Fast reading
What does the passage mainly talk about? An earthquake happened in Tangshan in 1976
Sum up the main idea of each part of the passage. (use one word to describe) Part 1: para 1 Part 2: para 2&3 signs
Part 3: para 4
Para 1 Signs before the earthquake
The water in the well
The well walls
rose and fell. had deep cracks in them.
A smelly gas
The pigs and the chickens
mice and fish
mice ran out of fields; fish jumped out of bowls and ponds. people saw bright lights. In the sky cracked and burst.
Strange were too nervous to eat. things
came out of the cracks.
The water pipe
No one noticed them.
Para2-3 Damage caused by the earthquake.
The city The people
It seemed as if the world was end. at an end.
3:42 greatest At am, the earthquake of the 20th century began . A huge crack houses, roads and cut across canals. Steam burst from holes in the ground. dirt Hard hills of the rock became rivers of . Bricks covered the ground like red autumn leaves. Two and most of the bridges fell. dams The railway tracks were now pieces of . useless steel now filled the wells instead of water. Sand Water, food, and were electricity hard to get.
extreme The suffering of the people was. Thousands of families were killed and many left without parents children were .
Some of the rescue workers and doctors trapped were under the ruins.
Para. 2-3
of the nation felt the earthquake .
1/3 30
A huge crack that was
kilometres long and
metres wide cut across houses. terrible seconds a large city lay in ruins.
of the people died or were injured during the earthquake.
15 2/3
All the people were shocked.
The number of people who were killed or injured reached more than 400,0
  00. All of the city’s hospitals, 75%_ of its factories 90% and buildings and of its homes were gone.
Para 4 Recovery after the earthquake
army; 150, 000 soldiers dig out; bury workers; shelters fresh water
Not all All hope hope was was not lost. lost.
page 27
1 Read the passage carefully and join the correct
parts of the sentences.
1- -C 2- -E 3- -B 4- -D 5- -A
3 Writing a summary of each part
Before the earthquake strange things began to happen but no one paid attention to them. The earthquake destroyed the city of Tangshan. The people were very shocked at the destruction. The army came to help the survivors, bringing hope for a new life.
Fill in the blacks with the first given letter:
Several days before July 28,1976,many s things happened in Tangshan. trange They were signs for the e. But arthquake people in the city of Tangshan didn’t think m of these. At 3:42am that uch hake day, the earth began to s, which d the city. estroyed
Many people including workers and doctors, came to r those t rapped escue under the ruins. Later that afternoon another big earthquake struck Tangshan. More people were killed or i and njured more buildings f__ down. Soldiers were ell called in to help the rescue workers. Teams were organized to the dig out trapped and b the dead. ury
Why did the text say the world seemed to be at an end? What do you think about that?
“…the greatest earthquake of 20th century had begun.”… I think…
What sentences can express the quake is GREAT?
? It seemed that the world was at an end. ? It was felt in Beijing, which… ? One-third of the nation felt it. ? In fifteen terrible seconds a large city lay in ruins. ? A huge crack…cut cross…
What metaphor do the writer use to say the quake is GREAT?
? Hard hills of rock became rivers of dirt. ? Bricks covered the ground like red autumn leaves. No wind, however, could blow them away.
What happened when rescue work was going on? What was the result of that? ?
Another big quake shook Tangshan. ... trapped…fell down…hard to get…
2 Read the passage again and make a timeline
For three days
  1.water in the village wells rose and fell
  2.well walls developed deep cracks
  3.a smelly gas come out of the cracks
  4.mice ran out of the fields jumped out of their bowls and ponds
At about 3:00 am on July 28, 1976
  1.bright lights appeared in the sky
  2.the sound of planes could be heard although there were no planes
  3.some water pipes burst
At 3:42 am on July 28, 1976
  1.everything began to shake
  2.huge cracks appeared in the roads
  3.steam burst from holes i the ground
  4.rock turned into rivers of dirt
  5.75% buildings and 90% of homes were gone
  6.more than 400,000 people killed or injured
Afternoon of July 28, 1976
  1.a second quake almost as strong as the first one
  2.more damage to buildings and rescuers Soon after the quake
  1.the army arrived
  2.shelters built for survivors
  3.water supplies brought in
  1. What shall we do if an earthquake happens?
  2. What can we do to reduce the damage of earthquakes?
? Don’t be nervous and keep calm. ? Don’t try to run out of the classroom. ? Protect your head by putting your bag on your head. ? Squat or sit down under your desk. ? Leave the classroom after the earthquake.

  1. Crouch on the spot and protect your heads with hands;
  2. Be sure to keep away with high buildings and dangerous objects;
  3.Don’t go back to the classroom.
d d o n o n

  1. Crouch down or slip under the chairs
  2. Avoid suspending lights and electric fans
  3. Protect the head with schoolbags

  1. Find firm counters, or the corner of a wall to crouch down on the spot
  2. Protect the heads with hands or other objects
  3. Keep away from glass windows, glass counters or show counters
  4. Keep away from tall cupboards
  5. Keep away from advertisement boards and other suspending objects

  1. Grasp the handles to avoid being injured
  2. Lower the center of gravity
  3. Hide near the seats
  4. Get off after the earthquake passed
Can we stop earthquakes? We can’t stop earthquakes, but we can try to reduce the losses caused by earthquakes. To build houses as strong as possible; To build houses on rock rather than on sand. What can we do after earthquakes? Try to rescue people; Try to rebuild families; Try to forget sad experiences and live with strong belief.
Filling the blacks with the first given letter:
Several days before July 28,1976,many s things happened in Tangshan. trange They were signs for the e. But arthquake people in the city of Tangshan didn’t think m of these. At 3:42am that uch hake day, the earth began to s, which d the city. estroyed
What impresses you most?
What the quake makes you think about? What did they suffer and feel? What for rebuilt How to help the suffers?
What did they suffer and feel?
Chang Qing (left), 71, and Wang Shubin, 54, hold a picture taken by Chang 30 years ago, when Wang was rescued after being buried in debris for eight days following the Tangshan earthquake.
How to help the suffers?
Tang shan’s new look
  1.Copy the new words of unit4
  2. kick out the useful phrases by yourself.
  3.Preview p28-



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