poor and he posted the letter in a great hurry
Dear Mom and Dad , I'm afraid I have some very bad news for you . I have been very naughty and the school master is very angry with me . She is going to write to you . You must come and take me away from here . She does not want me in the school any longer . The trouble started last night when I was smoking a cigarette in bed . As I was smoking , I heard footsteps coming towards the room .I did not want a teacher to catch me smoking , so I threw the cigarette away . Unfortunately , the cigarette fell into the waste--paper basket . It caught fire . There was a curtain near the waste --paper basket . It caught fire too . Soon the whole room was burning . The master phoned the fire brigade 消防队) The school is a long way from the town and before the fire brigade arrived , the whole ( . school was on fire . The master said that the fire was all my fault and I must pay for the damage . She will send you a bill for about a million dollars . I'm very sorry for this . Much love Sarah
  13.Why did Sarah write to his parents ? A.He missed them very much for they hadn’t seen each other for a long time. B.He told his parents what he had done in school. C.He was tired of studying, and wanted to leave school. D.He thought he was old enough to help them do something.
  14.Where did Sarah smoke? A.in the classroom B.in the Dinning hall C.in the street D.in the dormitory

  15.Why was the school master angry with him? A.because he was too naughty B.because he was too lazy C.because he caused a big fire D.because he stole something from the school
  16.According to the passage, what should the students not do? A.they should not smoke, because smoking is dangerous to them B.they should not dance, because dancing would waste a lot of money C.they should not make friends, because making friends would take them absent D.they should not wear expensive clothes because they would waste a lot of money

  2.26-meter-tall Yao Ming made his NBA debut (初次登台) on October 23, 2002 and got 6 points for the Houston Rockets in the game. The next day, he got 13 points (得分)in another game. Most people think that Yao Ming is a born basketball player. But Yao said, “When you watch it on TV, it looks very easy. But when you are playing in the NBA, it is really not so easy.” He said that joining the Houston Rockets was a new start and a new challenge. “I hope that through very hard work I can make everyone happy and help the Rockets win more games,” he said Yao Ming speaks some English. Both he and his teammates can understand each other. They don't think there is a language problem. While Yao Ming faces this new challenge, the people of Houston have shown great interest in him and they hope Yao Ming will bring new energy (活力) to the Rockets. The team has started having lessons to learn more about China, and many people who work for the Rockets have learned to speak some Chinese.
  17.Yao Ming got 13 points on October , 20
  02. A. 22 B.23 C.24 D.26
  18.Yao Ming said that . A. playing in the NBA



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