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高一英语人教课标必修 1 和 2 单选练习 M1Unit 1 Friendship
  1. A good book is a good friend. You can get the help you need from it. You said it. . A. I agree B. All right C. I disagree D. That’s a good idea
  2. He is not an easy man . A. to get on B. to get along C. to be got along with D. to get on with
  3. After the league, he often helps others. A. joining in B. joining C. joined D. joined in
  4. She the vase on the table and went out. A. set out B. set up C. set down D. set on
  5. He Mary for three years. A. has fallen in love with B. has been in love with C. has married to D. has been married with
  6. He asked me . A. when would I come back B. why I hadn’t attended the meeting C. how much did I pay for the mobile phone D. whom was I going to the cinema with
  7. This will be the second time that he China. A. will visit B. is to visit C. has visited D. visits
  8. I wonder whether he the work by the end of this week. A. will have finished B. finishes C. has finished D. finished
  9. Iraq has too many wars since 1990s, making his people a lot. A. got through; pay B. looked through; face C. gone through; suffer D. passed through; destroy
  10. Peasants are living a comfortable life because of good harvests A. a series of B. a pair of C. a set of D. a piece of
  11.I don’t know you are getting along with your classmates. I have told you many times I’m getting on well with them. A. how; that B. that; how C. how; how D. that; that
  12. The reporter decided to make a interview with the sportsman who won the first gold. medal. A. face-to-face B. face to face C. face-in-face D. face in face
  13. After the match, Tom became so angry at the result that he kicked footballs in the gym hall . A. go crazy B. like crazy C. go crazily D. like crazily
  14. The water of the lake was so that it looked like glass. A. silent B. calm C. still D. quiet
  15. The professor raised his voice everyone could hear clearly. A. so that B. in order that C. to make sure D. all the above
  16. There was time I hated to go to school. A. a; that B. a; when C. the; that D. the; when
  17. Have you finished your experiment report, Jane? Oh, my God. I’ve forgotten all about that. A. strongly B. extremely C. entirely D. freely
  18. I must my dog this evening; it hasn’t been out for three days. A. buy B. sell C. walk D. run
  19. I learned from the textbook that light faster than sound. A. traveled B. had traveled C. is traveling D. travels
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  20. He asked me I would go to Shanghai by train the next day. A. that if B. if C. that whether ADBCB BCACA AABBD BCCDB
D. how
Unit 2 English around the world 1 Mr. Huang will in the movement. A. play a leading part B. take parts C. play leading part D. take a part
  2. We discussed where to go for a whole morning, but we decided to stay at home. A. at the end B. by the end C. in the end D. on end
  3. of the students who took part in the military training is 4
  50. A. A number B. A lot C. Lots D. The number
  4. Sometimes English is quite different from English in many ways. A. speaking, writing B. spoken, written C. speaking, written D. spoken, writing
  5. Can you tell me if you have found the key your car. A. for B. to C. about D. by
  6. When we visited Zhangzhuang again ten years later, we found it changed so much that we could hardly it. A. remember B. think about C. believe D. recognize
  7.The policeman warned the drive so carelessly. A. never to drive B. to never drive C. to not drive D. doesn’t drive
  8. The office ordered his soldiers . A. to stand still B. to not stand still C. not stand still D. stand still
  9. They lived a hard life and were often made for over ten hours a day. A. work B. to work C. to working D. worked
  10. Do you have any difficulty ? A. on listening B. to listening C. for listening D. in listening
  11.Xiao Hong worked harder last year. , she still didn’t get high grades. A. As a result B. After all C. By the way D. However
  12. Please tell me the way you thought of the garden. A. take care of B. to take care of C. taking care of D. to take care
  13. It’s hot here. We can’t stay here for a long time. A. much B. very much C. much too D. too much
  14. How did all these ? A. came out B. come up C. come across D. come about
  15.I came here with your mother to see you. A. specially B. special C. especially D. especial
  16. On hearing the sound, the birds flew away in every . A. direction B. way C. place D. side
  17. The book forty maps, three of Great Britain. A. contains; includes B. is containing; including C. includes; contains D. contains; including
  18. Now women play in TV programmes, so they are playing a more and more important in the TV programme industry. A. a part; part B. parts; parts C. parts; part D. a part; parts
  19. I like her she can be annoying(令人烦恼的). A. even if B. even C. as if D. as though
  20. Trees on the hills can stop the rains from away the soil. A. to wash B. washed C. washing D. washes
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6?10: DAABD
16-20: ADCAC
Unit 3 Travel journal
  1.?Merry Christmas to you! ?. A.The same to you B. You do too C. The same as you D. You have it too
  2.Every possible means to prevent the air pollution, but the sky is still not clear. A.is used B.are used C.has been used D.have been used
  3.Rather than on a crowded bus, he always prefers a bicycle. A.ride; ride B.riding; ride C.ride; to ride D.to ride; riding
  4.His mother had thought it would be good for his character to from home and earn some money on his own. A.run away B.take away C.keep away D.get away
  5.Sally worked late in the evening to finish her report _ _ her boss could read it first thing next morning. A.so that B.because C.before D.or else
  6.?Did you walk to school this morning? ?No, we went by bus . A. instead of feet B. instead walking C.instead of on foot D.instead on foot
  7.? Is this raincoat yours? ? No, mine there behind the door. A.is hanging B.has hung C.hangs D.hung
  8.A friend of went to the railway station to see . A.Rebecca; her off B.Rebecca; off her C.Rebecca’s; her off D.Rebecca’s off her
  9.?What do you imagine her so sad? ?Losing her new storybook. A.to make B.make C.making D.has made
  10.He some French while he was away on a business trip in Paris. A.made out B.picked up C.gave up D.took in
  11.Is this the reason at the meeting for his carelessness in his work? A.he explained B.what he explained C.how he explained D.why he explained
  12.They will leave for Japan _ __two o’clock this afternoon and we’ll fly to America _ _a few weeks. A.after; in B.in; after C.on; in D.after; after
  13.?Where is Helen? ?She America for a week. A.has gone off to B. has left for C.has been off to D. has set off to
  14.Jumping out of airplane at ten thousand feet is quite exciting experience. A.不填; the B.不填; an C.an; an D.the; the
  15.?How long you in Singapore? ?For just the weekend. I’ll be back next Monday morning. A.have; stayed B. are; staying C.did; stay D.do; stay
  16. ? It’s getting dark. I’m afraid I must be off now. ? . A. That’s all right B. You are nice C. What a pity D. See you
  17. Margie shows a very positive attitude her work. A. to B. with C. of D. about
  18. Before you leave Beijing for New York, you should be familiar English. A. with B. to C. on D. about
  19. ? Is there anything you want to know? ? I just wonder that makes Jim so excited.
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A. what it is B. what he does C. how it is
  20. Betty and Arthur on separate holidays in a few days’ time. A. go B. going C. are going 1?5 ACCDA ? 6?10 CACDB ?
D. why it does D. went
11?15 AACCB 16-20 DAAAC ? Unit 4 Earthquakes

  1. ?Peter was killed in the earthquake! ? I talked with him last week. A. What a pity! B. I beg your pardon. C. Sorry to hear that. D. Is that so?
  2. We’ll not attend the meeting we are invited. A. if B. and C. unless D. once
  3. ?They didn’t attend the conference. ?They a long trip abroad. A. prepared B. were preparing for C. were preparing D. are preparing for
  4. Wash your hands with soap the experiment. A. in the end of B. at the end of C. to the end of D. by the end of
  5. His strength had almost when they found him in the desert. A. given out B. given in C. given up D. given off
  6. Many people came to the meeting, of whom left early. A. number B. the numbers C. the number D. a number
  7. I’ll spend my holiday in Shanghai, lies on the coast. A. who B. which C. where D. that
  8. On the bad news, she cried with her face in his hands. A. hear; bury B. hear; buried C. heard; burying D. hearing; buried
  9. Not far from the club, there was a garden, owner was seated in it playing cards with his children every afternoon. A. its B. whose C. which
  10. It’s quite to score a goal in FIFA World Cup. A. a prize B. a price C. an honour D. of which D. a value

  11. I met the teacher in the street yesterday taught me English three years ago. A. which B. when C. where D. who
  12. The people there were greatly to see every-thing changed over a night. A. pleased B. shocked C. interested D. moved
  13. Tell us about the people and the places are different from ours. A. that B. who C. which D. whom
  14. is no wonder the building is . A. It; in ruins B. That; in ruins C. This; in ruin D It; in ruin
  15. ?Do you mind if I open the window? ?, but I’ve caught a bad cold today. A. No, not at all B. Yes, of course not C. Yes, please D. I’m sorry
  16. Step By Step is the only one of the books with the tape in the bookshop. A. that goes A. who A. lied in ruin A. taken by A. believe B. that go B. whose B. lay in ruins B. trapped in B. imagine C. which goes C. whom C. lay in ruin C. caught in C. mind D. which go D. that D. lying in ruins D. beaten by D. think
  17. I’ve read all the books you gave me.
  18. “After World War II, many of the cities across western European countries ,” our guide said.
  19. I had not listened to my mother’s advice on taking an umbrella. Later that afternoon, I was nearly the rain.
  20. It’s really unbelievable! Can you her swimming across the English Channel?
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Unit 5 Nelson Mandel -- a modern hero
  1. ?Your tie goes very well with your shirt. ? A.Oh, I got it on sale. B.I bought it at half price. C.Does it really look OK? D.No, not so nice.
  2. role she played in the film! No wonder she has won an Oscar. A.How interesting B.How an interesting C.What interesting D.What an interesting
  3.Generally speaking, according to the directions, the drug has no side effect. A.when taking B.when taken C.when to take D.when to be taken
  4.When their first child was born, they for three years. A.had married B.had been married C.got married D.had got married
  5.?How are you getting along with your studies? ?Not very well, . A.of course B.I’m sure C.I’m afraid D.on the other hand
  6.When the teacher coming in, the students stopped . A.to see; to talk B.seen; talking C.seeing; to talk D.seeing; talking
  7.Mr Zhang is ill, so I’ll till he is well again. A.take place B.take his place C.take the place for him D. instead of
  8.We are living in an age many things are done on computer. A.which B.that C.whose D.when
  9.?I hear they aren’t pleased with the house you’ve chosen for them. ?Well, could they live in such comfort? A.where else B.what else C.how D.why
  10.There will be a (n) TV programme of the football match between China and Brazil tonight. A.live B.living C.lively D.alive
  11.The skirt she spent 50 yuan is very beautiful on her. A.in which B.on which C.for which D.with which
  12.?How did the prisoner escape? ?By climbing a fence and someone’s car. A.steal B.stole C.stealing D.to steal
  13.The reason he gave for being late was he overslept this morning. A.why; that B.why; because C.which; that D.which; because
  14.I you my best thanks for what you’ve done to me. A.owe B.own C.share D.pay
  15.?Why do you often listen to the radio? ?To get some information



   Unit 1 △cultural n.文化的 △relic n.遗物.遗迹;纪念物 rare adj.稀罕的;稀有的,珍贵的 valuable adj.贵重的 有价值的 survive v.幸免;幸存 生还 幸免; 幸免 vase n.花瓶.瓶 dynasty n.朝代 王朝 △Taj Mahal 泰姬陵 △ivory n.象牙 △dragon n. 龙 △amber n. 琥珀 in search of 寻找 △Frederick Willoam 腓特烈 威廉一世(普鲁士国王) △Prus ...


   高中英语人教新课标必修一至必修五 765 个短语大全 1. be afraid of 2. agree to do sth. 3. not…at all 4. one after another 5. at last 6. at once 7. at the same time 8. at work 9. be away from 10. go away 11. make the bed 12. do one's best 13. be busy with 14. be busy doing ...

高一英语 人教版 必修1 参考教案

   Unit 1 Friendship Teaching goals: *语言知识 语言知识 1. to talk about friends and friendship, and interpersonal relationship 2. to practise expressing attitudes, agreement and disagreement, and certainty 3. to master some sentences about giving advice 4. t ...


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   让更多的孩子得到更好的教育 Unit 1 Friendship 一、Listening(听) ( A、听力填空题:听下面一段短文,填入所缺的词。短文读两遍。 、听力填空题:听下面一段短文,填入所缺的词。短文读两遍。 Once upon a time, two young men were going through the forest. One said to the other, “We are good 1 We must help each other. If any beast c ...


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   第一单元 友谊 Reading 安妮最好的朋友 安妮最好的朋友 你是不是想有一位无话不谈能推心置腹的朋友呢? 你是不是想有一位无话不谈能推心置腹的朋友呢?或者你是不是担心你的 朋友会嘲笑你,会不理解你目前的困境呢?安妮? 朋友会嘲笑你,会不理解你目前的困境呢?安妮?弗兰克想要的是第一种类型 的朋友,于是她就把日记当成了她最好的朋友。 的朋友,于是她就把日记当成了她最好的朋友。 日记当成了她最好的朋友 安妮在第二次世界大战期间住在荷兰的阿姆斯特丹。她一家人都是犹太人, 安妮在第二次世界大战期间 ...


   登陆下载更多资料 www.lzcyy.net 量子场女生英语 第一单元 友谊 Reading 安妮最好的朋友 安妮最好的朋友 你是不是想有一位无话不谈能推心置腹的朋友呢?或者你是不是担心你的 朋友会嘲笑你,会不理解你目前的困境呢?安妮弗兰克想要的是第一种类型的 朋友,于是她就把日记当成了她最好的朋友。 安妮在第二次世界大战期间住在荷兰的阿姆斯特丹。她一家人都是犹太人, 所以他们不得不躲藏起来,否则他们就会被德国纳粹抓去。她和她的家人躲藏了 两年之后才被发现。在这段时间里,她唯一的忠实朋友就是 ...


   必修一 UNIT 1 调查.测验 合计 adj 心烦意乱的;不安的,不适 的 不理睬.忽视 不得不;必须 (使)担比:涉及;关系到 n 担 心;关注. (利害)关系 关心.挂念 遇狗 adj 松的.松开的 兽医 经历;经受 阿姆斯特丹(荷兰首都) 荷兰(西欧国家) 犹太人的;犹太族的 德国的.德国人的.德语的. 纳粹党人 adj 纳粹党的 记下;放下.登记 连续,系列 一连串的.一系列;一套 在户外.在野外 迷住;迷惑 故意 为了 黄昏傍晚 在黄昏时刻 vi 打雷雷鸣 n 雷,雷声 adj ...


   高中英语必修二单词及语言点总结 单词总结 Unit 1 Cultural relics 一. 请根据中文意思完成下列句子. 1. Galileo that the earth moves around the sun like the other planets. 伽利略证明地球像其它行星一样绕太阳转. 2. Please my suggestion. 请考虑一下我的建议. 3. Only a few soldiers the battle. 仅几名士兵没有战死. 4.I came acro ...


初一英语下册unit1 Where is your pen pal fromPeriod 1

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   贵阳一中 2010??2011 学年度第一学期半期考试试题 高 二 英 语 2010.11 整理人:贵州 贵阳 朱俸民 郑重声明:本资料仅供个人研究学习之用,未经作者允许,请勿将本资料上传至其他网站! 整体评价:本试卷与高考全国卷 2 题型基本一致,但难度较低,适合检测学生对于基础知识 的把握程度。 一、语音知识。 (每小题 1 分,满分 5 分) 1. gravity 2. present 3. furniture 4. idiom 5. general A. create A. pers ...

初一下牛津英语USING ENGLISH 2 语法

   Module 2 Using English 1. brainstorming n. 头脑风暴 2. argue v. 争论 argue with sb. 与某人争论 Eg: I'm not going to argue with you tonight. 我今晚不想与你争辩. argument n. 争论,争辩 3. imagine v. 想象 Eg: I can't imagine what has happened. 我想像不出发生了什么事. imagination n. 想象力 Eg ...


   小学英语教学设计 上滩小学 教学内容: 教学内容: Phonics Book: Lesson six Bo 教学目标: 教学目标: 的发音. 1. 学习 ub 和 ug 的发音. 在拼读新单词的过程中,学习新单词, 2. 在拼读新单词的过程中,学习新单词,记忆新单 词. 3. 通过单词拼读法,激发学生学习英语的兴趣,降 通过单词拼读法,激发学生学习英语的兴趣, 低学生学习英语的困难. 低学生学习英语的困难. 教学重难点: 教学重难点: 的发音,并在学习这两个字母组合发音 Ub 和 ug 的发 ...


   很多人一生气,所有的英文都忘光了,平常英文就说不出口,更何况是吵架,所以满脑子浮现 的都是脏话,这是很不好的。有人很绝,英文骂不过人家就用中文,反正对方听不听得懂都无所 谓,重要的是让他知道你很凶,你正在骂他就行了。现在让我们来看看一些比较文雅的方式: Hey! wise up!放聪明点好吗? 当别人做了蠢事时,你可以说,“Don‘t be stupid!”或“Don‘t be silly.”但这是非 up!你也可以用尖酸刻薄的语 常不礼貌的说法。客气一点的说法就是:Wise 气说:Wise ...