一、 单项选择(25*
模块一 测验
考试时间:90 分钟

  1、It is reported that two schools, are being built in my hometown, will open next year. A. they both B. which both C. both of them D. both of which
  2、He was seriously. I must him. To me , he is a little boy. A. sick; look at; sick B. ill; look at; ill C. ill; look after; sick D. sick; look after; ill
  3、after a meal is a good habit. A. Walked B. Walking C. To walk D. Have walked
  4、I am not used to late I go to bed early. A、get up; because B. getting up; as C. got up; as D. getting up ;and
  5、Upon his studies, he started in China. finishing; travelling B. finish; travelling C. finishing ; travel D. finishing; travelled
  6、 The baby panda (熊猫)is by its mother. A. being taken good care B. being taken good care of C. taken good care D. taking good care of because
  7、 I am regretted that the sports meeting will be of the bad weather. A. telling ; put off B. telling; put on C. to tell; put off D.to tell; put away
  8、I’m considering a washing machine, which is considered a great help to my wife. A. buying; to be B. buying; being C. to buy ; being D to buy; to be
  9、Last week, only two people came to look at the house, wanted to buy it. A. none of them B. both of them C. none of whom D. neither of whom
  10、Please get on . The train is . <platform 站台> A. Platform four ; leaving B. the fourth Platform; leaving C. Platform four; left D. the fourth Platform; left
  11、I can go home my mum goes home from work. A. /; until B. not; because C. /; but D. not; until
  12、Haven’t you been thankful for the preparations she for the party? A. had B. made C. did D. paid
  13、The film star receives hundreds of letters a day, her parents both pleasure and worry. A.which brings B. that brings C. which bring D. that have brought

  14.There were two small rooms in the house, served as kitchen. A.the smaller of which B. the small of them C. the smaller of them D. the smaller one
  15.Perhaps it is the only market you can get such cheap goods. A.that B. of which C. by which D. where
  16.Jackie is of the students who able to get the first place. A.one, are B. only one, is C. one, is D. only one, are
  17.I feel most angry about the way I’ve been treated. A.which B. where C. that D. how
  18.Can you see a man and his horse are crossing the bridge? A.which B. who C. that D. they
  19.Last year the well-known actress did all help the poor children in that village. A.she could B. she could to C. what she could to D. that she could
  20.There were dirty marks on her trousers she had wiped her hands. A.where B. which C. when D. that
  21.The knife he used to cut apples is very sharp. A.with that B. for which C. with it D. with which
  22.She may have missed her train, in case she won’t arrive for another hour. A.what B. that C. which D. this
  23.I have bought two ball pens, writes well. A.neither of them b. none of them C. neither of which D. none of which
  24.The letter is from my sister, is working in Beijing. A. which B. that C. whom D. who
  25. I shall never forget those years I lived on the farm with the farmers, has a great effect on my life. A. when; who B. that; which C. which; that D. when; which

  1、He has (养成) an interest in (阅读) novels.
  2、She is an (experience) nurse. All the doctors like her very much.
  3、His english is (improve).
  4、It was a remarkable (achieve) for such a young player.
  5、(introduce) were made and the conversation started to flow.
  6、The project was (finish) later than (expect).
  7、You are supposed (hand) your homework next morning. 8 、He sat on the sofa, (read) his favourite novel.
  9、He (live) in London for many years. She enjoys living there.
  10、She(锻炼) regularly to keep (fit).
  11、He’s always (find) faults(错误) with me.
  12、He is considering (改变) his plan.
  13、The football fans went (疯狂的) when their team scored the first goal.
  14、Anyone who breaks the window will be (惩罚).
  15、As we all know, a lot of vitamins (维他命)are (包含) in vegetables.

  16、The change in climate (天气) may (影响) your health.
  17、Take everything into (consider), the event was a success.
  18、She was deeply (shame) of her behavior at the party.
  19、He underwent a threehour heart .(手术)
  20、I couldn’t (控制)my emotion and hit him.
  21、I want to buy this blouse very much ; it (匹配)my skirt very well.
  22、The teacher gave a clear (解释)on the use of the word.
  23、I was told that the bridge was (损害) badly by that terrible earthquake. A
  24、 good (关系) between parents may have a great effect on their children .
  25、It was his own (过错) that he failed in the exam.

  4、好像(2 种)
  5、即使(2 种)
  13、弹钢琴 踢足球
  25、对某人严格(2 种)
  30、采取我的建议(2 种)

  35、现在(2 种)
  43、坐牢 在监狱
  49、给某人起绰号 喊某人名字
  50、老年人(2 种)


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