1. find out find look for discover You can't the truth without my help. A. talk B. find C. find out D. get They tried to keep it in secret. You cannot the truth no matter what you do. A. discover B. find out C. see D. find It was not until the People's Republic of China was that his lost brother was . A.found;found B.found;founded C.founded;found D. founded;founded
  2. compare…to… compare with/to comparison(n) comparable(adj) 可比较的 比较的; comparative(adj) 比较的;相对的 They the Party mother. A. compare;with B. compare;as C. treat;for
D. compare;to

  3. result in result from as a result of without result The great success is due to his hand work and the terrible failure your carelessness. A. resulted from B. resulted in C. resulted D. is resulted of
  4. pay attention to doing (to 是介词) 是介词) 类似的用法: look forward to 类似的用法:according to be used to devote…to contribute to lead to turn to belong to prefer…to… refer to He tried his best to work hard. But the temptation to watch TV drew. A. his idea B. his heart C. himself D. his attention This matter requires our close . A. observe B. notice C. attention D. look

  5. come up with 提出(计划等) 找到(答案) 计划等) 找到(答案) ,找到 , 无被动式 come up to 达到;不亚于 达到; come about 发生 开花;出现; come out 开花;出现;出版 come through (重病后)康复 重病后) He couldn't an answer when I asked him why he was late. A. come up with B. come up to C. come out with D. come through
  5. promise Keep one's promise A promise is a promise. promising He has to behave better henceforth. A. allowed B. promised C. admitted D. permitted
  6. concentrate be concentrated on
  7. matter (n) 物质 (v) 有重大影响 It doesn't matter. The world is made up of matter.
  8. break (n) 间歇;打断;缝隙 间歇;打断; have/take a break break up 粉碎;分手;散开 粉碎;分手; break down 破坏;损坏 破坏; break away 逃脱 突破; break through 突破;冲破 I'm afraid I must this conversation. I have to go now. A. break up B. break away C. break through D. break The glass must have been by the car. A. broken B. destroyed C. ruined D. demolished
  9. continue to do /doing ,continue with 继续做 continuous (adj) 连续不断的 stop to do sth 指"停下来去做某事" 停下来去做某事" stop doing sth 指"停止做某事" 停止做某事" When the fat pig broke in, we all our work in surprise. A. stopped to do B. stopped doing C. continued with D. continued to do
gather collection collector She carefully the letters and put them in order. A. gathered B. collected C. accumulated D. touched After he failed the exam, he tried his best to and then made a proper plan. A. gather his thoughts B. collect his ideas C. use his thoughts D. collect his thoughts
  11. state (v) 陈述 (n)状况 ) statement (n) 声明,陈述;供述 声明,陈述; statesman 政治家
  12. case 案件;事例; 案件;事例; in case of 如果;假如 如果; 假使, in case 假使,以防 in any case 无论如何,不管怎样 无论如何, in no case 无论如何都不 in this case 既然是这样 You'd better take something to read when you go to see the doctor you have to wait. A. even if B. in case C. as if D. in order that
  13.as…as 和..一样 .一样 . The dining room was Tom's. A. twice as big as C. as big as twice
B. as twice big as D. as big twice as
This is you are likely to meet. A. as difficult a problem as B. as difficult as a problem C. as a problem difficult as D. as a difficult problem as
  14. get to 开始;抵达 开始; get to know each other get about 消息等传开 get across 使..被了解;使..明白 .被了解 .明白 . 被了解; . get along/on with 进展 get over 克服困难;恢复 克服困难; get back 回来;恢复;报复 回来;恢复; It was not a serious illness, and she soon it. A. got over B. got on with C. got around D. got out of 抓住;容纳;
  15.hold 抓住;容纳;举行
hold on 继续,坚持,别挂断(电话) 继续,坚持,别挂断(电话) hold back 踌躇;阻止;隐瞒 踌躇;阻止; hold up 举起 hold one's breath 屏住呼吸 get hold of 抓住 The room can 20 people. A. stay B. live in C. hold D. have
  16. while 表示对比,意为"然而,但,却" 表示对比,意为"然而, I do every single bit of housework my husband Bob just does the dishes now and then. A. since . while C. when D. as
  17. use (v/n) 使用,用处 使用, used to 曾经 come into use 开始使用 bring into use 交付使用 make full use of 充分利用 out of use 不再使用 it's no use (in) doing… 没有用处 use up 用尽
  18. 强调句:it is/was+ 被强调的部分 强调句: 被强调的部分+that+其他成分 其他成分 如果被强调的部分是人, 如果被强调的部分是人,可以用 who 代替 that It is IQ that gets you hired but it is EQ that gets you promoted. It was not until the war was over he the weapon. A. that;had invented B. that;invented C. which;had made D. when;made
  19.It is generally believed that people with high EQs are open to new ideas and have positive attitudes towards life. It 是形式主语,真正的主语是 that 引导的主语从句. 是形式主语, 引导的主语从句. 据说. It is said that ….据说.. 据说 . It is thought that… 有人认为.. 有人认为. . was reported that a soldier lost his life in the fight. A. This B. That C. What D.It
  20. there is no/little doubt that… 毫无疑问.. 毫无疑问. . There is doubt whether Peter will come or not on time. A. in B. no C. any D. some
  21.deal with 与 how 连用 do with 与 what 连用 will you the matter?
A. What;deal with C. How;do with
B. How;deal with C. What;do

  22. have something to do with 与..有关 .有关 . Did you the accident? A. have something to do with B. have anything to do with C. have things to do with D. have something about
  23. in terns of 就..而言, 在..方面 .而言 .方面 . 而言, . come to terms with 甘心忍受 The decision is disastrous . . A. in political terms B. in political fields C. in terms of D. at term
  24.for example 一般只列举同类人或物中的一个为例,用逗号隔开,可置于句 一般只列举同类人或物中的一个为例,用逗号隔开, 句中; 首,句中; such as 可用来列举同类人或事物中的几个例子,只能举其中一部分,不能全 可用来列举同类人或事物中的几个例子 只能举其中一部分, 来列举同类人或事物中的几个例子, 部举出.若全部举出, 部举出.若全部举出,要改用 namely. Like 也常用来表示举例,可与 such as 互换. 也常用来表示举例, 互换. 主要用于举属于 事例,情况"的例子. 举属于" for instance 主要用于举属于"事例,情况"的例子. Wild flowers are becoming rare. A. for example orchids B. such as orchids C. for instance orchids D. alike orchids
  25. recognize… as… think of …as look on…as treat…as
  26. show around 领..参观 .参观 . show in 把..领进 .领进 . show off 使夺目;炫耀,卖弄 使夺目;炫耀, on show 被展示
  27. mean (v/n) 意思是; (adj)吝啬的 意思是; ) by no means 绝不 by this means 靠此方法
  28. personal personally= in my opinion personnel 员工 personality 人格,个性 人格,个性=character characteristics (n)特征,特点 特征, 特征 (adj)独特的 ) 特征; 人的)性格,品质;文字; (人的 character 特征; 人的)性格,品质;文字;人物 (
=把. 看作.. .看作 . 把 .看作.

  29. be good at =do well in 擅长 be good for 对. 有益; .有益 .有益;
  30. believe in 相信 believe it or not 信不信由你 make believe 假装 believer 信徒 belief 信念 Whatever you want to do, I'll support you. Even if others don't you can succeed, I will. A. believe in B. believe C. belief D. trust in
  31. give up 放弃 give away 赠送,泄露 赠送, give back 归还;使恢复 归还; give in 屈服;让步 屈服; 放出( 气味等) give off 放出(光,热,气味等) give out 分发; 分发;
  32.choose 强调在选择某物时的意愿,特别是当供挑选物只有两个时,应当用 强调在选择某物时的意愿,特别是当供挑选物只有两个时, choose;精选某物用 select;一般性选择用 pick;普选,由下而上地挑选用 ; ; ;普选, elect. . We him as monitor. A. chose B. selected C. elected D. picked
  33. hear of 听说 收到来信, hear from 收到来信,电话等 hear out 听完(某人的话) 听完(某人的话)
  34. Need I finish I before 10? Yes, you. A. need B. can C. might D. must 引起的问句时, 回答 need 引起的问句时,肯定用 must,否定用 needn't;回答 must 引起的问 , 回答 句时, 句时,如果是肯定的回答用 must,而否定的回答不能用 mustn't,要用 needn't , 要用 或 don't have to.
  35.seem 指从内心,主观上判断"似乎" 指从内心,主观上判断"似乎" look 指从外表上"看" 指从外表上" appear 指"给人以表面的印象" 给人以表面的印象" It's too cloudy. It that it's going to rain. A. seems B. seemed C. appeared D. looks
  36. look out 当心,留神 当心, look up and down 仔细打量
look up to 尊敬 look ahead 展望未来 look back 回顾 look through 浏览 look over 检查
  37. decide to do make up one's mind to do sth be determined to do determine to do
  38. however 无论怎样 He tried his best to solve the problem, difficult it was. A. however B. no matter C. whatever D. although
  39. bring about 导致 bring down 击败 教育;养育; bring up 教育;养育;提出 bring out 使(意思)明白 意思) bring in 赚得 Can you make a sentence to the meaning of the phrase? A. show off B. turn out C. bring out D. take in
  40.involve in 参与 .陷入 involve into 使..陷入 . She is always her own mistakes. A. involving others in B. involved in C. involved others in D. being involved in
  41. be accused of = be charged with 被控告
  42. prepare for 为..做准备 .做准备 . 准备..(强调准备好的状态 be prepared for 准备.. 强调准备好的状态 . 强调准备好的状态)
  43. be busy doing sth be busy with/for sth =忙于做某事 忙于做某事

  44.affect 是指影响人(的感情) 是指影响人(的感情) ; influence 暗含对他人的感情,思想以及行为的影响; 影响某物) 暗含对他人的感情,思想以及行为的影响; 影响某物) (影响某物 ( effect 是"效果"的意思; 效果"的意思; move "感动" 感动" My teacher's made me study science at college. A. affect B. effect C. move D. influence



   科目:英语 年级:高一 教师:陈景花 2006-2007 年第一学期第十三周视频讲义(12.10) Unit 10 The world around us 一、知识简述 考点预览(1) 1.Lead sb to sp; lead sb to do sth; lead to; lead a …life 2.devote one’s life to sth / doing sth 3.die out; die of / from / by…; die of hunger / an illness ...


   UNIT 3 1. celebrate It is said that such a tiny village school is soon to its 100th birthday. A. take B. celebrate C. congratulate D. liberate congratulate sb on/upon sth congratulate 的宾语必须是人 celebrate 的宾语是物,如节日,结婚纪念日,生日等令人快乐的时候或日子. 的宾语是物,如节日,结婚纪念日 ...


   UNIT1 1. He is very popular among his students as he always tries to make them in his lectures. A. interested B. interesting C. interest D.to interest Tom sounds very much in the job, but I'm not sure whether he can manage it. A. interested B. inte ...


   UNIT 13 1. find out find look for discover You can't the truth without my help. A. talk B. find C. find out D. get They tried to keep it in secret. You cannot the truth no matter what you do. A. discover B. find out C. see D. find It was not until ...


   UNIT 14 1. situation 形势;情况 形势; condition on condition that = if in condition 身体健康 out of condition 身体状况不佳 in good/poor condition 处于好(坏)的状态 处于好( Michelle is out of because she never gets any exercise. A. state B. condition C. conditions D. situation ...


   UNIT 2 1. calm quiet still silent Although she was frightened, she answered with a voice. A. quiet B. silent C. calm D. still 2. generous a generous gift/offer/increase a generous mind/spirit It was very generous of you to lend then your new car fo ...

人教版高一英语必修4 1~3单元

   Unit1 Women of achievement 单元教案 This unit stays focused on the topic: women. Six women with various national backgrounds are featured, and different aspects of their life are explored, like, their social position, contributions and hardships ;meanw ...


   圣诞节 圣诞来历 报佳音 圣诞大餐 圣诞帽 耶稣诞生 圣诞歌颂 圣诞老人 圣诞树 圣诞袜 圣诞节 12月25日,是基督教徒纪念耶稣诞生的日子,称为圣 月 日 是基督教徒纪念耶稣诞生的日子, 诞节。 诞节。 日于翌年1月 日为圣诞节节期 日为圣诞节节期。 从12月24日于翌年 月6日为圣诞节节期。节 月 日于翌年 日期间,各国基督教徒都举行隆重的纪念仪式。 日期间,各国基督教徒都举行隆重的纪念仪式。 圣诞节本来是基督教徒的节日, 圣诞节本来是基督教徒的节日,由于人们格外重 它便成为一个全民性的 ...


   2010 考研英语词汇基础班同步讲义 词汇 一、背单词的方法 1.记忆的规则:重复、思考 例 1:Theology (神学)-theory-theoretical 例 2:wife、husband 例 3:Temporary:临时的,暂时的; Contemporary:同时代的; Temperature:热度、温度; temper:脾气; Temperament:气质、性情 2.卡片记忆法 二、通过记忆单词的方法研究考研的核心词汇 1.横向比较:考研核心词汇-5500 2.考研词汇的特点: ...


   高一英语 II.单项选择.(每题 1 分,共 15 分) 16. ?Could I ask you a rather personal question? ?Sure, . A. pardon me B. go ahead C. good idea D. forget it 17. Last week, only two people came to look at the house, wanted to buy it. A. none of them B. both of them C. ...



   Computer-Integrated Manufacturing System CIM Defined Computer-integrated manufacturing (or CIM) is the term used to describe the most modern approach to manufacturing. Although CIM encompasses many of the other advanced manufacturing technologies s ...


   英语听力的三个阶段 入门 入门阶段,是对以前很少进行听力训练,甚至没有听过英语的朋友而言。这个阶段,是起步阶段,也是耗时最长的阶段,就我 的经历而言,在这一部分,应该采取如下的训练方法: 1 首先要纠正自己的英语发音,自己在口语上还算能过关,如果自己的发音都不行,那怎么可能听懂。 2 选择难度较小,语速较慢的听力材料来训练。建议听的材料不要太长,以一段几百字为宜,内容最好是生活和文化方面,最 好先不要听科技、伦理方面的文章,即使你能看懂,但从初学者的角度考虑,你听起来一定费力 3 听的时间长 ...


   水果类(fruits): 火龙果 pitaya 西红柿 tomato 菠萝 pineapple 西瓜 watermelon 香蕉 banana 柚子 shaddock(pomelo) 橙子 orange 苹果 apple 柠檬 lemon 樱桃 cherry 桃子 peach 梨 pear 枣 Chinese date (去核枣 pitted 油桃 nectarine 柿子 persimmon date ) 椰子 coconut 草莓 strawberry 树莓 raspberry 蓝莓 b ...

英语课学习12甘肃马老师school life 一般1

   【英语课学习】12甘肃马燕霞。话题:School life.文本体裁:故 事。对象:五年级。 目标:了解不同同学英语学习的经历,确认各自的特点,进行比 较。关键词:了解,英语学习,比较。 (思:看课前先看了 PPT,教 案。PPT 基本呈现的作者的目的。教案用英语写的,分步骤,方法, 过程三部分。有些词扩了出去) 1.Where do you come from?(教师语调好)2.sing a song(问候和歌 曲联系不大) (one little finger,学生做动作唱,此歌可学2‘ ...