Unit 2 Working the land
Enjoy a Poem Farmers weeding at noon, Sweat down the field soon. Who knows food on a tray, Due to their toiling day.
A Pioneer for All People
Fast - Reading: main idea of each paragraph.
1 2 3 4
Main Idea
H i s appearance a n d achievements _ His b,e and r irth ducation esearch ersonality obbies His pand h reams His d
Careful reading: Para.1

  1.What does Yuan Longping look like?
  2.What kind of rice does he grow?
  3.What do you know about his special strain of rice?
isn’t what she used to be.
  1) She和以前不一样了。 She和以前不一样了
  2)After a long voyage, Columbus arrived in what is called America now 现在叫做美洲的地方。 现在叫做美洲的地方 现在叫做美洲的地方。 what makes me feel excited 让我兴奋的事。 that‘s让我兴奋的事
  3)Oh, that‘s让我兴奋的事。
  4) I put the book on the desk,but now it isn’t where it used to be now. 他不在原来的地方了。 他不在原来的地方了 他不在原来的地方了。
翻译句子: 翻译句子:
  1.你认为有必要为动物建生态通道吗? 你认为有必要为动物建生态通道吗? 你认为有必要为动物建生态通道吗 Do you think it necessary to build ecopassages for animals?
  2.宇宙飞船使去月球旅行成为可能。 宇宙飞船使去月球旅行成为可能。 宇宙飞船使去月球旅行成为可能 Spaceships make it possible to travel to the moon.
  3.它使我们可以很容易地按时完成这项工程。 它使我们可以很容易地按时完成这项工程。 它使我们可以很容易地按时完成这项工程 It made it easy for us to complete the project in time.
1930 1953 As a young man 1950 Now He was born into a poor farmer’s family in Beijing. He graduated from Southwest Agricultural College. He saw the need for increasing the rice output. Hunger was a serious problem in many parts. Only
  5.5 billion tons of rice was produced. was produced
nearly 200 million tons of rice In a recent harvest, was produced. 22% of the world’s people Result are fed from just 7% of the farmland in China. has more tools in the battle to rid the Thanks The UN world of hunger. to that
Para.3 Hobbies and personality

  1.What hobbies does he have?
  2.What’s his attitude towards money and fame?
Spending money on himself or leading a comfortable life also means very little to him. Complete sentences: Eating too much meat
  1) 吃太多肉) (
  1) (吃太多肉)means becoming fat soon (很快变胖) (很快变胖). 很快变胖 Travelling abroad 在国外旅行) (在国外旅行
  2) (在国外旅行)needs a lot of money. Hearing from him 收到他的信) (收到他的信
  3) (收到他的信)makes me happy.
Para. 4 His dreams
As plants: Rice plants: tall as sorgum The 1st dream: Rice ears: As big as ears of corn
Rice grain: As huge as peanuts The 2nd dream: To export his rice so that it can be grown all over the world
  1) This tree (是那棵树的 (是那棵树的 is three times as tall as that one. 三倍高) 三倍高). is five times more expensive than that one
  2) This book 比那本书贵五倍) (比那本书贵五倍). as well as (和Tom踢
  3) He plays football,if not better than, (和Tom踢 得一样好)。 得一样好)。 uses twice as much energy as the
  4) The United States whole Europe. (使用的能源是整个欧洲的两部 使用的能源是整个欧洲的两部)。 (使用的能源是整个欧洲的两部)。
Useful expressions
  2.graduate from ?
  3.as a young man
  4.disturbing ?
  5.search for
  6.expanding ?
  7.thanks to
  8.rid???????of???????? ?
  9.be satisfied with
  10.care about ?
  11.would rather
  12.rather than ?
  14.equip ?
  15.with the hope of
  16.care for Make sentences using words and expressions above.
Home work
  1.P12: Exx.1and 3 ?
  2.News paper:B1


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