Unit 1

  1. 词组: add up add up to add… to… add to
calm… down
have got to
be concerned about / with
walk the dog
cheat … of
go through go ahead go by
set down set up set off set out
a series of
on purpose by accident/ chance
in order to so as to in order that so as that
at dusk at dawn at midnight at noon
face to face
no longer not … any longer
settle down
suffer from
recover from
get/ be tired of
make a list of list
pack… up
get along/ on with
fall in love
be grateful to sb. for sth.
join in take part in join attend
make sb/ sth + 宾语补足语
have something/ anything/ everything /nothing to do with
it’s because….. +原因
it’s why…. + 结果
dare + (to) do (实义动词)
do (情态动词)
a year and a half
it’s no pleasure+ doing sth
happen to do sth
have trouble with sb (in) doing sth
find it + adj. + to do sth
make friends with
swap … with
it is / was + 序数词 + that + has done / had done ….
unit 2
词组: because of
come up come up with come in come on come out
actually in fact as a matter of fact in reality
be based on
at present
make use of make full/ good use of
such as
play a part/ role in
recognize … as
more than one + 谓语用单数
at the end of in the end at an end
voyage tour travel journey
than ever before
even if / though
communicate with
those + 定语从句 用who
1600’s 1980s in + 物主代词 + 数字的复数 in his forties
the former the latter
a number of the number of
make sense
usage VS use
believe it or not
there is no such + 名词 (不加冠词)
the way + in which / that /省略
especially specially
straight adj/ adv
unit 3
词组: prefer to do , rather than do
would rather do , than do
would do , rather than do
fare VS fee
ever since
it’s is / has been + 时间段 + since 从句
graduate from/ in
be fond of
cut across cut up cut down
care about care for
determine to do sth = be determined to do sth
change one’s mind make up one’s mind
at an altitude of
give in give up give off give out give away
keep pace with
as usual
bend over
take the advantage of
persuade sb to do sth / into doing sth
not to do sth/ out of doing sth
advise sb to do sth try to persuade sb to do sth
although though
grow up
insist on
put up put down put off put on put away
can hardly wait to do sth
unit 4
词组:right away at once immediately
burst into laughter/ tears
burst out doing sth
as if / though
in ruins
injure wound hurt
destroy damage
be trapped in
dig out
bury oneself in doing sth
rise raise arise
too… to
be away
it seems as if + 陈述语气/ 虚拟语气
act out
be pleased / willing/ glad to do sth
honor in honor of
be proud of
express my thanks to
unit 5
词组: of high/ good quality
devote to + doing
found VS set up
in principle
in peace
out of work in work out of control in control
vote for vote against
be equal to
in trouble
turn to turn on / off turn up / down
lose heart lose one’s heart
escape from / + doing sth
come to power / in power
be sentenced to
in one’s opinion
fight for / against
blow up
dream of/ about
imagine doing sth
the first time for the first time

  1. whether VS if 的用法

  2. tell sb to do sth ask sb not to do sth

  3. be + doing 表将来

  4. 定语从句: 只用that 的情况
只用who 的情况
as VS which
the same … as / that…
such… as
as … as
介词+ which/ whom
which 引导一个句子的用法 非限制性定语从句
插入语 I think I believe I guess I thought
Is this car the one he bought last year?
Is this the car he bought last year?
What 的用法

  5. will be done
be about to be done
be to be done
be going to be done

  6. has/ have been done

  7. be being done 加always 表示一种厌烦等语气

  8. 强调句 it is + 被强调部分 + that 从句
It is not until + 时间 + that 从句
特殊疑问词 + is it that 从句

  9. 倒装句 部分否定,含有否定词的 hardly never little only seldom 等, 把情态动词,be 动词, 助动词提到主语 的前面

  10. as if , insist suggest request command ,从句用虚拟语气, 用(should) do 。



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