1 极想 渴望做某事 be dying to do sth.
  2.苗条迷人的身材 a slim and attractive figure
  3.对……感到羞愧 be/feel ashamed of…..
  4.从肝衰竭中恢复过来 recover from liver failure
  5.含有有毒化学物质 contain harmful chemical
  6.听从某人的劝告 follow one’s advice
  7.节制饮食 go/be on diets/a diet
  8.偷偷买药片 buy the pills in secret(secretly)
  9.对…..有副作用 have a side effect on….
  10.发胖 put on /gain weight 减肥 lose weight
  11.从长远角度看 in the long term
  12.感到轻松 feel relaxed
  13.事实上 as a matter of fact /in fact
  14.立刻,很快 in no time /right now/right away/at once
  15.保持健康 stay healthy/keep fit
  16.每周三次 three times a week
  17.导致肝脏衰竭 cause the liver to fail
  18.损害你的健康 damage your health
  19.给….带来损伤,损害 do/cause damage to…
  20.一个感人的故事 a touching story
  21.偶然遇到 come across
  22.适当饮食 eat properly
  23.考虑服点药 consider taking some pills
  24.冒险 take a risk /risks
  25.有规律地锻炼 exercise regularly
  26.吸收适量的卡路里 take in the correct number of calories
  27.放弃运动 give up on porst
  28.使你为迎接第二天做好准备 prepare you for the day to come
  29.提高你集中精力的能力 increase your ability to concentrate
  30.睡眠的缺乏会让你看起来疲劳 loss of sleep can make you look tired
  31.锻炼 work out
  32.大量的… a large /good amount of…
  33.把…和…做比较 compare… with…
  34.把…比做… compare…to…
  35.和…比起来 compared with/to(在句中做状语)
  36.加入俱乐部 join clubs
  37.为..而不好意思,难为情;尴尬 be embarrassed about
  39.独自地,单独地 on one’s own
  38.很值得 be worth it
  40.属于自己的 of one’s own
  41.不再 not…any more / no longer
  42.拒绝做.sth. refuse to do sth.
Unit 3 基础训练题

  1.heB home once a week, bur after entering middle school, he home once month. A was used to go, was used to go B used to go, was used to go C was used to go, used to D used to go, was used to going
  2. he came here B to see me. A especially B specially C especial D special
  3. I'm sorry you don't like the skirt, _D because he bought it for you. A specially, specially B especially, specially C particularly, especially D specially, especially
  4.She felt__B of doing that and tears ran down her cheeks. A shame B ashamed C sorry D disappointed
  5. P lease go and B a good meal. We shall have the honor of Mr. White's staying for dinner. A prepare for B prepare C get ready for D have
  6. Mr. Zhang bought his wife a lot of gifts, a gold ring A . A include B including C included D was included
  7. This book __D all the information you need. A contains B holds C includes D is listed
  8. Taking more exercise will stop you B weight. A to put up B putting up C to put on D putting on
  9. Do you know what C him to become angry? A changed B caused C made D wished
  10. The park is really beautiful, and it is C worth . A very, visiting B well, a visiting C well, being visiting D very, to visiting
  11. This story is well worth __B. A to read B being read C to be reading D reading
  12. When you have difficulty in learning English, you can ask your teacher for some BD. A Information B advices C advice D advices
  13. Shall we go swimming? Ok, I'll just go and __C. A get to change B get to be changed C get changed D get changing
  14. Cleaning women in big cities usually get __C by the hour. A pay B paying C paid D to pay
  15. Have you considered B your job? No, I consider my job interesting . A to change, to be B to be changing, as C changing, being D changing, /
  16. Charles Babbage is generally considered __D the first computer. A to invent B inventing C to have invented D having invented
  17. Can you __D my voice on the telephone? A know B understand C realize D recognize
  18.It was careless of you to have left your clothes outside all night.B
A So did I B So I did C So were you D So did you
  19. They don't study in No.1 High school, C those boys. A so do B so don't C neither study D nor do
  20. Della likes dancing, but doesn't like swimming.A A So does Mary B Neither does Marry C So it is with Mary D Nor does Mary
  21. B Mary is going to marry? A Who do you think B Do you think who C Who you think D Does you think who
  22. The room B cool in summer and warm in winter. A is being felt B is felt C feels D has been felt
  23. The bread __B__ bitter, A is tasted B was tasted C tastes D eats
  24. Have you seen the film Titanic,__B leading actor is world famous? A its B it's C whose D which
  25.There are 103 elements found in nature,D are metals. A most of which B most of them C most of that D most which
  26. has been announced, we shall have our final exams next month. A That B As C It D What
  27. I shall never forget these years __C I lived in the country with the farmers, has a great effect on my later life. A that, which B when, which C which, that D when, who
  28. I don't like D you speak to her. A the way B the way in that C the way which D the way of which
  29. I had neither a raincoat nor an umbrella, I got wet through. A It's the reason B That's why C There's why D It's how
  30. has already been pointed out, grammar is not a set of dead rules. A As B It C That D Which
  31. The weather turned out to be very good, was more than we could expect. A what B which C that D it
  32. Marry seems some weight after the accident her dress looks loose on her. A to have lost B to put on C to lose D to have put on
  33. As the monthly examination is coming, the teachers are preparing the test papers and the students are expected to be prepared it . A for, for B for, / C /, for D / , /
  34. ? Are the new rules ? --Yes. Few book are stolen. A using B working C to carried out D do good
  35. I caught a bad cold last month and it took a whole week for me to from it. A gain B recover C treat D cure
  36. As for listening, you'd better buy some tapes to the textbooks. A match with B suit C fit D go with

  37. The necklace is a good match the earrings. A with B on C for D by
  38. The top officials held a meeting secret and what they said was kept a secret anyone else. A in, from B of, from
  39. C at, of D from, in
Not until his poems recently their beauty. A did I reread, did I appreciate B I reread, did I appreciate C I reread, I appreciated, D I reread, I appreciate

Sailing on a stormy day means in the sea. A to risk sinking B risking sinking C to risk to sink D risking to sink

The way he thought out the problem was a clever one. A of to work B of working C to work D to of working

Walking in the street , he usually wore a pair of dark glasses to avoid. A recognizing B to recognize C being recognized D to be recognized

All the rooms are with electric lights. A equipped B given C offered D burnt

I am to see you. A dying B longing C eager D all the above 45 The boy did a lot of to desks and chairs. A harm B damage C destruction D bad

I have a lot of friends , _A are overweight. A some of which B some of them C some of whom D some of who

His grandpa has __C for 5 years. A died B been dead C been dying D been death

She felt A at the situation .
A embarrassed, embarrassing C embarrassing, embarrassed
B embarrassing, embarrassing D embarrassed, embarrassed
The life of the wounded soldier __B is still in danger. A operating on B operated on C having been operated D to operate on

The conference had been held to discuss the effects of tourism A the wildlife in the area. A in B on C at D with



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