湟中一中高一年级必修三 湟中一中高一年级必修三 Unit1 学案 高一年级

  1. 板块计划

  8) Warming up General reading Careful reading & Language point Reading 2 & Language point Grammar Listening & speaking Language and grammar exercise Writing

  2. 学习目标

  1) 知识目标(Knowledge) ) 知识目标( ) A. 词汇(Vocabulary) 词汇( ) Beauty, harvest, celebration, starve, origin, religious, ancestor, Mexico, feast, bone, belief, trick, poet, arrival, gain, independence, independent, gather, agriculture, agricultural, award, rooster, admire, energetic, Easter, clothing, Christian, custom, worldwide, fool, permission, parking, apologize, drown, sadness, obvious, wipe, weep, remind, forgive B. 短语(Phrases and expressions) 短语( ) Take place, in memory of, dress up, play a trick on, look forward to, day and night, as though, have fun with, parking lot, turn up, set off, keep one’s word, hold one’s breath, remind…of… C. 语法(Grammar) 语法( ) 学会使用 can could may might will would shall should must can’t D. Communication 掌握常见节日的英文表达形式; 掌握常见节日的英文表达形式; Learn to make a phone call in English.
  2) 文化意识目标 (Cultural awareness) ) ) 通过本单元学习,了解本国文化和西方文化,培养爱国主义精神, 通过本单元学习,了解本国文化和西方文化,培养爱国主义精神,增强民族自 豪感,培养学生的合作意识。拓展国际视野,理解文化差异, 豪感,培养学生的合作意识。拓展国际视野,理解文化差异,懂得尊重异国文 化。
I. Warming Up

  1. Useful words and phrases

  1) 重点词汇: 重点词汇: be meant to do sth., take place, celebrate, celebration, beauty, harvest,
  2) Spring Festival words: : 春 节 农 历 正 月 过 敬 红 禁 年 酒 包 忌 the Spring Festival Lunar calendar lunar January, the first month by lunar calendar have the Spring Festival propose a toast red packets, lucky money taboo 元宵节 初 一 除 夕 买年货 烟 花 拜 年 守 岁 the Lantern Festival The beginning of New Year New Year’s Eve, Eve of lunar New Year do Spring Festival shopping fireworks pay New Year’s call staying-up

  3) 部分节日名称
节日名称 元旦 国际妇女节 清明节 国际劳动节 中国青年节 国际儿童节 教师节 国庆节 春节
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Names the New Year's Day the International Women' Day the Tomb-sweeping Day the International Labor Day the Chinese Youth Day the International Children's Day the Teacher's Day the National Day the Spring Festival the Lantern Festival the Dragon-Boat Festival the Mid-Autumn Festival the Double Ninth Festival Halloween Christmas Thanksgiving Day Valentine's Day April Fools' Day
Dates Jan. 1 Mar. 8th Apr. 5th May 1st May 4th Jun. 1st Sep. 10th Oct. 1st The 1st day of the first lunar month The 15th day of the first lunar month The 5th day of the fifth lunar month The 15th day of the eighth lunar month The 9th day of the ninth lunar month Oct. 31st Dec. 25th The last Thu. of Nov. Feb. 14th Apr. 1st
10 元宵节 11
12 中秋节 13 重阳节 14 15 16 17 18
万圣节前夜 圣诞节 感恩节 情人节 愚人节

  2. 课前小组讨论(使用上页词汇进行一问一答练习) 课前小组讨论(使用上页词汇进行一问一答练习) 小组讨论
Question What is the festival called? When is it celebrated? How is it celebrated? How is it celebrated? What is eaten? What are the stories about it? e.g. Spring Festival 1st day of the first lunar month Families and friends… Fish, dumplings… … …

  3. 趣味阅读
China’s Valentine’s Day The seventh day of the seventh lunar month is the Seventh Evening Festival, also known as the “Double Seven Festival”. Origins: According to a romantic Chinese fairy tale, the cowherd and the weaving girl meet on the evening of the Double Seven. As such, the festival is also known as China’s Valentine’s Day. The fairy tale has it that the Milky Way separates the hard-working cowherd and the weaving girl, who are very deeply in love with each other. It is only on the Seventh Evening Festival that the can meet. On that evening, the world’s magpies form a bridge over the Milky Way so that the lovers can cross over and meet. This beautiful tale has its origins in the Han Dynasty. All Chinese people are told the story when they are children. The festival is also based on an annual astronomical phenomenon. Every year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, two particular stars are bright in the night sky and shine until the sun rises. One of the stars is thought to be the weaving girl and the other the cowherd.

  4. 请从选择适当的单词或短语并用其正确形式填空。 请从选择适当的单词或短语并用其正确形式填空。
agriculture, decorate, energetic, religion, society, play tricks on, in memory of look forward to, day and night, as though, dress up, took place, in the shape of
  1. You don’t need to , just to go to the pub ? jeans and a T-shirt will do.
  2. The police may never discover what that night, because Mr. Smith, the only eyewitness, died last night.
  3. I hate the smell of paint when I’m .
  4. Luckily, help arrived a police officer.
  5. It’s acceptable to your friends on April 1st.
  6. The government set up a monument the heroes who died in the war.
  7. I’m hearing from you.
  8. He behaved he hadn’t known anything about it.
  9. Those workers worked to finish the task.
  10. The country’s economy is mainly and depends on crops like coffee.
  11. Most British schools organize events for the students.
  12. I tried aerobics (有氧运动 but it was too for me. 有氧运动) 有氧运动
  13. He’s deeply and goes to church twice a week.
II. General Reading
  1. 学习目标: 学习目标:

  1) 语言目标:hunter, starve, origin, religious, seasonal, satisfy, honour, harm, in ) 语言目标: memory of, ancestor, Mexico, feast, skull, bone, belief, dress up, play a trick on, Dragon Boat, poet, arrival, gain, independence, gather, agricultural, award, rooster, admire, energetic, look forward to, Easter, carnival, day and night, clothing, Christian, as though, have fun with, custom
  2) 理解目标:理解文章大意,对文中所介绍的各种节日的渊源及习俗等有一定 ) 理解目标:理解文章大意, 的了解, 部分的练习。 的了解,并能独立完成课后 Comprehending 部分的练习。

  2. 课前思考

  1) How many kinds of festivals are mentioned? What are they? )
  2) True or false. ) A. The ancient people needn’t worry about their food. ( ) B. People celebrate Halloween with a different purpose from the past. ( ) C. Gandhi was a great leader who Indian people honor a lot. ( ) D. China and Japan share the same custom of celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival. ( ) E. Easter just celebrates the rebirth of Jesus. ( )
  3) Fill in the following chart. ) Festivals Aims/reasons Ancient festivals To celebrate the end of winter, planting in spring & in Festivals of the Dead To honor the dead, or & please the
Ways of celebrations Lit , made
Festivals to honor people Harvest festivals
Spring festivals
Clean , light & lamps, play music, eat food in the shape of & cakes with on them, offer a lot to the dead, go to neighbors to ask for , dress up to people, play To honor famous people or Hold dragon boating race, eat the Zongzi To be grateful for harvest & Decorate churches & town halls, the work is over get together to , win , admire , give gifts of . To look forward to the end of Eat , give children , & the coming of have exciting carnivals.
III. Careful reading & Language points
  1. 学习目标: 学习目标:
语言目标:理解并能灵活运用以下词汇 语言目标:理解并能灵活运用以下词汇 hunter, starve, origin, religious, seasonal, satisfy, honour, harm, in memory of, ancestor, Mexico, feast, skull, bone, belief, dress up, play a trick on, Dragon Boat, poet, arrival, gain, independence, gather, agricultural, award, rooster, admire, energetic, look forward to, Easter, carnival, day and night, clothing, Christian, as though, have fun with, custom
  2. 预习:查字典学习以下重点单词、短语的用法 预习:查字典学习以下重点单词、 mean(be meant to do sth.) take place all kinds starve origin honour satisfy harm in memory of lead to dress up award(vs. reward) admire look forward to doing sth as though/if(even though/if) have fun with 自学练习 ??熟悉课文填空 ??熟悉课文
  3. 自学练习 1??熟悉课文填空 There are all kinds of festivals and around the world, which are held for different reasons. The were mainly held at three times a year. Some festivals are held to the dead or satisfy the in case they might return either to help or to , while other festivals are held to honor famous people or the gods, such as and Columbus Day. Harvest and Thanksgiving festivals are happy events because the food is for the winter and the work is over. And the most and important festivals are the ones that look forward to the end of winter and to the of spring, such as the New Year, at which people have a very good time. Some Western countries have very exciting . Festivals let us enjoy .
  4. 自学练习 2??翻译 自学练习 ?? ??翻译 人们就会挨饿) a) At that time (人们就会挨饿 if food was difficult to find, 人们就会挨饿 especially during the cold winter months. b) For the Japanese festival Obon, (人们要扫墓 人们要扫墓) 人们要扫墓 and light incense (纪念 their ancestors. 纪念) 纪念 c) At the Spring Festival in China, people eat dumplings, fish and meat and may (给孩子们压岁钱 给孩子们压岁钱). 给孩子们压岁钱

  5. 自学练习
  3:重点句子翻译 :
A. Most ancient festivals would celebrate the end of cold weather, planting in spring and harvest in autumn. B. Some festivals are held to honour the dead or to satisfy the ancestors, who might return either to help or to do harm. C. People are grateful because their food is gathered for the winter and the agricultural work is over. D. The most energetic and important festivals are the ones that look forward to the end of winter and to the coming of spring. E. It celebrates the return of Jesus from the dead and the coming of spring and new life.

  6. 短语自测
产生, 产生,发生 怀念) 为了纪念 (怀念) (使)盛装 对某人耍阴谋, 对某人耍阴谋,诡计 耍阴谋 期望 日日夜夜 仿佛/好像 仿佛 好像 与…开玩笑 开玩笑

  7. 课后练习:完成 Ex. 1,2,3 on P4 课后练习:
IV. Reading 2 & Language points (P
  1. 学习目标: 学习目标:
A. 语言目标:理解并能灵活运用以下词汇 语言目标: Heart-broken, turn up, Valentine’s Day, keep one’s word, hold one’s breath, apologize, drown one’s sadness in sth., obvious, wipe (out), weave, marry to sb., weep, Heaven, the Milky Way, Qiqiao Festival, set off, remind sb. of, forgive B. 能力目标:通过泛读理解文章并能解答相关问题 能力目标:

  2. 自学练习:泛读并完成以下练习(True or False) 自学练习:泛读并完成以下练习( )
A. The girl whom Li Fang loved and waited for didn’t turn up. ( )
B. Because her most lovely daughter got married to a human secretly, the Goddess got very angry. ( )
C. Zhinv was made to return to Heaven without her husband. They were allowed to meet once a year on the seventh day of the tenth lunar month. ( )
D. Hu Jin had been waiting for Li Fang for a long time with a gift for him. ( )

  3. 从选项中 选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 从选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项

  1) We had a party to mother’s silver wedding. A. congratulate B. celebrate C. win D. defend
  2) I’m sorry, but I didn’t mean to keep you waiting here for a long time. Can you me? A. again B. satisfy C. apologize D. forgive
  3) The government tried its best to the people’s needs, but the people were still not. In fact, what the government did was not. A. satisfy; satisfied; satisfying B. satisfy; satisfying; satisfied C. satisfied; satisfied; satisfying D. satisfying; satisfied; satisfied

  4) ? You should me of the meeting tomorrow morning. I’m Miss Forgotten. ? Don’t worry. I will. A. advise B. suggest C. remind D. permit
  5) When I saw Jane, I stopped and smiled, but



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