高一英语材料 高一英语材料 2
  1、词汇 、 A、单词拼写(根据句意及所给首字母或汉语提示写出下列单词) 、单词拼写(根据句意及所给首字母或汉语提示写出下列单词)

  1. Products of high q sell well in the market.
  2. I refuse to lie about it; It’s against my p.(原则)
  3. The Chinese people f against the Japanese invaders for 8 years and drove them out of China.
  4. The factory will be closed down over a (时期) of two years.
  5. I’d a you to buy tickets well in advance if you want to travel in the festival.
  6. She wanted to c working after she was married.
  7. China is playing an important role on the international political (舞台).
  8. From his p(位置) on the top of the hill, he had a good view of the city.
  9. I received an invitation to the party, but I haven’t decided whether to (接受) it or not.
  10. Children should not be allowed to watch movies that show a lot of 暴力) ( .
  11. The prisoner slipped past the g on the gate and escaped.
  12. After the car accident, the woman was still shaking with f.
  13. Winning the match was just a (回报)for the effort the team had made.
  14. You have no (权利)to stop me from going there.
  15. It was the second time that he had been elected as (总统). B、根据句意用所给词的适当形式填空 、
  1. Tom is kind-hearted and always (will) to help others.
  2. Although he is quite old, he is still very (activity).
  4. Without the children around, she spent a (peace) day in the garden.
  5. He spent two years as a (prison) in the mountains. It is an experience he’ll never forget after being setting free.
  6. He often regrets his wasted (young). Without a good education, how can he find a nice job?
  7. Can you imagine such a highly (educate) woman being caught stealing?
  8. After he saw the (terrible) of war, all he wants now is peace and quite.
  9. A law has been made against (cruel) to animals.
  10. The judge sent the (crime) to prison finally.
  11. At that time, people often sang some songs to make fun of the political (lead).
  12. We thanked him (sincere) for his helping us out of trouble. C、 用下列括号中所给词组的适当形式填空 、 worry about as a matter of fact set up be equal to out of work be sentenced to put…in prison in trouble come to power blow up lose heart be free from
  1. Whatever great difficulty we meet, we’ll never .
  2. If you can’t finish the work on time, you’ll be .
  3. Your parents are you: do make a phone call to them.
  4. She has been for a year and is looking forward to being in work again.
  5. People expect to pollution and live in a pleasant environment.
  6. I thought you wouldn’t mind. well, I don’t; but you should have asked me first.
  7. Several people were killed and many were hurt when a bomb at the busy street.
  8. As soon as he arrived in Paris, he for the wrongs his family had done.
  9. As a Jew, Einstein was forced to leave his homeland after Hitler .
  10. The government has a working party to look into the problem of drug abuse.
  11. He death because of killing someone on purpose.
  12. The women workers should the men in pay since they do the same work.
  2. 单项选择
  1. Though he failed many times in election, he never lost __ heart and at last he was elected president of t he USA.
A. /; a B. a; the C. his; the D. /; /
  2. ?Shall we go out for a walk? ? . A. Good idea B. Have fun C. Good luck D. Goodbye
  3. Don’t worry. There is no entrance to the gallery. A. fare B. pay C. salary D. fee
  4. Soon after Hitler power in Germany, Einstein was in his life. A. came to the; in the trouble B. came to; in trouble C. came to the; in trouble D . took; in troubles
  5. Although he an invitation to work as chairman of the company, as I knew, he refused to it. A. received; accept B. accepted; receive C. received; rec eive D. accepted; accept
  6. Jack coughed day and nig ht, so the doctor him to take the medicine three times a day. A. hoped B. suggested C. advised D. promised
  7. The man was charged for blowing some government buildings in Baghdad. A. up B. down C. out D. over
  8. Is it in this room __ the great writer once lived __ __ he finished his last works? A. where; that B. that, where C. that; which D. that; that
  9. ?I suppose you haven’t finished that report yet. ?I finished it yesterday, . A. in this way B. as far as I know C. as a matter of fact D. in a word
  10. His son was put in prison. He went to prison to see him once a month. A. /; / B. the; the C. /; the D. the; /
  11. They are of height, but I think Robert the job. A. equally; is equal B. equal; is equal to C. equal; equals D. equally; is equaled
  12. There are altogether thirty students in our class, is a new comer from a faraway mountain village. A. the most diligent of who B. but the most diligent of whom C. the most diligent of them D. of whom the most diligent
  13. The hotel you are thinking, Kate, is too dirty, I’m afraid A. that B. which C. in which D. of which
  14. He’s got himself into a dangerous situation he is likely to lose control over the plane. A. where B. which C. while D. why
  15. ?What do you think of that composition? ?. A. It was written in English B. It will be corrected by the teacher C. It was written in ink D. It still leaves something to be improved
  16.A fund will be for the dead men’s families. A. set about B. set up C. set off D. set out
  17. He visited Shanghai he went to China. A. at the first time B. for the first time C. it is the first time D. the first time
  18. The news that those who are will be provided with enough food and clothes for the winter pleases us. A. out of order B. out of date C. out of work D. out of control
  19.I don’t think he is a person you can for help. A. turn up B. turn down C. tu rn to D. turn out
  20. She started singing to the baby and was with a smile. A. awarded B. rewarded C. prize D. valued
  21.Almost all the blacks are fighting each other _ freedom as the white have. A. against; with B. for; with C. with; for D. w ith; against

  22.You need special to work as a nurse. A. qualities B. quantities C. shares D. adventures.
  23. A person always thinks about himself. A. selfless B. selfish C. selflessly D. self
  24.Mike, I really appreciate your , without which I would have failed the interview. A. view B. mind C. opinion D. advice
  25.. Ouch! You hurt me! I am sorry, but I any harm. I to drive a rat out. A. didn’t mean; tried B. didn’t mean; am trying C. haven’t meant; tried D. didn’t mean; was trying B、选择填空 、
  1. has already been pointed out, grammar is not a set of dead rules. A. As B. It C. That D. Which
  2. Rome is a place . A. where I want to visit B. what I want to visit C. which I want to visit it D. I want to visit
  3. I don’t like you speak to her. A. the way B. the way in that C. the way which D. the way of which
  4. Great changes have taken place in that school. It is no longer it was 20 years ago, it was so poorly equipped. A. what; when B. that; which C. what; which D. when; that
  5. If a shop has chairs women can park their men, women will spend more time in the shop. A. that B. which C. when D. where
  6. Is that the small town you often refer to? Right, just the one you know I used to work for years. A. that B. where C. which D. what
  7. Is this the factory colour TV sets are produced? A. where B. that C. the one D. \
  8. Is this factory we visited last year? A. where B. that C. the one D. \
  9. I will never forget the day I joined the League. A. which B. when C. in which D. on that
  10. Do you still remember the days we spent together in the countryside. A. that B. in which C. when D. on which
  11. She is very good at dance, everyone knows. A. that B. as C. it D. who
  12. Please put the letter at the place he can easily find it. A. in which B. where C. wherever D. which
  13. The reason he was late again was that he was caught in a traffic jam in the rush hour. A. which B. in which C. why D. of which
  14. We are going to spend the holiday in Guangzhou, live my grandparents. A. which B. that C. who D. where
  15. I remember clearly the reason he gave for not coming. A. / B. why C. how D. what 四、完形填空 Harriet Tubman was born a slave. She didn’t get a __1__ to go to school. __2__ a child, Harriet had to work very hard in __3__ all day. That way, her owner could __4__ a lot of money when he sold his crops. Harriet __5__ think that she was being treated fairly. __6__ Harriet grew up, she ran away from the plantation 庄园) the Northern United States. ( to There, and in Canada, __7__ could be free. Harriet liked to be free. She felt __8__ for all of the black people who were __9__ slaves. Harriet returned to __10__ to help other slaves to run away. She made __11__ that they got to the North and became free.
Harriet was in great __12__ because of a law that __13__. The law said it was not permitted to __14__ runaway slaves. She also __15__ that the slave owners said they would __16__ $4000 to anyone who could catch Harriet Tubman. There were many stories about Harriet __17__ slaves run away. In all, she made nineteen trips back to the South and guided about 300 slaves to __18__. When the Civil War broke out, the northern states __19__ with the southern states. Harriet __20__ the northern states because the Northern believed that slaves should be free. She worked as a nurse and spied behind enemy lines until the northern states won the war.
  1. A. day B. chance C. permission D. moment
  2. A. As B. Being C. Since D. Like
  3. A. the farm B. a school C. the fields D. a factory
  4. A. make B. pay C. get D. spend
  5. A. certainly B. didn’t C. did D. no longer
  6. A. Since B. After C. Then D. With
  7. A. the white B. white C. black D. black people
  8. A. happy B. sure C. wrong D. sorry
  9. A. still B. yet C. only D. not
  10. A. Canada B. the South C. the North D. the U.S.
  11. A. perfect B. way C. possible D. sure
  12. A. anger B. anxiety C. hurry D. danger
  13. A. has just been passed B. had just been broken C. had just been passed D. has just been broken
  14. A. help B. set free C. stop D. catch
  15. A. found B. noticed C. found out D. made sure
  16. A. pay B. make C. spend D. get
  17. A. help B. helped C. helping D. to help
  18. A. freedom B. safety C. North D. Southern states
  19. A. united B. fought C. made peace D. gave in
  20. A. looked for B. stood for C. looked on D. went to D “Someday, there’ll be no Americans left in the NBA,” said 12-year-old Xing Tao, who joined his school team two weeks ago after watching Yao Ming in a televised NBA game. “The players will all be Chinese, like Yao.” To China, Yao is a home-grown superstar who helped make the world’s first basketball league closer to Chinese players. To the NBA, the
  2.23-meter center offers an opening of a different sort into the world’ largest new market. Yao’ NBA first appearance against the Indiana s s Pacers in October reached 287 million families in the US. That game might have been a bit of a letdown to Yao’ fans: He played just 11 of the 48 minutes, had two rebounds (抢篮板球) and got s no points. Comparing that with his performance on December 19, also against Indiana, Yao won 29 points and 10 rebounds. “This is one of the most exciting games I’ve had,” Yao said after Houston’s 95-83 victory. The NBA has to be excited about his on-count success. In all his games, he’s averaging
  12.7 points and
  7.7 rebounds, quite good for a new star. “Yao Ming has brought the NBA closer to the Chinese,” said NBA spokeswoman Cheong Sau Ching, “That makes the dream seem practical for other people in China and proud to be Chinese.” Yao is not the country’s first player in the NBA, but Yao’s combination of modesty and skills makes him a favorite back home.
  47. What’s the direct reason for Xing Tao to join the school basketball team? A. He watched an NBA game. B. He liked basketball. C. He hoped to play for NBA. D. He had a dream that he would become a basketball star.
  48. How many points did Yao Ming win in his first game in NBA? A.
  0. B.
  2. C.
  29. D.
  49. What does the underlined word “letdown” in the second paragraph mean? A. failure B. surprise C. disappointment D. sadness
  50. What’s the main idea of this passage? A. Middle school students want to play basketball. B. Yao Ming makes NBA closer to China. C. There’ll be no Americans left in the NBA. D. There are many new stars from China in the NBA.
高一英语补短材料 2 答案 A、单词拼写
  9. accept
  15.president B、根据句意用所给词的适当形式填


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