Module 1 Unit 2 Reading-1
Home alone
Please go through the Reading strategy and find out how to read a play.
What’s the characteristics of a play? a. Most plays are in the form of a dialogue to be spoken aloud. b. Writers use different styles of speech. Casual (informal) speech is used, often with incomplete sentences.
How to read a play? a. To read it out loud instead of silently to better understand a play. b. To pay attention to the instructions or tips included in a play.
What is a play? A play usually consists of several acts. Each act can have several scenes. If we read a play, what should we pay attention to? In the form of a dialogue. Read the dialogue aloud. Pay attention to the instructions and tips.
Fast reading

  1. Who are the main characters in the play?
Eric, Daniel, Mum and Dad.

  2. Why was dad very angry with Daniel?
The room was a mess.

  3. What happened to their dog, Spot?
Spot was ill.
  1. Mom and Dad were back from their
holiday a week earlier. day frightened F
  2. Eric was happy when seeing his mother. T
  3. Parents left Daniel in charge. T
  4. The boys spent the money seeing the vet for Spot.
  5. The room was very clean and tidy when
their parents came back. a mess T
  6. Daniel didn’t have a chance to explain what had happened. T
  7. Mom felt regretful for what they said to Daniel. F
  8. Boys didn’t use up the money from their parents. used up
Please read Act One of the play carefully and fill in the form
Characters Things they do Feelings
Mom and Dad Eric Daniel
just come back from vacation plays soccer at home stays in another room
excited, disappointed angry surprised and frightened sorry, angry
Please read Act Two carefully and fill in form: Characters Things they do Feelings Daniel Eric Mom Dad express his anger comfort his brother talk about the things that happened today angry calm sorry and regretful strong-willed / stubborn

  1. Suppose you were one of the children what would you do?
  2. How do you think good parents should treat their children?
  3. Do you think there is a generation gap between you and your family? How can you deal with it?

  1. I just finished my vacation to Yunnan. A. work B. holiday

  2. The man explained to the people that the factory had been close. A. to give meaning of sth. B. to give a reason for sth.
  3. When I went into the room, I found the room was in a mess. A. a difficult state
B. a dirty or untidy state

  4. A teacher should trust his students. A. look after
B. believe that sb. is good

  5. The woman was mad at the dog for eating her shoes. A. worried B. angry

  6. It is rude to run into other’s house without knocking at the door. A. not polite B. anxious

  1. Write an end to the play.
  2. Role-play the dialogue in groups of


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