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本试卷分第Ⅰ 本试卷分第Ⅰ卷(选择题)和第Ⅱ卷(非选择题)两部分。 选择题)和第Ⅱ 非选择题)两部分。 满分150分,考试时间120分钟。 分 考试时间 分钟。 满分 分钟
第Ⅰ卷 单项填空(共 小题 每小题1分 小题; Ⅱ. 单项填空 共15小题;每小题 分, 满分15分 满分 分)
  21. She had a good of foreign languages, so she had no difficulty working for the EXPO in Shanghai, China. A. requirement C. request B. command D. series

  22. He was so his daughter’s safety that he drove to her school immediately after he got off the train.
A. concerned about C. fond of
B. tired of D. disappointed at

  23. ?Would you like to go for a walk with me? ?Just go by yourself. I’ll watch the football news on TV. A. later; latest C. latest; later B. late; later D. lately; later

  24. ? William, you the car. ? Sorry. I didn’t see the red light. 抚顺高一检测] [2010抚顺高一检测] 抚顺高一检测 A. should have stopped C. must have stopped B. couldn’t have stopped D. needn’t have stopped

  25. He came up to me and asked . A. where is the nearest hospital B. where was the nearest hospital C. where the nearest hospital is D. where the nearest hospital was

  26. Some people were scared of H1N1 flu virus. But it was not as deadly as other flu viruses.
A. entirely C. actually
B. frequently D. gradually

  27. The neighbor asked Mr. Williams any noise in the evening so that he could sleep well.
A. to not make C. not make
B. not to make D. don’t make

  28. I have some trouble physics. I would be grateful you if you could give me some advice on it. A. with; for C. with; to B. in; to D. in; with

  29. ?How unhappy your roommate looks! ?Yes, but he’s not willing to tell me what it is is troubling him.
A. what
B. which
C. as
D. that

  30. One winter night in 2009, people in Beijing heard series of thunders with heavy snow. It was first time it had thundered in winter during the past ten years.
A. a; the
B. a; a
C. the; the
D. the; a

  31. As we are going to hold a party at home, we’ll have to how much food and drink we need. 天门高一检测] [2010天门高一检测] 天门高一检测 A.pack up . C.work out . B.add up . D.set down .

  32. The teacher called Tim’s mother what he had done in the test. A. because of B. because C. since D. as

  33. ?How about the meeting yesterday? ?It was stopped. The opposition(反对党 the meeting 反对党) 反对党 by singing and shouting loudly.
A. held C. upset
B. ignored D. attended

  34. When asked why he did so, he remained all the time. A. calm B. quiet C. still D. silent

  35. Our headmaster commanded that the new teaching way in the next term. A. must be used C. is used B. will be used D. be used

  36. ?I hear you won the prize in the English contest last week. ?That was the second time that I the prize. A. have got C. get B. got D. had got

  37. This computer is not very good; I’d like the same one you are using now. A. which C. as B. with which D. that

  38. Every minute must be made full use of spoken English. A. to practise C. practise B. practising D. practised

  39. Ted told his father that he his homework three hours before. A. finished C. had finished B. has finished D. was finishing

  40. It is in the room our meeting will be held. A. where B. that C. which D. in which
  41. A series of pictures painted by that famous artist on show since last week. A. was B. were C. has been D. have been

  42. He said, “ what’s the matter?” he asked. A. what the matter was B. what the matter was C. what is the matter D. what was the matter

  43. I’m sorry. There is place called “Wulipu” around here. ? A. such no B. so no C. no so D. no such
  44. He requested that he to Dalian, and we all agreed with him. A. went B. were going C. go D. shall go
? I 单词:(15’) 单词: ?
  1、It is wrong to c in an examination ?
  2、The teacher gave me some a on 、 studying maths. ?
  3、I will make every e( 尽力) to help 、 you. ?
  4. The teacher is always c about / for his students. But yesterday he was upset, because the students i the bell and went on talking in class. Then he tried to c them down. It was almost ten minutes b they began the new lesson. ?
  5.The (政府)is planning new tax increase.
  6.When she saw me ,she (认出) me at once. ?
  7.The villagers were all(出席)at the meeting. ?
  8.Please read the (说明)before taking the medicine . ?
  9.He is speaking with one kind of Southern (方言)and (口音). ?
  10.Later, people made use of a wider (词汇),and believed there was no such thing as (标准)English.
短文改错( 小题; Ⅱ. 短文改错(共10小题;每小题 分,满分 分) 小题 每小题1分 满分10分 I like travel very much. I had been to most
  1. of the interested places in Britain already and I just
  2. don’t want other cold English summer. So I’ll go
abroad for change this year. Where I’d like
  4. to is France, Spain, or Italy, though going abroad
  5. has the trouble of changing money abroad. But
  6. when I just think of the sun I’d enjoy for, the new
places I’d see, the people I’d meet, I get excited.
  8. In fact, which I’d really like to do is to practice my
  9. French and Spanish. It would do me a lot at work.


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