Unit 4 Earthquakes
【单元导航】 单元导航】 Moved by mother’s great love She had died when the rescuers found her.She was buried by the crushed house.Through gaps of those ruins,we can see her last posture(姿态).Being on her knees,the upper part of the body was prostrate (趴着的) forward,with her hands on the ground to support her body.That was something like an ancient who was kowtowing. The rescuers confirmed her death by touching her through the gaps of ruins.They shouted at the ruins again and again,knocked the bricks using the crowbar(铁棍), but no response inside. Then the rescuing team went to next building,suddenly the leader ran back, calling “come here”.He came to the body,stretched his hands under the woman, feeling and touching,then shouted loudly “there is someone,a baby,still living” . Through some efforts,rescuers cleaned up the ruins carefully which blocked her.Under her body lay her baby,who was wrapped in a small red quilt with yellow flowers scattered in red.He was about 3 or 4 months’ old.Since well protected by mother’s body,he was totally safe.He was sleeping on both ears when the rescuer carried him out,and his lovely and peaceful face warmed everyone around him.The doctor along with the rescuing team unfastened the quilt to check if the baby was all right,and he found there was a mobile phone filled in the quilt.The doctor looked at the screen subliminally,a written message was already there: “My dear baby, if you could live,don’t forget how much I love you”.As a doctor,he experienced too much of parting forever;but at this moment,he wept.The mobile was passed, every person who saw this message shaded tears.
Section One Warming Up and Reading
  1.Who can remember what happened in Yushu,in Qinghai Province in the year 2010? A terrible earthquake broke out there on April 14th.More than 2,200 people were killed.
  2.Do you know any other natural disasters?
tornadoes;typhoons/hurricanes;volcano eruption;drought;floods;etc.
  3.Can you tell some famous land earthquakes? (
  1)Pakistan Earthquake:On October 8th,20
  05,a terrible earthquake which measured
  7.6 on the Richter scale happened in Pakistan,Afghanistan and India.And Pakistan was the most serious?affected country,in which 38,000 people died,62,000 people injured and 25,000 people were homeless.(
  2)San Francisco:On October 17,19
  89,an earthquake measuring
  7.1 on the Richter scale struck San Francisco.(
  3)The Wenchuan Earthquake in 20
  4.Do you know why an earthquake happens? The plates are moving constantly.Sometimes these two plates stop and do not move for years.Then suddenly,they jump and an earthquake happens.As a result of the movement of these plates ,west America near the sea has always been a bad place for earthquakes.
  5.What do you think may happen before an earthquake? Mice ran out of the fields looking for places to hide.Fish jumped out of bowls and ponds.The chickens and even pigs were too nervous to eat.The dog barked loudly again and again.People could see bright lights in the sky. Ⅱ.速读课文, Ⅱ.速读课文,回答下列问题 速读课文
  1.What happened?
  2.Where did it happen?
  3.How long did it last?
  4.Who helped to rescue the trapped people? Ⅲ.精读课文, Ⅲ.精读课文,回答下列问题 精读课文
  1.概括每一部分的大意 Part 1(Para.
  1):Before the earthquake,strange things began to happen but no one took any notice of them. Part 2(Paras.
  3):The earthquake destroyed the city of Tangshan and shocked
the people very much. Part 3(Para.
  4):The army came to help the survivors,bringing hope for a new life.
  2.True or false? (
  1)People in Tangshan were warned of the earthquake and didn’t go to bed that night.(F) (
  2)People in Beijing also felt the earthquake.(T) (
  3)More than 400,000 people were killed in the earthquake.(F) (
  4)Many rescue workers and doctors were trapped under the ruins during the aftershock.(T) (
  5)People tried to get fresh water from under the ground in Tangshan.(F)
  3.完成下列表格 Main idea northeast Hebei. The water in the wells (
  2)rose and (
  3)fell. Signs before the earthquake (Para.
  1) A (
  4)smelly gas came out of the cracks. The chickens and even the pigs were too (
  5)nervous to (
  6)eat. Mice (
  7)ran out of the fields looking for places to hide. Fish about (
  8)jumped out of their bowls and ponds. At about (
  9)3∶00 a.m. on July 28,19
  76,people saw (
  10)bright lights in the sky. At (
  11)3∶42 a.m.,the (
  12)greatest earthquake of the 20th century began. (
  13)Steam burst from holes in the ground. Damage caused by earthquake (Paras.
  3) Hard hills of rock became rivers of (
  14)dirt. (
  15)Bricks covered the ground like red autumn leaves. Two (
  16)dams and most of the bridges fell. The railway tracks were now (
  17)useless pieces of (
  18)steel. (
  19)Sand now filled the wells instead of water. Water,food,and (
  20)electricity were hard to get.
  4.填入正确的数据 (
  1)1/3 of the nation felt the earthquake. (
  2)A huge crack that was 8 kilometres long and 30 metres wide cut across houses, roads and canals. (
  3)In 15 terrible seconds a large city lay in ruins. (
  4)2/3 of the people died or were injured during the earthquake. Details (
  1)Strange things were happening in the countryside of
  5)The number of people who were killed or injured reached more than 400,0
  00. (
  6)All of the city’s hospitals,75% of its factories and buildings and 90% of its homes were gone. Ⅳ.与同桌讨论、 Ⅳ.与同桌讨论、理解下列长难句并尝试翻译成汉语 与同桌讨论
  1.Mice ran out of the fields looking for places to hide. 句子结构分析:现在分词短语 looking for places to hide 在句中表伴随,作伴随状语。 翻译:老鼠从地里跑出来找地方藏身。
  2.It seemed as if the world was at an end! 句子结构分析:It seemed as if 是固定句型结构,意为“看起来像是……”。 翻译:看起来像是到了世界末日!
  3.Water, food,and electricity were hard to get. 句子结构分析:本句的结构是:主语+be+adj.+to do,其中 to do 用主动形式表示被 动 含义。 翻译:水、电和食物都很难弄到。
  4.All hope w as not lost. 句子结构分析: all 与 not 连用表示部分否定。 翻译:并不是所有的希望都破灭了。 Ⅴ.根据下列提示复述课文 Ⅴ.根据下列提示复述课文 sign damage rescue ??|????|????|??→ before... during... after...
Section Two Language Points
farmyards, to eat.
  1. In the farmyards,the chickens and even the pigs were too nervous to eat.在 农家大院里, 农家大院里, 鸡甚至是猪都紧张得不想进食。 鸡甚至是猪都紧张得不想进食。
He is too excited to speak. 他太激动了,说不出话来。 They reached the station too late to catch the train. 他们到火车站太迟了,没赶上火车。 以上句式用了 too...to 结构,意思为“太……而不能……”,表示否定意义。但是当 too...to...用来修饰表示态度、情绪、倾向等的形容词时,如 anxious,eager,glad, happy,
pleased,ready,willing 等,不定式为肯定意义。 He remarked he was too delighted to visit our city. 他说他很高兴访问我市。
  1)这个箱子太重,提不起来。 The box is too heavy to lift. (
  2)老师们很乐意接受对他们的教学方法提出的建议。 Teachers are too glad to accept the suggestions on their teaching method. city, burst.在市内,
  2. In the city,the water pipes in some buildings cracked and burst.在市内,有 些建筑物里的 水管爆裂了。 水管爆裂了。
He felt he would burst with anger and shame. 他恼羞成怒,都要气炸了。 The dam burst under the weight of water. 大坝在水的巨大压力下溃决了。 He burst into the room without knocking. 他没敲门就闯进了屋子。 The sun burst through the clouds. 太阳破云而出。 The words burst from her in an angry rush. 她脱口说出了那一堆气话。 There was a burst of laughter in the next room. 隔壁房间突然爆发出一阵笑声。 burst 既是名词也是动词,意为“爆炸;猛冲;爆发;突然出现”。 burst into 突然闯入,突然……起来,后接名词 burst into tears/laughter 突然哭/笑起来 burst into a room(闯)进房间 burst out 突然开始,后接 v.?ing 形式;(战争、疾病等)突然发生(=break out) burst out crying/laughing 突然哭/笑起来 burst in 突然插嘴,打断谈话;突然来到
  1)He suddenly burst into tears/burst out crying (哭了起来). (
  2)The audience burst into cheers/burst out cheering (爆发了一阵欢呼声). (
  3)The war burst out/broke out (爆发). end!仿佛到了世界末日!
  3. It seemed as if the world was at an end!仿佛到了世界末日!
①You look/looked as if you had seen a ghost. 你的神色看起来像撞到鬼了。 ②He looks as if he were an artist. 看上去他好像是个艺术家似的。 ③She speaks English so fluently as if she had studied English in America. 她讲英语很流利,就像在美国学习过似的。 ④It seems as if it’s going to rain. 看起来好像要下雨了。 ⑤It seemed as if he wasn’t satisfied with your work. 看来他好像对你的工作不满意。 as if 系从属连词, 意为“好像”。 根据情况, if 从句中可使用真实语气, as 如例句④⑤, 表示事实如此;从句也可用虚拟语气,如例句①②③,表示事实并非如此。as if 从句表 示 的动作如果指现在的动作, 从句的谓语用一般过去时(be 用 were); 如果表示过去的动作, 从句中用过去完成时;如果指将来,则用 would+动词原形。 as if 从句的主语如果和主句的主语一致,同时从句的谓语中含有 be 的某种形式,这时 可以 把从句的主语和 be 省去,后面保留介词短语、分词短语或不定式短语等形式。 He shook his head as if to say “No”.他摇了摇头,似乎想说“不”。 When he had finished,he waited as if for a reply. 讲完后,他等着,仿佛在等一个答复。 He looked around as if for help. 他环视四周,好像在寻求帮助。
  1)It seems as if she all. A.had read C.read 答案 A
the novel but in fact she’s never heard of it at B.has read D.would read whether he was
  2)The man we followed suddenly stopped and looked as if going in the right direction. A.seeing C.to see 答案 C B.having seen D.to have seen
  3)Eliza remembers everything exactly as if it A.was happening C.has happened 答案 D B.happens D.happened
  4. Two?thirds of them died or were injured during the earthquake.三分之二的人在 地震中受 伤或死去。 伤或死去。
I was injured in a street accident. 我在一次车祸中受了伤。 John fell off the tree and injured his back. 约翰从树上摔下来把背部摔伤了。 injure,词性为动词,意为“损害,伤害”。 injury n.伤害,损伤 injured adj.受伤的 the injured 受伤的人;伤员(表示一类人) injure,hurt,wound, injure,hurt,wound,harm (
  1)injure 多指造成容颜、机能的损害;在事故中受伤。 (
  2)hurt 一般指精神上或肉体上受到伤害,有强烈的疼痛感。 (
  3)wound 指(人)在战斗、攻击中受伤。 (
  4)harm 常 用 于 口 语 , 一 般 用 作 及 物 动 词 , 表 示 “ 对 …… 有 害 / 损 害 ” 。
吸烟太多会损害你的健康。 You will harm your health by smoking too much. ruins. 秒内,
  5. In fifteen terrible seconds a large city lay in ruins.在可怕的 15 秒内,一座 大城市就沦为了 废墟。 废墟。
He wanted to become a doctor but his mother’s death was the ruin of his hope. 他想当医生,但他母亲的死使他的希望破灭了。 She poured water over my painting and ruined it. 她把水浇在我的画上,将画毁掉了。 We visited the ruins of the temple. 我们参观了那个庙宇的遗迹。
The castle is now in ruins. 城堡现在已成废墟。 ruin 动词或名词, 意为“毁灭, 毁坏”, 其复数形式 ruins 意为“废墟, 遗迹”, ruins in 意为“成为废墟”。 bring sb. to ruin 毁灭某人 come/go to ruin 毁灭
The fire left the temple A.ruin 答案 D B.in ruin
. C.ruins D.in ruins
Everywhere destroyed.所见之处,
  6. Everywhere they looked nearly everything was destroyed.所见之处,几乎一切都 被毁了。 被毁了。
①His dog follows him everywhere he goes. 无论到哪里,他那条狗总跟着他。 ②I can’t find my pen though I’ve looked everywhere. 我到处找那支钢笔,可就是找不到。 ③Everywhere seemed silent. 万籁俱寂。 ④Fire destroyed the forest. 大火烧毁了森林。 ⑤The heavy storms destroyed a good part of our crops. 几场暴雨把大部分庄稼都毁坏了。 在例①中,everywhere 用作连词,引导状语从句,意为“无论何处”;在例②中词性是 副 词,意为“到处,处处”,在例③中词性是名词,意为“每个地方”。在例④⑤中, destroy 词性是动词,意为“破坏,毁坏,消灭”。
destroy,damage, destroy,damage,ruin (
  1)destroy 指彻底的损坏,常含不能或很难修复的意思。destroy


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