Unit 3 (M
Class Name No. Marks
单项选择: Ⅰ单项选择:
  1. We have to some practical measures. A. come out B. come up with C. come up D. come about
  2. You part in the party in time. Sorry, I was delayed by the accident. A. are supposed to take B. have supposed to take C. are supposed to have taken D. supposed to have take
  3. The popular musician was asked she should intend to be her partner in the next concert. A. what B. whom C. how D. when
  4. A plan has been put forward from next month on electricity fee should be paid at the bank. A. that B. whether C. when D. where
  5. When I caught him cheating me, I stopped things in his shop. A. buying B. buy C. to buy D. bought
  6. The words of his old teacher left a impression on his mind. He is till affected by them. A. lasting B. lively C. long D. real
  7. The woman is abnormal. Sometimes she is very but sometimes she is really fierce. A. gentle B. terrible C. frightening D. fearful
  8. A traffic accident happened on the highway, and a driver . A. may have hurt B. may be hurting C. may be hurt D. may have been hurt
  9. An exhibition of paintings at the museum next week. A. are to be held B. is to be held C. are holding D. will hold
  10. Every possible means , but none successful. A. has tried; has proved B. tried; proves C. has been tried; proves D. is being tried; is proved
  11. When we see this kind of film, we can experience anything in the film, even feelings. Everyone will be surprised at it feels. A. what real B. how real C. how really D. which really
  12. Letters in the post office before they are sent out. A. sort B. be sorted C. are being sorted D. are sorted
  13. I know Fanning was closed down at the end of 2001, but Fanning’s dream finally began to fade? A. How was it B. What was it that C. When was that D. When was it that
  14. Not only to stay in from the rain. To his joy, he was invited to dinner with the host. A. did the stranger allow B. was the stranger allowed C. the stranger allowed D. the stranger was allowed
  15. Mr Green is said an experiment to prove the new method of solving the problem when young. A. to do B. to have done C. to be doing D. to have been doing
Ⅱ 单词拼写:. 单词拼写:
  1. New technology has enabled development of an online “v library”,
  2. When it comes to job interviews, first i are important.
  3. He was t about being asked to play the leading role.
  4. U entering the room she saw him.
  5. I can send him a note v the internal mail system.
  6. The mailman d the letters on time.
  7. The two football players seem like enemies on the field but in r they are good friends.
  8. The nurse m the patient’s condition carefully.
  9. She was a truly (非凡的) woman.
  10. I hope you will find true (幸福).
  11. The (战役) finally brought the war to an end.
  12. We need to develop the steel (工业).
  13. It’s nice to be on the (获胜的) side for a change.
  14. The wood was wet and would not (燃烧).
  15. You look (极好的) in that dress. 选用下列词组填空,必要时改变形式: Ⅲ 选用下列词组填空,必要时改变形式: be set in put forward take the risk of accuse of be disappointed with bring … under control with the help of voice one’s opinion make an impression on be responsible for pass on
  1. An engineer from Jiang Su this project now.
  2. Many IT workers piracy of various softwares.
  3. The film the mountainous area is popular with audience.
  4. He as the best actress in International Film Festival.
  5. He being attacked by wild animals and stayed for the night in forest.
  6. The miners were finally rescued first Aid Team.
  7. his disappointing daughter, the old man went away in silence.
  8. At the meeting, the sales manager that he would like to see the product promoted.
  9. The Olympic torch from one torch bearer to another.
  10. What he said at the conference the audience present. Ⅳ 改写句子:根据要求完成句子(单词和句子大多数来自课本) 改写句子:根据要求完成句子(单词和句子大多数来自课本)
  1. With the rapid development of science and technology, some of our wildest dreams could come true in the future. (填入一词,完成下面句子,并保持两个句子意思一致) As science rapidly in the direction of technology, some of our fantasies could become real in tomorrow’s world.
  2. However, with VR we are able to do some things that could never be achieved in real life.(填入一词, 完成下面句子,并保持两个句子意思一致) However, VR enables us in some way to do could never be achieved in real life.

  3. During the first few years, the company did not make a profit and Mr Bezos thought that his efforts would not pay off. (填入一词,完成下面句子,并保持两个句子意思一致) At the beginning, the company made no profit and in Mr Bezos’s mind all his efforts would end in .
  4. She likes traveling and is quite familiar with many countries. (填入一词,完成下面句子,并保持 两个句子意思一致) She is fond of traveling and has a wide of many countries.
  5. In the active voice, some verbs (such as see, find, make etc.) are followed by an object and a bare infinitive (without “to”). In the passive voice, we change the bare infinitive into the to-infinitive. e.g. I saw him go there. → He was seen to go there. (填入一词,完成下面的总结) A grammatic is given here about the changes between the active and passive voice. 翻译句子: Ⅴ 翻译句子: 1 他不仅失去了财富,他的自由也被限制了。(not only….but also) 2 一到达巴黎,那个世界文明的影星就被影迷认了出来。(upon doing) 3 他冒着生命危险去拯救地震中的小孩。(risk doing) 4 所有在场的游客都被西湖的美景打动了。(be impressed by) 5 电视的发明使我们能够足不出户就游览世界。(enable) 任务型阅读: Ⅵ 任务型阅读: 阅读短文,根据所读内容在文章后图表中的空格里填入最恰当的单词(每空一词) Chinese parents are being urged to pay more attention to their children’s nutrition, after a study revealed that unscientific ways of feeding babies and a lack of trace elements(微量元素) are the two biggest threats to youngsters’ health. Experts drew these conclusions from a two-year study into the nutrition and health situation of children under six in ten cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Started in 2003 by the China National Children’s Centre, the survey includes 8,043 children, equally divided between the sexes. It shows 37 percent of surveyed children have baby food earlier than the recommended age of four to six months old, with another 35 percent taking it later, which in return brings about a nutrition different as these children grow up. “Our children above four to six months old fall behind foreign children in terms of their physical well-being,” said Zhao Shunyi, head of the centre. She called on Chinese parents to pay more attention to their children’s nutrition after they stop breast-feeding at six months old.
Trace elements The survey also shows more than half of the children above six months old are deficient in five trace elements which are crucial to their physical development?magnesium, copper, calcium, iron and zinc. “Lack of zinc will lead to low level of intelligence,” said Gou Xiaowei, vice-director of the National Centre for Child Nutrition Quality Supervision and Testing. “Parents had better choose baby food with plentiful trace elements, especially calcium, iron and zinc.” Zhao said the centre is urging the government to strengthen child food production management by revising related laws. “Child food producers should be advised to market products with rich trace elements.” said she. The centre plans to conduct a similar survey among rural children soon since a majority of the 367 million children in China live in rural areas.
  3)percent of surveyed children start to have baby food before six months old. Only (
  4) percent take it at the right age (
  1) ways of feeding babies. The difference in when to start having baby food leads to difference in (
  5). The best time to stop breast-feeding is at (
  6) months old.
Two biggest threats to youngsters’ health
A (
  2) of trace elements
Many children do not get enough of (
  7) trace elements. Lack of zinc will lead to low level of (
Parents had better choose food that is (
  9) in trace elements. The government is strengthening child food production (
  10) by revising related laws.
Key: I.单项选择: 15: BCBAA 610: AADBC 1115: BDDBB II. 单词拼写:
  15.fantastic III. 选词填空:
  1.is responsible for
  6.with the help of
  2.were accused of
  7.Disappointed with
  3.(which is) set in
  8.voiced his opinion
  4.was put forward
  9.was passed on
  5.took the risk of
  10.made an impression on IV. 改写句子:
  1. develops
  2. what
  3. failure
  4. knowledge
  5. rule V. 翻译句子:
  1.Not only did he lose his wealth, but also his freedom was limited.
  2.Upon arriving at the Paris, the world-famous film star was recognized by his fans.
  3.He took the risk of losing his life to save the children in the earthquake.
  4.All the tourists present were impressed by the beauty of the West Lake.
  5.The invention of television enables us to travel around the world without leaving home. VI. 任务型阅读:
  1. Unscientific
  6. 6
  2. lack
  7. 5
  3. 37
  8. intelligence
  4. 28
  9. rich
  5. nutrition
  10. management



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