1. situation 形势;情况 形势; condition on condition that = if in condition 身体健康 out of condition 身体状况不佳 in good/poor condition 处于好(坏)的状态 处于好( Michelle is out of because she never gets any exercise. A. state B. condition C. conditions D. situation
  2. fit 多指大小,形状合适; 多指大小,形状合适; suit 多指合乎需要,口味,性格,条件,地位等; 多指合乎需要,口味,性格,条件,地位等; 表示满足需要,符合要求; meet 表示满足需要,符合要求; match 多指大小,色调,形状,性质等方面搭配. 多指大小,色调,形状,性质等方面搭配. How about eight o'clock outside the cinema? That my time. A. fits B. meets C. matches D. suits
  3. would like to do sth feel like doing sth =想要做某事 想要做某事 Would you like some more tea? , please. A. No more B. Just a little C. I've had enough D. Yes, I would
  4. suggest 的虚拟语气用法 :suggest 做"建议"讲,suggest+that 从句(句 建议" 从句( 中谓语动词用" 动词原形" 动词原形" 中谓语动词用"should +动词原形"或"动词原形" 动词原形 ) I suggest that we should travel by train. I suggest going out for a walk.
  5. more than 不仅仅 no more than = only 仅仅;只不过 仅仅; 不超过; not more than = at most 不超过;至多 More than a dozen students in that school abroad to study medicine last year. A. sent B. were sent C. had sent D. had been sent
  6. the way to do sth /of doing sth by the way 顺便说 in no way 决不 lose one's way 迷路 on one's way to 在去..的路上 在去..的路上 . in this way=by this means=with this method 用这种方法 What frightened me was not what he said but he said it.
A. the way
B. in the way that C. in the way D. the way which

  7.set an example 树立榜样 .为榜样 follow one's example 以..为榜样 . take sth as example 以某事为例
  8. charge (n/v) 控制;充电;费用;控告;指示 控制;充电;费用;控告; charge a battery 充电 in charge of 掌管 in the charge of 在..掌管之下 .掌管之下 .
  9. check (n)支票 (v) 检查 支票 check in 办理登记手续 check out 办理退房等手续 check over 仔细核对 Please at the airport an hour before your plane leaves. A. check out B. check in C. check D. check over
  10. turn up 调高;出现;到达 调高;出现; 编造;组成;补偿,弥补; make up 编造;组成;补偿,弥补;化妆 speak up 大声说
  11. achieve (vt) 取得;达到;实现 取得;达到; achieve success As a result of advertising, we a big increase in sales this year. A. achieve B. have achieved C. gain D. have finished
  12. As a child, Wang Junyan never dreamed of becoming a famous person on TV. dream of 梦想 as he is, never give in before difficulties. A. A child;will be B. Child;will he C. Child;he will D. A child;he will (以 never 等否定副词开头的句子要求主谓倒装 等否定副词开头的句子要求主谓倒装) 以
  13. Not until we were defeated in the fight, that the enemy was still powerful. A. we realized B. we had realized C. had we realized D. did we realize 否定副词至于句首时,主谓要倒装.一般要将助动词, 否定副词至于句首时,主谓要倒装.一般要将助动词,情态动词或 be 动词提到 主语前. 主语前.
  14. special 专门的;特地的 专门的; These teachers need special training. 特别的; particular 特别的;与众不同的 in particular=especially(specially)
peculiar 表示奇特,怪诞的"特别" 表示奇特,怪诞的"特别" . He has a peculiar nose. She has a preference for Chinese art. A. specially B. especially C. particular D. peculiar
  15. match (v/n) 比得上;匹配;比赛;火柴 比得上;匹配;比赛; This hotel can't for good service and food. A. be matched B. match C. compare D. be compared
  16. pay/give attention to sth 注意 draw/attract one's attention 引起某人的注意力 Old cars often need to keep them working. A. a lot of attention B. many attentions C. many an attention D. a lot of attentions
  17. get a sense of 想.. . a sense of smell 嗅觉 a sense of humour 幽默感 in a sense 在某种意义上 有意义,合理, make sense 有意义,合理,讲得通 I am sure David will be able to find the library-he has a pretty good of direction. A. idea B. feeling C. experience D. sense
  18. offer sb sth 给某人提供某物 I must offer them for not going to attend their get-together. A. an apology B. apology C. sorry D. a greeting
  19. the number of "…的数量,数目 作主语时谓语用单数形式. 的数量, 作主语时谓语用单数形式. 的数量 数目",作主语时谓语用单数形式 The number of people invited fifty, but a number of themabsent for different reasons. A. were;was B. was;was C. was;were D. were;were
  20. take place 多指有计划,有准备的事情发生了; 多指有计划,有准备的事情发生了; happen 则多指发生了偶然或意外的事情. 则多指发生了偶然或意外的事情. Tom is never late for work. Why is he absent today? Something to him. A. must happen B. should have happened C. could have happened D. must have happened
  21. a variety of = varieties of 各种各样的(后接复数名词,作主语时,谓语动 各种各样的(后接复数名词,作主语时, 词用复数形式) 词用复数形式) the variety of …的品种(作主语时,谓语动词用单数形式) 的品种( 的品种 作主语时,谓语动词用单数形式) More and more people choose to shop in a supermarket as it offers a
great of goods. A. variety B. mixture
C. extension D. combination

  22. remain 遗留 remain to do 有待做.. 有待做. . remain doing /名词 adj 继续(保持某种状态) 名词/ 继续(保持某种状态) 名词 The lady said she would buy a gift for her daughter with the . A. 20 dollars remained B. 20 dollars to remain C. remained 20 dollars D. remaining 20 dollars
  23. I feel that I can get on well with people from different backgrounds, since I have worked with lots of different people on many projects for local events. 因为; since 因为;自从 It has been ten years I graduated from Beijing University. A. when B. that C. before D. since
  24. approach (n\v) 方法,途径;走进,靠近 方法,途径;走进, We approached the museum.我们走进博物馆. 我们走进博物馆. 我们走进博物馆 the approach of summer 夏天将至 All approaches were blocked. 所有的道路都被堵塞了. 所有的道路都被堵塞了.
  25. risk (n\v) 冒险 at risk 有危险 run risks=take risks 冒险 He got well prepared for the job interview, for he couldn't risk the good opportunity. A. to lose B. losing C. to be lost D. being lost



   UNIT 14 1. situation 形势;情况 形势; condition on condition that = if in condition 身体健康 out of condition 身体状况不佳 in good/poor condition 处于好(坏)的状态 处于好( Michelle is out of because she never gets any exercise. A. state B. condition C. conditions D. situation ...


   UNIT 4 1. come true = be realized 不及物动词词组,无被动式. 不及物动词词组,无被动式. It took years of planning, but their seagoing vacation at last. A. was come true B. realized C. came true D. became truth 2. predict 是用经验,感觉来判断; 是用经验,感觉来判断; forecast 是建立在科学知识上的. 是建立在科学知识 ...


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   2010 考研英语词汇基础班同步讲义 词汇 一、背单词的方法 1.记忆的规则:重复、思考 例 1:Theology (神学)-theory-theoretical 例 2:wife、husband 例 3:Temporary:临时的,暂时的; Contemporary:同时代的; Temperature:热度、温度; temper:脾气; Temperament:气质、性情 2.卡片记忆法 二、通过记忆单词的方法研究考研的核心词汇 1.横向比较:考研核心词汇-5500 2.考研词汇的特点: ...


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   西点课业--中考英语短语词组重要知识点归纳 阳光家教网 全国最大家教 家教平台 找家教,到阳光 阳光家教网 全国最大家教平台 家教, 由动词开头构成的短语、词组很多。复习时应分类处理: 一、动词+介词 1.look at…看…,look like … 看上去像……, look after …照料… 2.listen to…听…… 3.welcome to…欢迎到…… 4.say hello to …向……问好 5.speak to…对……说话 此类短语相当于及物动词,其后必须带宾语,但宾语无 ...


   阅读 (一)存在问题 第一, 第一,读不懂 所谓读不懂,就是考生拿过文章,满头雾水,即使硬着头皮读文章,也是一知半解.然后匆忙做体, 仅凭感觉去蒙,因此做体准确率必然不高. 第二, 第二,读不快 读不快表现为,文章读完了,题也做完了,但往往是比考试要求多用 15 乃至 20 多分钟的时间.于是 影响了其他问题的有效解答.匆忙起笔,必然影响整个四级的考试成绩. 第三, 第三,做不对 就是虽然文章也读懂了,但是一做题就错. (二)解决办法 第一, 第一,掌握正确的阅读方法 考生平时阅读一般会采取 ...


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