高一英语复习( 高一英语复习(Unit1-
  3)重庆大学出版社 ) 一、选择题
  1.He has been since he stopped smoking. D.not health humor. If you joke
A. healthy B.nto heathy C.health
  2.Victory doesn’t have with him, he may get very anry. A.the ,the B.a ,the C.a,\ D.\,\
sense of

  3.At school we study many other subjects
take part in all kinds of interesting activities after class. A. except, furthermore B.besides, furthermore C.besides,except D.except,besides
  4.The girl is good dancer some day. A.crazy B.fond C.interested D. devoted his faith in the about dancing.She believes she can make a

  5.He’s sure we’ll win the match ,but I don’t team. A.believe B.share C.exchange D.join
  6.?What was the party like? -- Wonderful. It’s years A.after B.before
  7. There is
I enjoyed myself so much.
C. when D.since milk left now. I have to go and buy some.
A.not a little B.not a bit C.a little of D not a bit of
  8. Mother Tereas has for the poor.
A.devoted to cate B.devoted to caring C.been devoted to caring D. been devoted to care
  9.We are paid how much work we do. D.with what he was
A. by B.according to C. because of
  10. Betty stood doing.
to her teacher and watched
A. close, closely B.close, close C.closely, close D.closely , closely
  11. Here are five nice pairs of shoes, I think , to you like to A. choose, choose ? B.be chosen, choose C.choose from, choose .Which would
D.choose, choose from
  12.He is great hardships for the first time in his life, from .
which, I believe ,he can learn a lot of useful
A.experienced, experiences B. experiencing, experience C.experienced, experience D.experiencing,experiences
  13. I have to sell my house, I’ll keep my business going.
A.Even B.As if C.If D.Even if
  14.Stay there A.at the , in a moment;I’ll come back B.for a, after a moment.
C.for a, in a D.in a , for the for a while and

  15.We got angry and looked at each other then I went out of the room. B.silently, in silence
A. silent ,silently silence, silently
C.in silence, silent

  16.The boy was late. He tried to enter the classroom without being noticed by the teacher, but luck him.
A.went with B.went against C.went along D.went over
  17. Before my mother went out shopping, she asked me to baby sister. A.open my eyes to B.have an eye for C.keep my eye on D.see eye to eye with
  18. he emigrated(移民 to Canada 移民) 移民 a better life. D.searched for . my
A. searchign B.searching of C.in search of

  19.I’m not sure I can make him change his mind , but I’ll A. give him a try B.give it a try C.try doing D.try to do
  20.He arrived early,
to have a look at his favourite pop star.
A.hoping B.to hope C.having hoped D.hoped
  21.At last the group cane to a temple about three miles mountain. A.over B.on C.up D.under
  22.Don’t your finger others. It’s impolite. the
A.put, to B. point , at C. put, at D. point , to
  23.They had walked six hours,but still there was no small town. A.mark B. picture C.photo D.sign
  24. The policemen all rushed into the room,with their guns killer. the of the
A,aiming at B.aimed at C.aiming D.aimed
  25. it twelve, I was watchign a football game on TV with
my friends. A.While,struck B.When, struck C. While , beat D. As, hit
  26. People all like the way Li Yundi piano.
A.which, plays B.that , plays C.\,play the D.in which, plays the
  27. Tom the birds with some food right now.They eat hungry.
A.feed B. is feeding C.feeds D. is fed
  28. The little boy speaks in a special way as if he A.is B.were C.was D.may be
  29. When the old woman she burst into tears. A.looked, hanging B.watched, hanged C.caught sight of , hanging D.found ,hanged
  30.After one o’clock at midnight, the noise in the street. her son’s picture on the wall, an adult.
A. died away B. died off C.was ended D. slowed down.



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   问好 hiho = hola = yo = hi = hey = hellow 你好,大家好 wuz up = sup = S’up What's up?原意:怎么样你?有什么事儿嘛?也可作为问好用(熟人之间候) 再见 cya = cu =see ya see you 再见 laterz = later = cya later = see ya later see you later 再见 gn = gn8 = gnight good night 晚安 nn = nite 晚安 说明:一般 ...


   高三英语复习教案与训练三??代词 高三英语复习教案与训练三??代词 ?? 3. 代词 代词是代替名词的词类。大多数代词具有名词和形容词的功能。英语中的代词,按 其意义、特征及在句中的作用分为:人称代词、物主代词、指示代词、自身代词、相互 代词、疑问代词、关系代词和不定代词八种。 一、人称代词是表示"我"、"你"、"他"、"她"、"它"、"我们"、"你们" ...


   小学四年级英语下学期期末测试卷 班别: 班别: 姓名: 姓名: 学号: 学号: 成绩: 成绩: 一、 听录音, 选择你所听到的单词, 并将其编号写在提前的括号里。 (10 分) ( ( ( ( ( )1、A. washroom )2、A. second )3、A. bread )4、A. sheep )5、A. these B. what B. eleven B. sweater B. jeep B. those C. seven. C. weather C. cheap C. they C ...


   一、什么是修辞格 修辞格(figures of speech)是提高语言表达效果的语言艺术。它能使语言生动形象、具体活 泼,给人以美的享受。要翻译好英语修辞格,首先要弄清其特点、弄清英汉两种语言在这 方面的异同,然后根据具体情况采用恰当的技巧进行翻译。英语修辞格种类很多,但粗略 分来似可分为音韵修辞格、词义修辞格和句法修辞格。 (一)音韵修辞格(phonological rhetorical devices) 顾名思义,音韵修辞格是利用词语的语音特点创造出来的修辞手法。它主要包括 onoma ...