1. by distance learning He makes a living . A. begging B. by begging C. with begging D. to beg

  2. If someone had worked for a company for over 20 years, they would have stayed there until retirement. 本句用的是虚拟语气,与过去事实相反. 本句用的是虚拟语气,与过去事实相反. if 条件句的虚拟语气中: 条件句的虚拟语气中: 表示与现在事实相反,从句: 主语 动词过去式( 主语+动词过去式 表示与现在事实相反,从句:if+主语 动词过去式(如动词是 be,只用 were) , ) ; 主句:主语+would/might/could+动词原形. 动词原形. 主句:主语 动词原形 表 示 与 过 去 事 实 相 反 , 从 句 : if+ 主 语 +had+ 过 去 分 词 ; 主 句 : 主 语 + 过去分词. would/might/could+have+过去分词. 过去分词 表示与将来事实相反,从句: 主语 主语+动词过去式 主语+were to/should+ 表示与将来事实相反,从句:if+主语 动词过去式 / if+主语 主语 动词原形;主句:主语+ 动词原形;主句:主语 would/might/could+动词原形 动词原形 Can you lend me $10,000? Sorry, I have owed the bank $50,000, if I the house, I would satisfy you. A. didn't buy B. should buy C. shouldn't buy D. hadn't bought
  3. It was time that I became an Internet user. It is/was time +that clause 是虚拟句,其从句中的谓语动词用过去时态,表示 是虚拟句,其从句中的谓语动词用过去时态, 该做. . "该做.. 了" ..了 . It's time you the problem at the meeting. A. discuss B. are discussing C. discussed D. had discussed It is the first time that we football together now. A. are playing B. played C. were playing D. play
  4. I think that getting laid off will prove to be the best thing that ever happened to me. lay off 解雇;使下岗 解雇; prove "证明是;事实表明" 为系动词,常用于"prove to be+表语"结构, 证明是;事实表明" 为系动词,常用于" 表语" , 表语 结构, to be 常省略.prove 不用于被动语态. 常省略. 不用于被动语态. The book proved(to be)quite useful. The work much more difficult that I had expected. A. is proved B. was proved C. is proving D. proved
  5. aside from 除..之外 .之外 . He understands everything why she left him. A. except B. except for C. besides D. aside from Shanghai, I went to Beijing for my holiday.
A. Besides
B. As well
C. Beside
D. And

  6. fun (n)有趣的事;玩笑;娱乐.是不可数名词. 有趣的事; 有趣的事 玩笑;娱乐.是不可数名词. 滑稽的;可笑的; funny 滑稽的;可笑的;稀奇的 What it will be when we all go on holiday together. A. a fun B. funny C. fun D. funs
  7. not at all 一点也不 主要用于否定句,疑问句和条件句中,用以加强语气,与否定句连用时, at all 主要用于否定句,疑问句和条件句中,用以加强语气,与否定句连用时, 表示"一点儿也不" 表示"一点儿也不" . What do you mean ?I can't understand it. ? A. at all B. not at all C. at not all D. in all
  8.at one's own pace 以自己的速度 keep pace with sb 跟上某人的步伐
  9. due to 因为;由于 因为;由于=owing to 幸亏,多亏, thanks to 幸亏,多亏,由于 your "good" idea, we went the long way. A. Thanks to B. Due to C. Owing to D. Because
  10. What are the advantages and disadvantages of traditional schooling? take advantage of 利用;欺骗 利用; There'll be in waiting any longer. A. not advantage B. no well C. not well D. no advantage
  11. what will become of …将成为什么样.. 将成为什么样. 将成为什么样 . What willyou in the future? A. become B. be of C. do D. become of
  12. I suppose I was a bit lazy and now I wish I'd done more work, especially in maths. a bit 一些,一点 一些, a bit 修饰名词时,必须加介词 of ,即 a bit of+n 修饰名词时, a little 可直接修饰名词,即 a little+n 可直接修饰名词, not a bit 一点儿也不 not a little 相当多的,非常 相当多的, Are you cold? . A. Not a little B. Not any C. Not many D. Not a bit
  13. make +宾语 宾语+adj/过去分词 宾语 过去分词 make everything interesting make yourself understood
Helen had to shout above the sound of the music. A. making herself hear B. to make herself hear C. making herself heard D. to make herself heard
  14. used to 过去常常 He used to be a driver . He usedn't / didn't use to be a driver. be used to doing 习惯于.. 习惯于. . He food now. A. is used to cooking B. is used to cook C. used to cook D. used to cooking
  15. 情态动词 情态动词+have done 可用来表示对过去的推测: 可用来表示对过去的推测 表示对过去的推测: needn't have +过去分词 其实没必要做. 过去分词 其实没必要做.. . 本应该做. should have +过去分词 过去分词 本应该做.. . should not have +过去分词 本不应该做.. 本不应该做. 过去分词 . could have +过去分词 本能够做. 过去分词 本能够做.. . He shouldn't there so early. Nobody was there. A. go B. come C. have gone D. have come
  16. I know what I'm doing is worthwhile. (adj) 值 得 的 worthwhile 可充当表语. 可充当表语. be worth doing sth worth 后接动名词,以主动形式表示被动意义. 后接动名词,以主动形式表示被动意义. The book is worth reading. be worthy of (doing)sth It is doing exercise in the morning . A. worth B. value C. worthy D. worthwhile
  17. wish+从句的虚拟语气 从句的虚拟语气 He wished he hadn't done it. I wish you weren't ill. 表示祝福时, 后面接的是双宾语( 表示祝福时,wish 后面接的是双宾语(wish+sb+sth) ) Wish you in the future. A. succeed B. be successful C. success D. to success
  18. to start with 首先,第一 首先,
  19. suggest 表示"暗示"等意思时,其后的谓语动词不用虚拟语气. 表示"暗示"等意思时,其后的谓语动词不用虚拟语气. 表示"建议" 则用虚拟语气, 动词原形. 表示"建议"时,则用虚拟语气,suggest +(should)+动词原形. 动词原形 He suggests she go at once. What she said suggested that she angry. A. should be B. be C. was D. is

  20. believe in sb 信任某人;支持某人 信任某人; believe sb/sth 相信某人 某物 相信某人/某物 He you, but sometimes he doesn't what you do. A. believes; believe in B. believes in; believe in C. believes; believe D. believes in; believe
  21. search for 寻找 search sb for sth 搜某人的身找某物 在句中作插入语,意为"你认为"
  22. do you think/suppose/believe 在句中作插入语,意为"你认为" 仅起到 , 语气缓冲的作用. 语气缓冲的作用. I haven't heard from Henry for a long time. What do you suppose to him? A. was happening B. to happen C. has happened D. had happened
  23. agree with sb 同意某人; 气候,食物)适合 同意某人; 气候,食物) (气候 ( agree to sth 同意某事
  24. provide sb with sth provide sth for sb supply sb with sth supply sth to sb offer sb sth offer sth to sb
  25. think of 想起;认为 想起; think about 考虑;思考 考虑; 仔细考虑; think over 仔细考虑;认真思考
  26. try to do sth 尽力做某事 try doing sth 试着做某事 I will to the meeting on time. No problem. A. try getting B. manage getting C. try to get D. try to arrive



   UNIT 15 1. by distance learning He makes a living . A. begging B. by begging C. with begging D. to beg 2. If someone had worked for a company for over 20 years, they would have stayed there until retirement. 本句用的是虚拟语气,与过去事实相反. 本句用的是虚拟语气,与过去事实相反. if ...


   UNIT 4 1. come true = be realized 不及物动词词组,无被动式. 不及物动词词组,无被动式. It took years of planning, but their seagoing vacation at last. A. was come true B. realized C. came true D. became truth 2. predict 是用经验,感觉来判断; 是用经验,感觉来判断; forecast 是建立在科学知识上的. 是建立在科学知识 ...


   UNIT1 1. He is very popular among his students as he always tries to make them in his lectures. A. interested B. interesting C. interest D.to interest Tom sounds very much in the job, but I'm not sure whether he can manage it. A. interested B. inte ...


   UNIT 13 1. find out find look for discover You can't the truth without my help. A. talk B. find C. find out D. get They tried to keep it in secret. You cannot the truth no matter what you do. A. discover B. find out C. see D. find It was not until ...


   UNIT 2 1. calm quiet still silent Although she was frightened, she answered with a voice. A. quiet B. silent C. calm D. still 2. generous a generous gift/offer/increase a generous mind/spirit It was very generous of you to lend then your new car fo ...


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高一英语 unit15-16

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   练习三《1》 1.图2中的AD、BD、CD都是光滑的斜面,现使一小物体分别从A、B、D点由静止开始下滑到D点,所用时间分别为t1、t2、t3,则 [ ]   A.t1>t2>t3 B.t3>t2>t1 C.t2>t1=t3 D.t2<t1>t3  2.如图3所示,在水平地面上的小车内有一水槽,水槽中的水面和水平面的夹角为α,则由此可判断出小车的运动情况可能是 [ ] A.向左做加速运动 B.向左做减速运动C.向右做加速运动 D.向右做减速运动  3.如图7所示,放在光 ...



   1. It's up to you.(由你?定.) 2. I envy [羡慕]you.(我羡慕你.) 3. How can I get in touch with you? 4. Where can I wash my hands? (??洗手?在哪里?) 5. What's the weather like today?(今天天气如何?) 6. Where are you headed [朝…方向行?]? (你要到哪里去?) 7. I wasn't born yesterday.(我又不 ...

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