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一语语句 习 高 英定从练题

  1. Don't talk about such things of you are not sure. A. which those
  2. Is this the factory you visited the other day? A. that the one
  3. Is this factory some foreign friends visited last Friday? A. that D. the one
  4. Is this the factory he worked ten years ago? A. that D the one
  5. The wolves hid themselves in the places couldn't be found. A. that D. in that
  6. The freezing point is the temperature _ water changes into ice. A. at which D of what
  7. You may call on me from one to five o'clock, during I always at home. A. the time D. which time B. what time C. that am B. on that C. in which B. where C in which B. where C. which B. where . C. which B. where C. in which D. B. what C. as D.

  8. The reason is he is unable to operate the machine. A. because D. whether
  9. I’ll tell you he told me last week. A all which D. which B. that Call that B. why C. that
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3eud教育网 http://www.3edu.net

  10. That tree, branches are almost bare, is very old. A. whose D. on which
  11.I have bought the same dress she is wearing. A. as D. what
  12. He failed in the examination, made his father very angry A. which D. what
  13. We're talking about the piano and the pianist were in die concert we attended last night. A. which D. that
  14. The girl an English song in the next room is Tom's sister. A. who is singing D. was singing
  15. Those not only from books but also through practice will succeed A learn D. who learn
  16. Anyone this opinion may speak out. A. that againsts B. that against C. who is against B. who C that learns B. is singing . C. sang B. whom C who B. it C. that B. that C. which B. of which C. in which
D. who are aga

  17. Didn't you see the man ? A I nodded just now just now C. I nodded to him just now now
  18. Can you lend me the novel the other day? A. that you talked it C. which you talked with
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B. whom I nodded
D. I nodded to just
B. you talked about D. you talked
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  19. Is there anything to you? A. that is belonged belongs B. that belongs C. that belong D. which

  20. ?"How do you like the book?" ? "It's quite different from I read last month." A. that D. the one what
  21. Mr. Zhang gave the textbook to all the pupils except who had already taken them. A. the ones D. the others
  22. The train she was travelling was late. A. which D. in that
  23. He has lost the key to the drawer the papers are kept. A. where B. in which C under which B. where C, on which B. ones C some B. which C. the one
D. whic

  24. Antarctic we know very little is covered with thick ice all the year round. A. which D. about which
  25. It's the third time late this month. A. that you arrived arrived C. that you've arrived arrived
  26. It was in 1969 the American astronaut succeeded in landing on the moon. A. that D. in which
  27. May the fourth is the day we Chinese people will never forget.
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B. where
D when you've
B. which
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A. which D. about which
B. when

  28. We are going to spend the Spring Festival in Guangzhou, live my grandparents and some relatives. A. which where
  29. The hotel during our holidays stands by the seaside. A. we stayed at in that we stayed
  30. Is it in that factory "Red Flag" cars are produced? A. in which that
  31. It is the Suez Canal separates Asia Africa. A. which, to D. that, with
  32. Under the bridge, however, almost directly below, was a small canoe, with a boy in it. A. there which
  33. He is not a fool. A. such, as he is looked looks C. as, as he is looked looks
  34. Is that the reason you are in favour of the proposal? A. which for that A. that D. what B what C. why D. D. so, as he B. such, as he B. where C. it D. B. where, from C. that, from B. where C. which D. B. where we stayed at C. we stayed D. B. that C. who D.

  35. He must be from Africa, can be seen from his skin. B. as C. who

  36. He has two sons, work as chemists.
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A. two of whom D. all of whom
B both of whom
C both of which

  37.1, your good friend, will try my best to help you out. A. who is B. who am C. that is D. what is 38 He is a man of great experience, much can be learned. A who B. that C. from which
  39. ?Do you know the town at all? ? No, this is the first time I here. A. was B. have been C. cam e
  40. I don't like you speak to her. A. the way B. the way in that C the way which D. am coming D. the way of which D. from whom

  41. The two things they felt very proud are Jim’s gold watch and Delia's hair. A. about which D. for which B. of which C in which

  42. The dinner was the most expensive meal we . A. would have B. have had C had never had D. had ever had
  43. Do you know which hotel? A she is staying B. die is staying in C. is she staying D. is she staying in
  44. There is only one thing I can do. A. what B. that C. all D. which
  45. Who can think of a situation this idiom can be used? A. which B. that C. where D. in that
  46.I have many books, some of are on chemistry. A. them B. that C. which D. those

  47. They were interested you told them. A. in which
  48. The B. in that did C. all that many D. in everything experiments in the spaceship,
much help for knowing space. A. which we think it is think are of C. of which we think is
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D. I think which
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is of
  49. The great day we looked forward to A. come B. came at last. C coming
D. com

  50. I like the second football match was held last week. A. which B. who C. that D. /
参考答案 1 A 2 A 3 D 4 B 5 A 6 A 7 D 8 C 9 C 10 1 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 1 A A A D A D C D D B C
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21 22 23 A C
24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 C A A D A D C A B C B B B D B A
41 42 43 B D B
44 45 46 47 48 49 50 B C C D B B C
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