1. He is very popular among his students as he always tries to make them in his lectures. A. interested B. interesting C. interest D.to interest Tom sounds very much in the job, but I'm not sure whether he can manage it. A. interested B. interesting C.interestingly D. interestedly
  2.suppose I don't suppose anyone will volunteer ? A. do I B. don't I C. will they
D. won't they
The message is very important, so it is supposed as soon as possible. A. to be sent B. to send C. being sent D. sending
  3. wake up get up turn on switch on switch off switch over At first, the speaker was referring to the problem of pollution in the country, but halfway in her speech, she suddenly to another subject. A. favored B. switched C. agreed D.came
你离开时请把灯关上. 你离开时请把灯关上.
  4. at the moment for the moment in a moment Her mobile phone is engaged the moment. 她的手机现在占线. 她的手机现在占线. Unfortunately, his parents are out of work the moment. 很不幸,他 很不幸, 父母目前都下岗了. 父母目前都下岗了. They are living in an ugly house the moment. 他们暂时住在一间简 陋的房子里. 陋的房子里. He was here a moment ago. Just wait a moment , he will come back a moment. 他刚才还在这里.等一会吧,他很快就会回来. 他刚才还在这里.等一会吧,他很快就会回来.
  5. portable port porter walk round
  6. I couldn't live this lifestyle without a good wife. without+ n./ pron. 若表虚拟意义,主句的形式是: 若表虚拟意义,主句的形式是: (
  1) (
  2) Without electricity, human life quite different today. 没有电,今天人类的生活将大不相同. 没有电,今天人类的生活将大不相同. Without your help, Imade such great progress then. 那是没有你的帮助,我不可能取得如此大的进步. 那是没有你的帮助,我不可能取得如此大的进步. It impossible for us to meet again without the help of the policeman. A. should be B. would be C. must have been D. would have been
  7. remote in the remote past/ future control be out of control …失去控制 失去控制 失去对…的控制 lose control of/over sb./sth 失去对 的控制
be in control of/over sb./sth 在…的控制下 的控制下 sb. take control of/over sb./sth 控制 控制… Here's the remote control. Here it is. Here you are. Here is your pencil. It took several hours to bring the fire control. A. under B. under the C. over D. over the The plane was out of ten minutes ago, but now we are in complete the situation. A. control; control of B. control; control C. control of; control D. controlling; control
  8. normally go off The thieves ran away when the alarm went off. The gun went off by accident. Suddenly the lights went off. Can you stay here? I'm sorry, but I'm notallowed to stay out late. A. normally B. easily C. hardly D. regularly If you don't keep the meat in the refrigerator on such a hot day, it will__ A. go out B. go away C. go off D. go down
  9. it takes sb. time to do sth Some passengers complain it usuallyso long to fill in the travel insurance documents. A. costs B. takes C. spends D. spares It takes sb. time to do sth Sth. take sb. time Sb. take time to do sth Sth. cost sb. money Sb. spend time/money (in) doing sth./on sth Spare sth./sb. for sb./sth. Spare (sb.) sth.

  10. I'm always the first person to get to the office. 当中心词被序数词, 等限定时, 其后可跟不定式作定语, 当中心词被序数词, 最高级或 no, all, any 等限定时, 其后可跟不定式作定语, 不跟现在分词短语. 不跟现在分词短语. Mary is always the firstat school and the last. A. to arrive; to leave B. arriving;leaving C. arrived;left D. arrives; leaves
  11. take up This table takes up too much room. Playing computer games takes up much of his spare time. A few years later I dropped medicine and took up physics. He said he would take up my difficulties with the headmaster. When can you take up your work, Doctor White? The girl began singing, and soon other students on the bus took up her song. He called on the people to take up arms to defend their freedom. Helen always helps her mother though going to schoolmost of her day. A. takes up B. makes up C. saves up D. puts up After he retired from office, Rogerspainting for a while, but soon lost interest. A. took up B. saved up C. kept up D. drew up
  12. be filled with be full of complain(to sb.)about/of sth complain(to sb.)that… The doctorthe bottle with some medicine. A. full B.filled C. was filled D. put We complaindthe policethe noise from the bar. 我们向警方投诉酒吧的声音太大. 我们向警方投诉酒吧的声音太大.
  13. suffer If you have problem at home your work will. A. fall B. reduce C.go D. suffer

  14. pressure under pressure of 在..的压力下 .的压力下 . come/be under pressure 在压力强制下 bring….under pressure 压制 put/bring pressure on… 给..压力 .压力 . cause pressure 造成压力 suffer pressure 承受压力 Life is tough in the city. In order to lose their,some people drink alcohol. A. temper B. mood C. consciousness D. pressure

  15. reduce reduce sth. to reduce sth. by The number of employees was reduces from 40 to
  25. Costs have been reduced by 20% over the past year.
  16.stand I can't stand the sight of blood. She could't stand being kept waiting. Modern plastics canvery high and very low temperatures. A. stand B. hold C. carry D. support
  17.prefer prefer sb. to do sth 更愿意某人做某事 prefer to do 更愿意做(倾向具体的动作) 更愿意做(倾向具体的动作) prefer doing 更愿意做(倾向普遍的行为习惯) 更愿意做(倾向普遍的行为习惯) prefer (doing)A to(doing) B 宁愿做 A 而不愿做 B prefer to do A rather than do B 宁愿做 A 而不愿做 B On a cold day he prefersout to play footballat home. A. going;rather stay B. going;to staying C. to go;rather than staying D. to go;rather than to stay To enjoy the scenery, Mary would rather spend long hours on the raintravel by air. A. as B. to C. than D. while
Schools need volunteers to help children to read. No volunteers came forward. Jill volunteered to help the blind.
  19. graduate a graduate student/course The university400 students this summer. A. graduated B. graduated from C. graded
D. graded from

  20. challenge We have received a challenge from the college to play them at football. He challenged me to play chess. accept/respond to/take up a challenge 接受挑战 send/issue a challenge 下挑战书
  21.support in support of sb./sth. He has to work hard because he has a big family to. A. support B. rise C. share D. pay
  22.design It happened?whether by accident or -that the two of them were left alone after all the others had gone. A. plan B. design C. purpose D. control The programme is designed to help people who have been out of work for a long time.
  23. solve The government is trying tothe problem of inflation(通货膨胀 通货膨胀). 通货膨胀 B. deal C. work D. prepare A.solve .
  24. so+adj./adv.+that+其他 如此..以致 其他 如此..以致 . It wasweather that everyone wanted to go outing. A. so fine B. such fine C. so a fine D. such a fine
  25.otherwise Shut the window,it'll get too cold here. A. but B. so C. however D. otherwise He hesitated for a moment before kicking the ball, otherwise he a goal.
A. had scored
B. scored
C. would score
D. would have scored

  26.distance from a distance 从远处 in the distance 在远处,在远方 在远处, at a distance of 200 kilometers 200 千米的距离 Place the rod at aof 40mm from the light source. A. distance B. pace C. rate D. price
  27. anyway I'm certain David's told you his business troubles.,it's no secret that he owes a lot of money to the bank. A. However B. Anyway C. Therefore D. Though
  28. on These officers are on leave. 这些军官在休假. 这些军官在休假. 他到香港出差去了. He went to Hong Kong on business. 他到香港出差去了. She was on night duty. 她值夜班. 她值夜班. She'sthe Times Newspaper and is very satisfied with her work. A. on B. for C. at D. in
  29. over over the years 数年间 Over the next few days they got to know the town well. He signed the papercoffee. A. for B. in C. over D. on
  30. as a result I advise you to take school more seriously, otherwise you'll have to go out and work. A. as a result B. now and then C. in a word D. at that moment

  31. come up with Very few scientistscompletely new answers to the world's problems. A. come up with B. come out C. come around D. come up to Some questions haveat the meeting. A. come out B. come up C. come in D. come on

  32. play a role/part in… She will tell us why she feels so strongly that each of us has a rolein making the earth a better place to live. A. to have played B. to play C. to be played D. to be playing 他在解决两国争端中发挥重要的作用. 他在解决两国争端中发挥重要的作用. Hethe dispute between the two countries.
  33. as well as /as well She gave me money as well as clothes. 改写: . 改写: Miss Han,Mrs Howe,speaks good English. They often talk in English. A. as well as B. as good as C. so well as D. so good as Tom did it,if not better than, John. A. as good as B. as well as C. so well as
D. as well



   UNIT 3 1. celebrate It is said that such a tiny village school is soon to its 100th birthday. A. take B. celebrate C. congratulate D. liberate congratulate sb on/upon sth congratulate 的宾语必须是人 celebrate 的宾语是物,如节日,结婚纪念日,生日等令人快乐的时候或日子. 的宾语是物,如节日,结婚纪念日 ...


   UNIT1 1. He is very popular among his students as he always tries to make them in his lectures. A. interested B. interesting C. interest D.to interest Tom sounds very much in the job, but I'm not sure whether he can manage it. A. interested B. inte ...


   UNIT 13 1. find out find look for discover You can't the truth without my help. A. talk B. find C. find out D. get They tried to keep it in secret. You cannot the truth no matter what you do. A. discover B. find out C. see D. find It was not until ...


   UNIT 14 1. situation 形势;情况 形势; condition on condition that = if in condition 身体健康 out of condition 身体状况不佳 in good/poor condition 处于好(坏)的状态 处于好( Michelle is out of because she never gets any exercise. A. state B. condition C. conditions D. situation ...


   UNIT 2 1. calm quiet still silent Although she was frightened, she answered with a voice. A. quiet B. silent C. calm D. still 2. generous a generous gift/offer/increase a generous mind/spirit It was very generous of you to lend then your new car fo ...


   高一英语讲义 M1 New words of unit 3 1. work out vi & vt. [口]练习,锻炼。Whatever the weather is like, my sister works out in the gym every day. 计算出,解决(问题)Can you work out how much money it will cost? Can you work out the problem? 详细拟定(计划,方案等)He worked out ...


   人教版八年级英语下册课本同步单元练习卷(一) I.单选题。 ( )1.?Would you give me to eat? All right. A. something different B. different something C. anything different D. different anything ( )2. There is little milk in the glass,? ?Yes. Shall I go and buy some? A. does ther ...


   2010 考研英语词汇基础班同步讲义 词汇 一、背单词的方法 1.记忆的规则:重复、思考 例 1:Theology (神学)-theory-theoretical 例 2:wife、husband 例 3:Temporary:临时的,暂时的; Contemporary:同时代的; Temperature:热度、温度; temper:脾气; Temperament:气质、性情 2.卡片记忆法 二、通过记忆单词的方法研究考研的核心词汇 1.横向比较:考研核心词汇-5500 2.考研词汇的特点: ...


   http://club.topsage.com/forum-28-1.html http://club.topsage.com http://club.topsage.com/forum-28-1.html 2010 免 费 公 益 性 考 研 论 坛 , 等 待 您 的 光 临 ! 全 更 多 考 研 信 息 转 声 载 请 注 明 出 , 考 试 真 题 , 模 拟 题 : 大 家 论 坛 考 研 论 坛 自 由 料 资 : 本 明 http://club.topsage.com/for ...


   练习三《1》 1.图2中的AD、BD、CD都是光滑的斜面,现使一小物体分别从A、B、D点由静止开始下滑到D点,所用时间分别为t1、t2、t3,则 [ ]   A.t1>t2>t3 B.t3>t2>t1 C.t2>t1=t3 D.t2<t1>t3  2.如图3所示,在水平地面上的小车内有一水槽,水槽中的水面和水平面的夹角为α,则由此可判断出小车的运动情况可能是 [ ] A.向左做加速运动 B.向左做减速运动C.向右做加速运动 D.向右做减速运动  3.如图7所示,放在光 ...



   ?笔形纳?@武功W民小[x 97[x年度第 [x期 [x年度第1[x期 [x年度第 [x校日|!X1 Taipei Municipal Wugong Elementary School X1告大} [x校?X景?? [x校基本?橇 校R俑??? Taipei Municipal Wu Kung Primary School [x校?X景 Ru意 卓越 W?? 深造P+理有y?娜宋?熬 打造新zN前瞻的科技[xW q咴????鞯?R童W地 Ru造心手相?#的社S@[x校 Taipei Muni ...


   高三英语复习方法 扩大词汇量.词汇是组成英语知识大厦的基石.有人说英语词汇量的多少 标志着你的英语水平,我认为这种说法不为过.扩大词汇量的好方法是:把阅读 材料中以及综合练习题的生词和短语集中在一起,在字典中查一遍,注上音标, 注解和典型用法.这样日积月累,词汇量自然而然扩大,在高考大强度的阅读 中,单词的障碍便减少了许多.另外高考复习时会印发高考词汇表,它包括了 高考要考的所有词汇,大家必须将词汇表从头到尾背 3-4 遍.方法是先将词汇 表过一遍,熟悉和简单的一带而过.重点放在不熟悉的和重 ...


   四、六级常考重点词组 abide by,conform to , comply with 遵守 (be) abundant in(be rich in) 富于,富有 of one’s own accord(willingly)自愿地 ,主动地 in accordance with (according to) 依照,根据 in terms of 根据 take…into account(take into consideration)把..。考虑进去 on no account(=in no ...


   新视野大学英语听说教程 4(第二版)完整答案 Unit One Warming Up F Listening Understanding Short Conversations 1~5 6~10 B A A C C B C B D D T NG Understanding a Long Conversation 1~5 A B A C B Understanding a Passage 1~5 A A D B C Understanding a Radio Program 1 2 3 4 5 ...


   英语课堂游戏集锦 英语课堂音标教学游戏(23-32) 音标游戏 23.抢读音标 将全班分成若干小组,然后教师逐个出示一些音标卡片,学生们举手抢答,教师让最先 举手的学生读出该音标,读对的给该组记 10 分,得分最多的组为优胜。 24.看音标抢读单词 将全班分成若干小组,然后教师逐个出示一些单词的音标卡片(如[keik] ,)学生们举手 抢答,教师让最先举手的学生读出该单词,拼出来并说出词义,读地说对的给该组记 10 分, 得分最多的组为优胜。 25.听音标竞赛 这是一个训练学生听音标的游戏, ...