1. calm quiet still silent Although she was frightened, she answered with a voice. A. quiet B. silent C. calm D. still
  2. generous a generous gift/offer/increase a generous mind/spirit It was very generous of you to lend then your new car for their holiday. Your father was very to give you so much money. A. calm B. generous C. violent D. honest
  3. character He is a man of strong character. The characters look like small pictures. I find all the characters in his new play amusing and interesting. When they pulled down the old house in the center of the town, the whole character of the place was changed. He proved himself a true gentleman and the beauty of his was seen at its best when he worked with others. A. temper B. appearance C. talent D. character
  4. lift off The rocket lifted off from the launching pad. The plane lifted off from Beijing Airport.
  5. China's first manned spaceship 多个词一起修饰一个名词,其顺序通常为: 多个词一起修饰一个名词,其顺序通常为: 限 长 形 龄 颜 国 材 限定描绘大长高,形状年龄和新老,颜色国籍出材料,作用类别往后靠. 限定描绘大长高,形状年龄和新老,颜色国籍出材料,作用类别往后靠. The house smells as if it hasn't been lived in for years. A. little white wooden B. little wooden white C. white wooden little D. wooden white little This girl is Linda's cousin. A. pretty little Spanish B. Spanish little pretty C. Spanish pretty little D. little pretty Spanish
  6. choose from There are five pairs , but I'm at a loss which to buy.
A. to be chosen C. to choose
  7. 不定式短语作后置定语 There is no time to waste. She has no jewellery to wear. I can't buy a room to live in.
B. to choose from D. for choosing
If there's a lot of work ,I'm happy to just keep on until it is finished. A. to do B. to be doing C. done D. doing I will go to Beijing on business tomorrow, do you have anything to your son studying in Beijing University? A. to be taken B. to take C. taken D. being taken 现在分词短语作定语 There're still some people suffering from poverty. The students performing on the stage are from Class
  1. The picture on the wall is painted by my nephew. A. having hung B. hanging C. hangs D. being hung There are hundreds of visitors in front of the Art Gallery to have a look at Van Gogh's paintings. A. waited B. to wait C. waiting D. wait
  8. 现在分词作伴随状语 "We can't go out in this weather," said Bob, out of the window. A. looking B. to look C. looked D. having looked Alice returned from the manager's office, me that the boss wanted to see me at once. A. having told B. tells C. to tell D. telling "You can't catch me!" Janet shouted, away. A. run B. running C. to run D. ran He glanced over at her, that though she was tiny, she seemed very well put together. A. noting B. noted C. to note D. having noted 形容词短语作伴随状语 The boy stood there, . A. to be full of fear C. filling with fear
B. full of fear D. to be filled with fear
He lay there, unable to move.
  9. let out He accidentally he had quarreled with his wife and that he hadn't been home for a couple of weeks. A. let out B. took care C. made sure D. made out
  10. as 的用法 as 作连词用时, 作连词用时, 可引导时间状语从句, 可引导时间状语从句, "当.. " 强调 at the same time. 意为 .时 , (
  1)它不指先后,而指并列发生,尤指简短动作或事件同时发生. 它不指先后, 它不指先后 而指并列发生,尤指简短动作或事件同时发生. As I looked, someone came near. (
  2)as 还可说明两种正在发展或变化的情况. 还可说明两种正在发展或变化的情况. As I get older, I get more optimistic. the earth cooled down, water began to appear on its surface. A. With B. Because C. As D. While
  11. millions of 的复数形式不与数词连用, 表示数量之多. (
  1) million 的复数形式不与数词连用,后加 of 表示数量之多. (
  2) 与数词或 several 等词连用不用复数形式, 等词连用不用复数形式, 其后不 of.如: 如 five million books (
  3) 所修饰的词前有 the, these, those 或所修饰的词为代词宾格时, 所修饰的词前有 或所修饰的词为代词宾格时, 要加 of.如: 如 6 million of them/those books (
  4) 类似的用法的词还有 thousand,hundred,dozen.score 等. people in the world are sending information by e-mail every day. A. Several million B. Many millions C. Several millions D. Many million No more than the people invited were present at the meeting; the others were absent for different reasons. A. two hundred B. two hundred of C. hundreds of D. two hundreds of
  12. I thought 21 hours was too short to stay in space. (
  1) 表示重量,度量,衡量,价值等的复数名词作主语时,谓语动词常用单数形 表示重量,度量,衡量,价值等的复数名词作主语时, 式. Twenty miles is a long way to walk. (
  2) too+adj/adv+to.. too+adj+a/an+可数名词单数 可数名词单数+to do 可数名词单数 It was late to catch a bus after the party, therefore we called a taxi. A. too very B. much too C. too much D. far
Peter won't drive us to the station. He has to take us all. A. a very small car B. too much a car C. a too small car D. such a small car
  13. when=at that time 这时,在那时(表示动作发生的突然性) 这时,在那时(表示动作发生的突然性) Jasmine was holidaying with her family in a wildlife park she was bitten on the leg by a lion. A. when B. while C. since D. once He was about to tell me the secret someone patted him on the shoulder. A. as B. until C. while D. when
  14. find found found found founded founded The Chinese Communist Party July 1,19
  21. A. has found on B. was founded in C. is found on D. was founded on
  14. in one's opinion=personally have different opinions about sb/sth give/express one's opinion
  15. so many +n(pl) so few+n(pl) so much+n(U) so little+n(U) Can you believe that in a rich country there should be many poor people? A. such; such B. such; so C. so; so D. so; such homework did we have to do that we had no time to take a rest. A. So much B. Too much C. Too little D. So little
  16. equal be equal to(doing) sth 胜任做某事 I'm not equal to the position. Fitness is important in sport, but of at least importance are skills. A. fair B. reasonable C. equal D. proper
  17. experience I know from my own experience how difficult this kind of work can be. Our journey by camel was quite an experience.

  17. go to prison 坐牢,入狱 坐牢, put sb in/into prison send sb to prison take sb to prison throw sb into prison cast sb into prison
= 把某人关进监狱
protest about/against/at sth 抗议,抱怨某事 抗议, The next time I saw him, he for three years. A. had gone to prison B. had been in prison C. has gone to prison D. has been in prison Many of the holiday-makers about the lack of information at the airport. A. protested B. protected C. prevented D. practised
  18. march (n) 行军,行进;游行抗议 行军,行进; 行进; (v) 行进;游行抗议 They 20 miles to reach the capital. A. walked B. ran C. marched D. covered with They towards the enemy steadily. A. marched into B. marched to C. marched
D. were marched

  19. judge judging from/by from the way he speaks, he is very modest. A. Having judged B. Judging C. Judged D. Judge
  20. content (n)内容 内容 满足的, (adj)满足的,满意的,知足的 满足的 满意的, be content to do sth be content with sth Beginners are expected to be familiar with the of the reading material before they come to the class. A. condition B. concept C. contest D. content
  21. look back 回顾;追忆 回顾; look back on sth 回首往事;回忆;回顾 回首往事;回忆; Whenever he looks at the picture, he always his childhood. A. looks back B. looks back on C. looks down D. looks down on

  22. compete with/against sb for sth Small traders can not in the face of cheap foreign imports. A. compete B. complete C. organize D. complain
  23.They have already expressed a keen interest in working in design after their tennis careers come to an end. express/show an interest in… keen 热心的;渴望的 热心的; be keen to do sth come to an end 结束 Generally, dogs have the sense of smell. A. hard B. sharp C. keen D. smart Here are some English newspapers and magazines. You can choose whatever you find. A. an interest B. interested C. interesting D. interest They had a big quarrel last night, which to their friendship. A. came an end B. put an end C. ended D. brought an end
  24. amazed amazing Salon survive to the skill of his doctors, but also because of his attitude. A. thanking; amazed B. thanked; amazing C. thanks; amazing D. to thank; amazed
  25. fortunate fortunately I was late, but the meeting hadn't started. A. fortunately B. naturally C. normally absolutely 绝对地;完全地 绝对地; Aren't you satisfied with the result? Oh,. A. completely B. absolutely C. fully
D. peacefully
D. wholly

  26. on one's own of one's own He is old enough to travel.After all, he is already 18 years old. A. on his own B. of himself C. of his own D. at the moment

  27. He also raised a lot of money to promote medical research into back injuries. The boss him to the post of section manager because of his ability and experience. A. paid B. raised C. rose D. promoted
  28. give up give out give off give away Don't mention that at the beginning of the story, or it may the shocking ending. A. give away B. give out C. give up D. give off
  29. come to oneself come about come across come out When he , he found himself in hospital. A. came to B. came about C. came across
D. came out

  30. pull through pull out pull up pull over The doctor had almost lost hope at one point, but the patient finally. A. pulled out B. pulled through C. pulled up D. pulled over
  31. commit commit suicide commit a crime A violent crime was every 32 seconds in this area of the city last year. A. committed B. found C. sentenced D. made
  32. get on get in get off get over How is your business recently? I'm glad to see that it's picking up. A. getting on B. getting in C. getting off
  33. react
D. getting over
react to sb/sth I don't know how William your idea. A. reacted to B. reacted against C. reacted
D. react with

  34. be/get involved in Involve sb in sth More than 100 people the project. A. involved in B. involved C. were involved in D. were involved on
  35. be confident of =be sure of be confident in be confident that Mary looks rather of getting the job. Of course. After all, she has made good preparations for the interview. A. nervous B. excited C. uncertain D. confident
  36. far too+ adj/adv 太.. . too far 太远 far from 远远不 到目前为止(与完成时连用) so far 到目前为止(与完成时连用) The lady was old to live on her own. A. far too B. too far C. far from D. so far
  37. come off A button has come off my coat. Come off it! 别胡扯,别胡说,住口. (一般用来指粗鲁地表示不同意) 别胡扯,别胡说,住口. 一般用来指粗鲁地表示不同意) I think we can do it tomorrow. Not now. ! Let's get down to it. A. I'm sorry B. Come off it C. You're dead right D. Absolutely
  38. You've got a point there.你说的有道理. 你说的有道理. 你说的有道理 体育或游戏比赛中的)得分;也可以表示赞同别人的意见,观点. get a point (体育或游戏比赛中的)得分;也可以表示赞同别人的意见,观点. Sue thinks it would be better to go by train, and I think she . A. gets a point B. comes a point C. makes a point D. wins a point
  39. bear can't bear doing sth/to do sth
  40. manage to do sth =succeed in doing sth After several hours they to put out the fire and saved the town. A. tried B. succeeded C. managed D. decided



   UNIT 4 1. come true = be realized 不及物动词词组,无被动式. 不及物动词词组,无被动式. It took years of planning, but their seagoing vacation at last. A. was come true B. realized C. came true D. became truth 2. predict 是用经验,感觉来判断; 是用经验,感觉来判断; forecast 是建立在科学知识上的. 是建立在科学知识 ...


   UNIT 2 1. calm quiet still silent Although she was frightened, she answered with a voice. A. quiet B. silent C. calm D. still 2. generous a generous gift/offer/increase a generous mind/spirit It was very generous of you to lend then your new car fo ...


   UNIT 14 1. situation 形势;情况 形势; condition on condition that = if in condition 身体健康 out of condition 身体状况不佳 in good/poor condition 处于好(坏)的状态 处于好( Michelle is out of because she never gets any exercise. A. state B. condition C. conditions D. situation ...


   科目:英语 年级:高一 教师:陈景花 2006-2007 年第一学期第十五周视频讲义(12.24) Unit 12 Art and literature 一、知识简述 考点预览(1) 1.a series; a television series; a series of 2.reach one’s goal; obtain / achieve one’s goal; score a goal 3.compare…with…; compare…to…; compared to / with… ...


   科目:英语 年级:高一 教师:陈景花 2006-2007 年第一学期第十一周视频讲义(11.26) Unit 9 Technology 一、知识结构简述 考点预览(1)Warning up, listening & speaking 单词:item, toothpick, automobile, press 短语:fit on 句式:It’s one’s turn. 考点预览(2)Reading 单词:teenager, image, function, add, latest, f ...


   圣诞节 圣诞来历 报佳音 圣诞大餐 圣诞帽 耶稣诞生 圣诞歌颂 圣诞老人 圣诞树 圣诞袜 圣诞节 12月25日,是基督教徒纪念耶稣诞生的日子,称为圣 月 日 是基督教徒纪念耶稣诞生的日子, 诞节。 诞节。 日于翌年1月 日为圣诞节节期 日为圣诞节节期。 从12月24日于翌年 月6日为圣诞节节期。节 月 日于翌年 日期间,各国基督教徒都举行隆重的纪念仪式。 日期间,各国基督教徒都举行隆重的纪念仪式。 圣诞节本来是基督教徒的节日, 圣诞节本来是基督教徒的节日,由于人们格外重 它便成为一个全民性的 ...

人教版高一英语必修3讲义 unit 4

   Unit 4 Astronmy: the science of the stars Ⅰ. New words and expressions(P97-98) Ⅱ. Language points 1.system: n. 系统;体系,制度;身体;条理,秩序;方法,方法 the solar system /the Milky Way system/the railway system/an alarm system/the digestive system/the British educat ...


   2010 考研英语词汇基础班同步讲义 词汇 一、背单词的方法 1.记忆的规则:重复、思考 例 1:Theology (神学)-theory-theoretical 例 2:wife、husband 例 3:Temporary:临时的,暂时的; Contemporary:同时代的; Temperature:热度、温度; temper:脾气; Temperament:气质、性情 2.卡片记忆法 二、通过记忆单词的方法研究考研的核心词汇 1.横向比较:考研核心词汇-5500 2.考研词汇的特点: ...


   http://club.topsage.com/forum-28-1.html http://club.topsage.com http://club.topsage.com/forum-28-1.html 2010 免 费 公 益 性 考 研 论 坛 , 等 待 您 的 光 临 ! 全 更 多 考 研 信 息 转 声 载 请 注 明 出 , 考 试 真 题 , 模 拟 题 : 大 家 论 坛 考 研 论 坛 自 由 料 资 : 本 明 http://club.topsage.com/for ...


   练习三《1》 1.图2中的AD、BD、CD都是光滑的斜面,现使一小物体分别从A、B、D点由静止开始下滑到D点,所用时间分别为t1、t2、t3,则 [ ]   A.t1>t2>t3 B.t3>t2>t1 C.t2>t1=t3 D.t2<t1>t3  2.如图3所示,在水平地面上的小车内有一水槽,水槽中的水面和水平面的夹角为α,则由此可判断出小车的运动情况可能是 [ ] A.向左做加速运动 B.向左做减速运动C.向右做加速运动 D.向右做减速运动  3.如图7所示,放在光 ...



   位名人谈如何学好英语 10 位名人谈如何学好英语 罗兰谈“幸运的一分钟”我从小学五年级就学英文,念的是「模范读本」。到小学毕 罗兰谈“幸运的一分钟”我从小学五年级就学英文,念的是「模范读本」。到小学毕 」。 业时,已经念完了第一册和第二册。 业时,已经念完了第一册和第二册。 进了前期师范(以前师范是六年制,从初中开始) 又从头念模范读本第一册, 进了前期师范(以前师范是六年制,从初中开始),又从头念模范读本第一册,和在英 文上刚刚起步的同班同学比起来, 我比她们当然是超前多了, 由于这点程度 ...


   形容人性格的英语词汇 全在这里了 optimistic 乐观 independent 独立的 out-going 外向的 active 活泼的 able 有才干的,能干的; 有才干的,能干的; adaptable 适应性强的 active 主动的,活跃的; 主动的,活跃的; aggressive 有进取心的 ambitious 有雄心壮志的; 有雄心壮志的; amiable 和蔼可亲的 amicable 友好的; 友好的; analytical 善于分析的 apprehensive 有理解力 ...


   家长:汪先生 汪先生:老师您好。 值班咨询老师:家长好,我是平盟的值班咨询老师。 汪先生:孩子今年初三,英语成绩一直上不去,给他买了不少书啊、学习机啊之 类的东西,都不管用,书撂一边了,学习机成了游戏机了,不是用来听音乐就是 用来看动画片。都说初中是孩子学英语最重要的时期,可把我急坏了! 值班咨询老师:学生的学习是个日积月累的过程,知识的欠缺也是逐渐积累的, 到了一定的程度就形成了弱科。不知道您有没有听过“木桶效应”:一个木桶的盛 水量由最短的那块木板(即缺口)决定,一个学生的总成绩由弱科的 ...

[英语时文阅读 中英文对照] 十大由幼齿创建的极品公司

   2010-9-30 译言网 | 十大由幼齿创建的极品公司 译言网 | 十大由幼齿创建的极品公司 http://article.yeeyan.org/view/39879/139344 September 30th, 2010 10 Awesome Companies Built by Teens 十大由幼齿创建的极品公司 要不是像高中、大学、社会生活等压制了创业的冲动,很多青少年早就有了企业家精神。但这 不适用于所有的青少年。有些青少年在达到可以选举、买酒或开车的年龄前已经创建了成功的 公司 ...


   1.What’s the size?多大尺寸? 90X90 (Ninety by ninety)九十乘九十。 2.What’s the CBM? 体积多大? 0.07M3 (zero point zero seven cube meter) 0.07 立方米。 3.What’s the best/last price? 最低价是多少? ¥2.5 (Two point five)] 两块五。 4.How many designs?有几个款式? 3 designs .三个款式。 5.How ma ...