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必修 3Unit4?新练习 一.词汇 (天文学家).
  1.She spends every night watching the sky, and he wants to become an
  2. Eight planets circle around the sun in (太阳系).
  3. Scientists and environmental activists continue to argue over the seriousness of (全球变暖). (大气层).
  4. Changes in the climate are due to pollution of the
  5. But there eats still some ( 基本)problem which needs to be worked out.
  6. Bacteria (繁殖)very fast in hot weather.
  7. Plants can absorb carbon dioxide and release (氧气).
  8. (二氧化碳)is the largest contributor to the greenhouse effect. (不见了)in the street.
  9. Nobody noticed her
  10. An apple falls down because of (地球引力). 二.短语
  1. 很久以前
  5. 是…的基础
  9. 因此; 据此
  2. 四面八方
  6. 第一次
  10. 一些经验
  3. 一片灰尘
  7. 生(小孩) ;产生…
  11. 爆发
  12. 既然 三. 完成句子
  1. 你知道宇航员感兴趣的一些问题吗? Do you know any questions ?
  2. 地球会变成什么样还不确定。 is uncertain.
  3. 水生命的基础。 to life.
  4. 在火星上找到了水,这样人类在火星上居住就有了可能。 Water has been found in Mars, which make it possible .
  5. 泰坦尼克号沉没仍然是个谜。 The Sinking of Titanic .
  6. 美国无业妇女苏尔曼一胎生了八个孩子。 Surman, an American unemployed woman, at a birth.
  7. 人们在向大气层排放大量的二氧化碳。 People are into the .
  8. 生命是否在未来的几百万年继续存在,将取决于全球变暖的问题能否解决。 Whether life will for millions of years to come will whether global warming .
  9. 从他的举止看,他好像是个军人。 He behaves as if .
  10. 全球变暖的速度比人们预料的快两倍。 Global warming is heating the planet .
  11. 对我来说,英语和语文一样费力。 English is to me.
  12. 我对天文知识知之甚少。 astronomy. I don’t know
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  13. 他还不明白自己创下了大祸。 he had stirred up trouble. He has not
  14. John 有机会去国外学习金融资产管理。 Financial assets management abroad. John
  15. 我们必须阻止他们制造麻烦。 We must . 四.填空
  1. The law of gravitation is a widely (accept)theory.
  2. Jack Bauer solved all his problems with (violent).
  3. The world's largest living animal, (call)blue whale, is a mammal.
  4. We can’t feel the earth’s gravity (pull)us. (fly)in her dream.
  5. She said she saw herself
  6. The little girl ran to her mother (cry).
  7. It is dangerous to make a phone while (drive).
  8. The International Space Station needs (deliver)supplies, equipment and a new crew member. (fine).
  9. After being mended, the space telescope works (puzzle)me yesterday.
  10. The anonymous phone (匿名电话)
  11. It’s said that Zhao Benshan’s cock (lay)an egg.
  13. The dog (lie)on the ground looks as if sleeping. (catch)fire.
  14. A fire balloon landed on a tree, thus 五.语法?主语从句 在复合句中作主语的从句,称为主语从句,通常在主句谓语动词之前或者由 It 代替, 而本身放在句末。 (一)引导主语从句的连词有三类
  1. 连词 that, whether that, 在主句中不做句子成分,也无意义;whether 在主句中也不做才成分,但有“是否” 之意,两者都不省略。 That they were twin sisters was clear from the facial resemblance between them. Whether life will continue on the earth for millions of rears to come will depend on whether this problem can be solved. It was not clear whether the shape would last or not.
  2. 连接代词 who, whom, whose, what, which, whoever, whomever, whatever, whichever, 连接 代词在 从句中主语,宾语,或者表语,同时有各自的意义,表示疑问。不可省略、 。 What was to be come was uncertain until between
  4.5 and
  3.8 billion tears ago when the dust settled into a solid globe. What many scientists believe is that the continued presence of water allowed the earth to dissolve harmful gases and acid into the oceans and seas.
  3. 连接副词 when, where, why, how, whenever, wherever, however,连接副词在从句中作状 语,有各自的意义,表示疑问,不可省略。
Why they suddenly disappeared still remains a mystery. How life began on earth is one of the biggest puzzles that scientists found hared to solve.
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Where bees are where is honey. (二)用 It 做形式主语的结构
  1. It be + adj (obvious, true, natural, strange, surprising, good, wonderful, funny, possible, likely, certain, probable, etc.)+ that 从句 It was not immediately obvious that water was to be fundamental to the development of life. 注:形容词 necessary, important , strange, natural, advisable, essential, desirable, imperative 等做主句表语时,表示惊奇、不相信、惋惜、理应如此等语气时,谓语动词 要用虚拟语气“(should) +do”,常用的句型有: It is necessary (important, natural, strange, etc.) that … It is a pity (a shame, no wonder, etc.) that… It is suggested (requested, proposed, desired, etc.) that… 从句 常用虚拟语气。 It was important that the money be collected for the cause. It is necessary that a doctor be sent for at once.
  2. It be + n (no wonder, an honor, a good thing, a pity, no surprise, ect.)+ that 从句 It is no surprise that our team should have won the game. 注:名词 a pity, a shame, no wonder 等主句表语时,从句 常用虚拟语气。 It is a shame that he should lose the Would Cup.
  3. It be + v-ed(分词) said, reported, thought, expected, decided, announced, arranged, ( etc)+ that 从句 It is reported that China got 199 gold medals in the 16th Asian Games.
  4. It + seem, happen, look 等词 + that 从句 It seems that everything goes smoothly . It happened that I was not home that day.
  5. It doesn't matter + that 从句 It doesn't matter whether you bring cash or a cheque. It doesn't matter who it is that I am talking to? (三)应注意的问题
  1. 对主语从句提问时,用 It 做形式主语,从句放在句尾 Is it true that the earth will be destroyed in 2012? Does is matter much that he will not come?
  2. 把含主语从句的句子变感叹句时,用 It 代替从句,从句放在句尾 How strange it is that the children are so quiet!
  3. 谓语动词的形式 单个主语从句做主语,谓语形式由其意义而定 What I need is money. What they need are money and hands. 两个以上的主语从句做主语,谓语动词用复数 When they will come and how they will get have not been decided yet.
  4. if 一般不引导主语从句,如果 It 做形式主语,可以用 If 引导主语从句,放在句末 It is doubtful if he has received your letter.
  5. whoever, whatever, whichever, 以及 whenever,wherever,however 应当主语从句 不含疑问意义,表示强调,相当于,anyone who, anything that, anything which 等
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Whoever breaks the window should pay it.
练习 (一)选择
  1. parents say and do has a life-long effect on their children. A. that B. which C. what D. as
  2. matters most in learning English is enough practice. A. what B. why C. whether D. which
  3. life will continue on the earth will depend on whether this problem can be solved. A. that B. which C. whether D. if
  4. We may look at the world around us but somehow we manage not to see it until it is we’ve be come a accustomed to suddenly disappears. A. however B. whatever C. no matter what D. no matter how
  5. team wins on Saturday will go through to the national c championships. A. no matter what B. no matter which C. whatever D. whichever
  6. What we used to think impossible now does seem possible. A. is B. was C. has been D. will be
  7. He spoke proudly of his part in the game, without mentioning his teammates had done. A. what B. which C. why D. while
  8. makes this shop different is that it offers more personal services. A. what B. who C. whatever D. whoever
  9. is our belief that improvements in health care will lead to a stronger, more prosperous economy. A. as B. that C. this D. it
  10. wants to stay in a hotel has to pay their own way. A. anyone B. the one C. whoever D. who (二)完成句子
  1. 我们在哪里聚会还没定。 has not been decided yet.
  2. 这几年她过的怎么样,我们不知道 is unknown to us.
  3. 明天他来不来没关系。 It doesn’t matter .
  4. 我想告诉你的,都在这封信里。 all is in the letter.
  5. 为什么会有那么多贪官是个社会问题。 is a social problem.
  6. 什么时间怎么放元旦假还没定。 has not been decided yet.
  7. 好像他已经把那事办成了。 It seems that . 8 我们明天班会讨论如何举办元旦晚会。 It will be discussed at the class meeting tomorrow .
  9. 据说美国消耗的能量是整个欧洲的两倍。 the USA uses twice energy as much s the whole of Europe.
  10. 孩子不说谎很重要。 . It is important
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答案 一.词汇
  1. astronomer
  2. solar system
  3. global warming
  4. atmosphere
  5. fundamental multiplies
  7. oxygen
  8. carbon dioxide
  9. disappear
  10. gravity 二. 短语


  1. so long ago
  5. be fundamental to
  9. as a result of
  2. in all directions
  6. for the first tiem
  10. a bit of practice
  3. a cloud of dust
  7. give birth to
  11. break out
  4. in time
  8. in one’s turn
  12. now that 三.完成句子
  1. that astronauts are interested in
  9. he is a soldier / was a soldier
  2. What will the earth become
  10. twice as quick as it is expected.
  3. Water is fundamental
  11. as painful as Chinese
  4. for human to live on it
  12. much about
  5. remains a mustery
  13. realized
  6. gave a birth to eight babies
  14. has a chance to study
  7.putting much carbon dioxide ;
  15. prevent them from making trouble / atmosphere causing trouble
  8. continue ; depend on; will be solved 四.填空
  1. accepted
  2. violence
  3. called
  4. pulling
  5. flying
  6. crying
  7. driving
  8. delivering / to be delivered
  9. fine
  7. puzzled
  8. laid
  9. lying’
  10. catching
五.语法 (一)选择 1?5 C A C B D 6?10 B A A D C (二)
  1. Where we will get together
  2. How has she spent those years
  3. whether he will come or not tomorrow
  4. What I want to tell you
  5. Why there are so many corruption officials
  6. When the new year’s festival began When the new year’s festival breaks up
  7. he has pushed the matter through Has done it well
  8. how to hold the New Year party How we will hold the New Year party
  9. It is said that
  10. that children (should)not tell a lie.
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