Astronomy: the science of the stars
P63 2
  1. energetic ?
  2. surface ?
  3. depends on ?
  4. gradually ?? 渐 ?
  5. exists (P3 15 ) ?
  6. prevent…from ?
  7. spread ?
  8. multiplying ?
  9. Now that 既 (P4

  3. 单词精练
  1. astronomy ?
  2. system ?
  3. presence ?
  4. explode ?
  5. language
  6. development ?
  7. surface ?
  8. Oxygen ?
  9. depends ?
  10. disappointed

  4. 句子理解 ?
  1. He spent too much time and money on computer games, which made his parents very angry. B ?
  2. It seems that nothing can prevent him from carrying out(实 ) the plan. A ?
  3. If it doesn’t rain, we’ll hold the sports meet as planned(…d?? 来计划 那样). A ?
  4. His mother is as good a doctor as his father, as is known to all. C
  5. Now that(既 )he has changed his mind and decided not to help us, we have to depend on ourselves and finish it on time anyhow. B ?
  6. The teacher explained it to him over again, but he still didn’t get the hang of it. A ?
  7. After two whole days exhausting walk, they finally reached what they thought was called Licun. C
  8. We all cheered up at the news that our volleyball team had won the game. A ?
  9. His behaviour(??举 ) at school lets 为 his parents down. A ?
  10. The news that the little girl saved five people got around the whole country. C
What do you know about the science?
Fill in the blanks with the four frontier science above.
Medicine 医学 生物化学
The scientific study of treatment of diseases and injuries. living things.
Biochemistry The study of the chemistry of Geophysics The scientific study of the earth’s 地球物理学 atmosphere , oceans and climate . Astronomy The scientific study of objects in 天文学
space, such as planets, stars, comets and“black holes”
Medicine/ Biochemistry
医学 生物化学
What’s the correct attitude towards science?
We should try to be objective, logical and careful . In order to test our idea, we should design experiments, then analyze the results and draw a conclusion.
What do you know about the solar
What do you know about the earth?
How did it form? How did life begin ?
The Solar system
Pluto Neptune Uranus sun Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn
分小组学习: 分小组学习
  1. 课本第 页reading整篇课 课本第25页 整篇课 文: (
  1). 找出文中与学习资料相对应 的重点词语/组 学习其用法. 的重点词语 组; 学习其用法 (
  2).与同伴交流学习文中不熟悉 与同伴交流学习文中不熟悉 或不懂的单词短语或句子. 或不懂的单词短语或句子 (
  3). 与同伴合作完成要求内容 与同伴合作完成要求内容.
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  1. 一团充满能量的尘埃
  2. 一个谜
  3. 合并成一个球
  4. 这种固体形状是否会继续存在下去
  5. 产生各种气体
  6. 形成地球大气层
  7. 与其他行星不同
  8. 水在地球上存留了下来
  9. 独特的特征
  10. 生命的开始
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  11. 把有害气体溶解在海洋中
  12. 这使得生命发展变为可能
  13. 植物繁殖起来并释放氧气
  14. 促进鱼类的发展
  15. 从大气层中吸取二氧化碳
  16. 能在陆地上也能在海中生活
  17. 第一次出现
  18. 遍布地球各地
  19. 随着时间的推移
  20. 把过多的二氧化碳排放到大气层中
  21. 阻止热能从地球逃逸出去
  22.要 看问题是否得到解决而定 要



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