The 21st century is called the Information Age. There are so many ways to get information.

  2. Can you guess how complex it is to make news? This class we’ll learn a passage about how to make news. Let’s come to the passage.
What is called a SCOOP?
A SCOOP is a piece of important or exciting news that is printed in one newspaper before other newspapers know about it 抢先报道的新闻;独家新 闻
Read the text quickly and answer the following questions:

  1. What was Zhou Yang’s first task? His first task was to write his story, but he had to do it carefully.
  2.Who was the first person to see his article? The first person to see his article was a senior editor from his department.
  3.What was all the information processed into ? All the information was processed into film negatives.
Writing and Printing process for an article interview Step 1: You go to an with someone to get the information for his story . Step 2 : You do some research to see if the story is true or not . write Step
  3. You begin to the story using the notes from the interview. senior Step
  4. You give the article to a editor to check and a copy-editor to design the main headline.
Step 5 . The article is given to a native speaker to check the use of English and polish the style. Step
  6. The article is read and approved by the chief editor. Step
  7. The news desk editor began to work when all the stories and photos are set and the color negatives for the printing are made ready Step
  8. The first edition of the newspaper is printed.
Suppose you’re a reporter who works in China Daily Please discuss one of the pictures and write a piece of one-sentence news according to your discussion.
A sample:
Roger, the famous film star, was seriously injured in a car accident at about 7 am on the 101 Road due to heavy fog
6Qs Who What How When Where Why
Roger, the famous film star was injured seriously at about 7 am on the 101 Road due to heavy fog
Lucas 装扮成(dress up as) 警察 万圣节(Halloween)

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Design a special card to say “ Happy Reporters’ Day” to your favorite reporter.


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