Unit1 Friendship 单元同步测试
I. 单项选择
  1. The engine of the ship was out of order and the bad weather the helplessness of the crew at sea. A. added to B. resulted from C. turned out D. made up

  2. It is everyone’s duty to our school a pleasant place to learn in. A. find B. set C. keep D. make

  3. Since Margot found it difficult to settle in a new place, she felt that the family had to move. A. upset B. crazy C. happy D. easy

  4. You boys and girls, remember to write your composition you are told. A. what B. that C. as D. like

  5. When I came with the teenager hidden in the cave, I was surprised to find him covered with dust. A. face-to-face; entirely B. face to face; entire C. in face of; completely D. face to face; entirely
  6. It was in 1969 two Americans went to the moon by spaceship. A. when B. that C. at that time D. just then

  7. To the parents’ worry, some middle school students are computer games and completely forget their studies. A. crazy about
  8. B. very fond of C. concerned for D. serious about
The heavy rain made his business a great loss. A. suffer B. suffer from C. suffering D. suffering from

The village is what it looked like when they settled their homes there 20 years ago. A. not any longer B. no longer C. no more D. not any more

In order to see better in the dark cave, they made a fire light A. give B. giving C. to give D given

  11. I can’t find the address , but I’ll get it for you later. A. for a moment B. at the moment C. in a moment D. on the moment

  12. I am tired the partner I have been working with; he is too hard a person. A. with; to get along with C. of; to get along with B. from; to be got along with D. of; getting along with

  13. They became good friends during the war, and since then their lifelong friendship has tests of life and death. A. gone through B. got through C. stood up D. cleared up

  14. improve her English, Jenny bought a lot of tapes for herself.
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A. So as to
B. In order that
C. So that
D. In order to

  15. Pack up the items you’d like along and leave behind those you dislike with you on your journey. A. to take; to take B. taking; taking C. to take; taking D. taking; to take

  16. When I met her this morning, I went up to greet her but I and she continued her way. A. was kept away B. was ignored C. was left alone D. was kept away

  17. The little boy with an overcoat felt grateful us for our letting him the game. A. for; join in B. to; to join in C. with; join D. to; join in

  18. Remember never to leave your dog . It might bite people around. A. lose B. lost C. losing D. loose

  19. This is the very reason he gave for his coming late to the meeting. A. that B. which C. as D. why

  20. Some children are too selfish today. They should be taught to things with others so that they will show concern for others. A. live B. give C . share D. enjoy

  21. That was the first time I face to face with the president. A. when; had come B. that; have come C. when; came D. that; had come

  22. People in ancient times series of important events so that we now have what is called history. A. went down B. kept down C. set down D. broke down

  23. It is thirty years since my father in love with oil painting so that he is a famous painter now. A. was B. fell C. enjoyed D. loved

  24. The hostess left the money on the table purpose to test the honesty of her maid. A. with B. in C. on D. for

  25. Good friends usually share the same interest and agree most things but sometimes they also disagree each other something A. on; with; to B. to; with; about C. on; with; on D. with; with; on
II. 完形填空 Anne Frank was born in Germany in 19
  29. As her family was Jewish, her father found that it was hard for them to continue to live in Germany when the Nazis(纳粹), who 26 the Jews very much, came into power in 19
  33. So they 27 to Amsterdam, Netherlands when Anne was only four years old. In May, 1940, the Germans occupied(占领) Netherlands and the Jews there were 28 to work in certain places. On June 12, 1942, Anne Frank’s parents gave her a small
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red-and-white-plaid diary 29 her thirteenth birthday present and on July 6, 1942, her family had to go into hiding. Though they could take very few things with them, Anne brought her diary to her new home, which she called “Secret Annex.” For two years when Anne lived in the Annex, she 30 down her thoughts and feelings in her diary. 31 of putting down series of facts 32 most people do, she wrote about her life with the seven other people in hiding, as 33 as the war going on around her and her hopes 34 the future. She 35 her diary her best friend and talked to it about whatever she wanted to. But unfortunately, on August 4, 1944, the Nazis raided (轰炸) the Secret Annex and Anne was arrested (逮捕) and sent to a concentration camp(集中营), 36 she died in March, 19
  45. Through thick and thin, Anne’s father got her dairy 37 in June, 1947 by Contact Publishers, a Dutch firm. Today Anne’s Dairy is available 38 fifty-five languages and over 24 million copies have been sold. This page of diary was written on Thursday 15, June, 1944, in which she wrote about her strong love for nature, which she had hardly been able to see face to face since she began to 39 from the Nazis. Afraid of being caught, she 40 go outdoors and had to stay indoors most of the time. On the night of June 15, she stayed awake 41 until half past eleven just in order to take a good look at the moon for once by herself. She remembered another time five months ago when the dark rainy evening, the wind, the thundering clouds 42 her entirely in their
  43. She was so crazy about everything to 44 with nature that she would like to 45 anything for her freedom, but...... B. hated B. came B. allowed B. on B. kept B. Because B. as B. much B. in B. considered B. there B. published B. with B. hide away B. dare not B. with purpose C. disagreed C. moved C. promised C. as C. went C. In case C. so C. soon C. for C. had C. where C. to publish C. by C. stay behind D. against D. settled D. had D. like D. turned D. Instead D. with D. well D. about D. knew D. what D. publish D. in D. hold back D. dared not to D. in purpose

  26. A. loved
  27. A. had
  28. A. forced
  29. A. for
  30. A. put
  31. A. In place
  32. A. like
  33. A. long
  34. A. with
  35. A. regarded
  36. A. which
  37. A. to be published
  38. A. to
  39. A. keep away
  40. A. didn’t dare
  41.A. for purpose
C. was afraid C. on purpose
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  42. A. kept
  43. A. power
  44. A. join
  45. A. give in
B. held B. force B. connect B. give up
C. made C. energy C. concern C. give away
D. left D. strength D. do D. give out
III.阅读理解 A Henry found work in a bookstore after he finished middle school. He wouldn’t do anything but wanted to get rich. Mr King thought he was too lazy and was going to send him away. Henry was afraid and had to work hard. It was a cold morning. It was snowing and there was thin ice on the streets. Few people went to buy the books and the young man had nothing to do. He hated to read, so he watched the traffic. Suddenly he saw a bag fall off a truck and it landed by the other side of the street. “It must be full of expensive things, ”Henry said to himself. “I have to get it, or others will take it away. ” He went out of the shop and ran across the street. A driver saw him and began to whistle(鸣 笛), but he didn’t hear it and went on running. The man drove aside, hit a big tree and was hurt in the accident. Two weeks later Henry was taken to court(法庭). A judge asked if he heard the whistle when he was running across the street. He said that something was wrong with his ears and he could hear nothing. “But you’ve heard me this time.”said the judge. “Oh, I’m sorry. Now I can hear with one ear.” “Cover the ear with your hand and listen to me with your deaf 聋的) ( one. Well, can you hear me? ” “No, I can’t. sir. ”
  46. What was Mr. King? A. a driver B. a doctor C. a policeman D. a shopkeeper

  47. Why did Mr. King want to send Henry away? A. Because Henry was too lazy. B. Because Henry hoped to be rich. C. Because Henry finished middle school. D. Because Henry sold few books.
  48. The driver was afraid to , so he drove aside. A. hit Henry B. hurt himself C. fall behind D. lose the bag

  49. What does the underlined word“judge”mean in Chinese?
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A. 裁判
B. 律师
C. 法官
D. 原告

  50. Why did Henry say that he was deaf? A. He wanted to have a joke with the judge. B. He wanted to get the judge’s help C. He wanted to find another piece of work D. He didn’t want to pay for the accident. B The United States is full of cars. There are still many families without cars, but some families have two or more. However, cars are used for more than pleasure. They are a necessary part of life. Cars are used for business. They are driven to offices and factories by workers who have no other way to get to their jobs. When salesmen are sent to different parts of the city, they have to drive in order to carry their products. Farmers have to drive into the city in order to get supplies. Sometimes small children must be driven to school. In some cities school buses are used only when children live more than a mile away from the school. When the children are too young to walk too far, their mothers take turns driving them to school. One mother drives on Mondays taking her own children and the neighbors' as well. Another mother drives on Tuesdays, another on Wednesday, and so on. This is called forming a car pool. Men also form car pools, with three or four men taking turns driving to the place where they all work. More car pools should be formed in order to put fewer cars on the road and use less gas. Too many cars are being driven. Something will have to be done about the use of cars.
  51. The United States is filled with cars, but A. not every family has a car C. every American has a car . B. few families have two cars or even more D. every family has a car

  52. What's the main idea of the second paragraph? A. Workers drive cars to offices and factories C. Farmers drive into cities to get supplies. B. Salesmen drive to carry their products. D. Cars are widely used.

  53. Which statement is true according to the third paragraph? A. Small children are driven to school. B. All children go to school by bus in some cities. C. Mothers drive their children who can't walk to school. D. School buses pick up all children.
  54. Mothers form car pools in order that A. they can drive to school C. they reach school quickly .
B. they can take turns driving their children to school D. they can drive their children to school in time .

  55. The traffic in and around cities is a great problem because
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A. too many cars are being driven C. people put fewer cars on the roads IV. 短文改错
B. there are too many car pools D. there is less gas
I have a good friend who’s name is Liu Mei. She is our monitor and one of the excellent students in our class. Clever as she is ,but she words very hard .We have a

  57.. 58 .
lot on common and have a lot to talk about .One evening she
  59.. told me that something happened when her parents was out . She was doing her homeworks one Sunday morning when she smelt something burning.Shen stopped look out of the window and find a cloud of smoke coming out of her neighbor’s house .She called 119 immediate .Ten
  62.. 63 .
minutes later ,the firemen came and put out fire. Her neighbor
  65.. was very thankful for her help.
V 阅读与词汇再现 A According to the survey conducted recently on “What do you think of students’ cheating in examinations” among 500 teenagers in a middle school, nearly 100 percent of the students think that it is wrong to cheat but nearly 60 percent of them have cheated in examinations to some degree. The reasons they listed for their cheating are as follows. First, in a crazy society like ours, everybody is deeply concerned about our grades. Our parents can ignore anything but our grades. They seldom care about our feelings. If we fail or do not do well in a examination, they feel upset or even angry and we have got to go through series of unpleasant experiences. So in order not to be scolded or even beaten by our parents, we sometimes cheat to get a good grade, which saves us a lot of trouble and satisfies our parents. Second, some of us don’t cheat on purpose. We know it is dishonest to cheat and it is wrong, but we simply can’t help it and do it just out of habit. Besides, we are afraid of being looked down upon by our teachers and classmates if we fail or get low points. Third, some of us want to get a psychological balance. Since everybody else cheats, why should I not cheat? I study hard and I am honest in examinations but I never get any praise from my teachers or parents just because I get low points. It is not fair. Do you share these opinions of the students? What’s your opinion about students’ cheating in examinations? B



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