高一英语新教材所有单元知识要点(上册) 高一英语新教材所有单元知识要点(上册) 高一第一单元 Good friends 要点综述 Unit 1 Good Friends I.Teaching aims and demands
  1.topic: 1>talk about friends and friendship 2>discuss problems occuring in a friendship and suggest solutions 3>write an e-mail to find an e-pal
  2.function: 1>likes and dislikes 2>making apologies
  3.vocabulary: honest;brave;loyal;wise;hansome;smart;argue;classical;
fond;match;mirror;fry;gun;hammer;saw;rope;movie;cast; deserted;hunt;share;sorrow;feeling;airplane;lie(n.); speech;adventure;notebook;error be fond of;hunt for;in order to;care about;such as;drop ab a line
  4.grammar: direct and indirect speech 1>statements 2>questions II.Key points
  1.listening and speaking1>Learn to make apologies. make apologies [用法]道歉 [注意]因 某事向某人道歉 make an apology(or apologies) to sb for sth vi. 道 歉 ; 认 错 , 赔 不 是 (+to/for) apology for my rudeness last night. 向你道歉。 He 昨天晚上我太粗暴,应该 [ 举 例 ]I owe you an [联想]apologize
apologized to her for not going to her party. 他因为没有出席她举行的宴会而向她表示歉意。 2>What qualities should a good friend have? quality [用法]n.
  1. 质量[U]
  2. 特性[C]
  3. 品质 [举例]Quality often matters more than quantity. 质量往往比数量更重要。3>What are they arguing about? argue [用法]vi.
  1. 争论,辩论;争吵(+with/over/about)
  2. 提出理由(+for/against) vt.
  1. 辩论;议论
  2. 主张,认为[+that] [举例]I m not going to argue with you tonight. 我今晚不想与你争辩。 He argued against the plan. 他据理反对这个计划。4>I don t enjoy singsing,nor do
I like computers. 不
  2. (用在 not,no,never 之后)也不
  3. (用在句首,句子须倒 装)也不 [举例]I have never spoken nor written to her. 话,也没写过信。 You do not like him, nor do I. 也不喜欢。5>I hate hiking and I m not into classical music. be into [用法]【口】对...(极)有兴趣,热衷于,入迷 [举例]She s really into pop music. deep into computers. singing. music. 汤姆喜爱音乐。 She is very fond of ballet. 她很喜欢芭蕾。7>I surf the Internet all the time. surf the Internet 法:go on the Internet;8>Rock music is OK,and so is skiing. so is skiing [用法](so 后用倒装结构)也如此,也一样 [举 例]I was tired, and so were the others. I like dancing; so does my sister. 姐也喜欢。 [注意](so 置于句首,后面不倒装)确是如此,正是那样
  2.reading1>Imagine you are alone on an island.You have to survive without friends.. alone [用法]a. 单独的,独自的 ad. 单独地 [举 例]She watches TV when she is alone. For years Mary lived alone in New York. 约生活了好几年。 [联想]lonely 人迹罕至的 幸存; survive [用法]vt. 在...之后仍然生存,从...中逃生 vi. 活下来, [举例]Only two passengers survived the air-crash. [用法]a.
  1. 孤独的,孤寂的
  2. 偏僻的, 玛丽孤身一人在纽 独自 一人时 ,她 便看电 视。 我喜欢跳舞,我姐 我累了,其他人也一样。 [用法]上网(冲浪) [联想]上网的其他说 be fond of [用法]喜欢...;爱好... [举例]Tom is fond of 他对电脑兴趣很浓。 m fond of 6>I 她很迷流行音乐。 He is very 你不喜欢他,我 我跟她从来没说过 nor [用法]conj.
  1. (用在 neither 之后)也
这次飞机失事只有两名乘客幸免于死。 survived after the flood.
洪水后极少有人生还。2>Tom Hanks plays a man named Chuck Noland 例]I am to play Juliet. businessman who is always so busy that he has little time for his friends. so...that... [用法]如此...以至于...,that 在此引导结果 状语从句(有时可能省略) [注意]
  1.这里的 so 后接形容词或副词或形容词加冠词 加名次,另有固定搭配 so few/many/much/little/等. 词置于句首引起倒装 4>He is a successful manager that sends mail all over the world. successful [用法]a. 成功的 [联想]相关词形 succeed/successfully/success that [用法]关系代词,引导定语从句,指代先行词(人或物), 在从句中做主语或宾语或标语 [注意]定语从句将在后面的单元正式学习,相关句型 在近几个单元里会多次出现,请留意. 5>Chuck is survive the crash and lands on a deserted island. crash [用法]vi.
  1. (发出猛烈声音地)碰撞,坠 落
  2. (飞机等)坠毁,撞坏
  3.【电脑】死机 n.[C] 相撞(事故);(飞机的) 坠毁,迫降 [举例]The 摩托车猛 motorcycle crashed into the fence. 地撞在围栏上。 An airliner crashed west of Denver last night. 昨夜一架客机在丹佛西边坠毁。 desert [用法]n. 沙漠;荒野 a.
  1. 沙漠的 vt. 抛弃;遗弃;离弃
  2. 荒芜的;无人居住的 [举例]All his friends have deserted him! 他所有的朋友都抛弃了 他! Nobody likes to live in that desert region. 没有人喜欢生活在那个沙漠地区。 6>He has to learn to collect water,hunt for food,and make fire. hunt [用法]vt.
  1. 追猎,猎取
  3. 追捕 vi.
  1. 打猎
  2. 搜寻(+for/after) [举 例]November is 十一月正是猎鹿的 a good time to hunt deer.
  2.so 加形容词或副 我 将 演 朱 丽 叶 。 3>Chuck is a play [用法]扮演(角色) (此处意同 act) [举
好时节。 survive ,Chuck
Im hunting a job. 我在找工作。7>In order to
develops a friendship with an unusual friend. in order to [用法]为了... [举例]We started early in order to arrive before dark. 动身了 [联想]
  1.so as to..., 和 in order to... 同 义 , 但 前 者 一 般 不 用 于 句 首
  2.否定式在 to 前加 not
  3.相应的目的状语从句由 so that...或 in order that...引导.8>He talks to him and treats him as a friend. treat [用法](此处 )vt. 对待;看 待, 把... 看作[O][(+as/like)] [举例]Do not treat this serious matter as a joke. 不要把这件 严肃 的事情当作 笑料。 treated me all right. 她对我还不错。 9>Chucks learns that we need friends to share happiness and sorrow,and it is important to have someone to care about. share [用法]vt.
  1. 均分;分配(+out/among/between)
  2. 分 享 ; 分 担 ; 共 同 使 用 (+with/among/between) vi.分享;分担[(+in)] [举例]He shared with his friends in distress. 他和朋友共患难。 We shared in his joy. 我们分享了他的喜悦。 care about for,除具有 care about 的意思外还可表示"对...感兴趣","喜欢"之意. [说明]对这两个短语,很多词典解释不一,界限比较模 糊.10>When he makes friends with Wilson,he understands that friendship is about feelings. makes friends with [用法]和...交朋友 [联想]make enemies with 与...为敌 11>Most of our friends are human beings. human [ 用 法 ]a.
  1. 人 的 ; 人 类 的 n. 人 [pl.humans]; human being 人;人类 [举例]This meat is not fit for human consumption. 这种肉不适合人食用。 It s only human nature to want a [用法]关心;担心;在乎,介意 [联想]care She 为了在天黑前到达,我们很早就
comfortable life. 生活。 击人。12>The Wolves
人的本性就是要过舒服的 狼通常不会袭
will not usually attack humans.
lesson we can learn from Chuck and all the others who have unusual friends is that friends are teachers. [讲解]本句包含三个从句: we can learn from Chuck 为定语从句,修饰 the lesson,关系代词 that 或 which 在从句中做宾语,可以省 略. who have unusual friends 为定语从句,修饰 all the others,关系代 词做主语不可省略. that friends are teachers,此为 that 引导的表语从句,其构成和大家比较 熟悉的宾语从句基本相似.13>My friend is honest.He never tells lies. tell lies [用法]撒谎,为 固定搭配 [比较]tell/say/speak/talk,其用法各有侧重,也有各自的 一些搭配,学习重要注意区分和积累. 高一第一单元 Good friends 要点综述 加入日期:2004-3-2 点击次数: 131
  3.integrating skills1>I like to have fun.If you re interested in being friends,drop me a line. fun [用法]n.[U]
  1. 娱乐,乐趣
  2. 玩笑,嬉戏
  3. 有趣的人 (或事物) [举例]What fun we had! 我们玩得多开心! His uncle is fond of fun. 他的叔父喜欢开玩笑。 Mr. Smith is great fun. 史密斯先生是一个很有趣的人。 drop me a line [用 法]给某人写短信 [联想]drop in/by [举例]Would you drop by when you are in town? I d like to drop in and see you sometime next week. 我想在下周什么时候顺便来看看你。 2>An e-mail is less formal than a letter,but there are still a few things to keep in mind. keep...in mind [用法]记住 [举例]Keep in mind that you ll have to practice economy. 记住要厉行节约。 These are the very duties we should keep in mind. 这些责任正是我们要记在心上的.
  4.workbook1>My telepone wasn t working. work
  1. 工作(+at/on)
  2. (机器等)运转,活动
  3. 起作用;行得通 [举例]She works in a restaurant. machine won t work. works well. 你的建议很有效。2>My bike had a flat tire but I had no time to fix it. 气的 ad. 平直地,仰卧地 [举例]Of course, no one now believes that the earth is flat. 当然如今无人相信地球是平的。 Our car had a flat tire. Lie down flat and breathe deeply. 法]vt.
  1. 使固定;牢记
  2. 确定;决定[(+up)][+wh-][+to-v]
  3. 修理;整理; 例]Her image was fixed in his mind. 的脑海里。 arrived at school,I ran into my friend Jonna. 撞到
  2. 偶遇 a wall. I ran into an old girlfriend yesterday. It brought back memories. 昨天我无意中遇见旧时女友,唤起一些昔时的记忆。 4>They told me they were proud of me. proud [用法]a.
  1. 骄傲的,有自尊心的
  2. 傲慢 的,自负的
  3. 自 豪 的 , 得意 的 (+of)/+to-v/+(that) [ 举例 ]He s too proud to speak to poor people like us. 他太骄傲了,从不与我们这样的穷人说话。 5>Sometimes we have to skip classes to keep an eye on the restaurant. skip [用法]此处为 vt. skip classes 意为逃课,逃学 keep an eye on [用 法] 照看;注意 公共汽车失去控制,撞上了墙。 [举例]The bus got out of control and ran into ran into [用法]
  1. [搭配]fix one s eyes/attention upon...注意力集中在...3>When I 她的形象深深印在他 [举 平躺下,作深呼吸。 fix [用 我 们那辆汽 车有一 只轮 胎漏了气。 flat [用法]a.
  1. 平的,平坦的
  2.(轮胎)泄了 机器不转了。 Your suggestion 她在一家饭店工作。 The
[举例]Would you keep an eye on my baby for a while? 请你照看一下我的婴儿好吗?6>When Sarah was in the third grade,some of the other students were making fun of her. of [用法]取笑某人 helped Sarah overcome her shyness. 服 [举例]The learner of a second language has many obstacles to overcome. 第二语言学习者有许多障碍要克 服。8>Despite the fact that they have never met each other,Michel and Xiaoli are best friends. Despite [用法]prep.不管,尽管;意同 in spite of [举例]He went to work despite his illness. 尽管生病,他还是去工作。 Despite advanced years, she is learning to drive. 车。 that they have 尽管年事已高,她还在学开 overcome [用法]vt.战胜;克 [联想]laugh at...,基本同义 7>She make fun
never met each other [讲解]此为同位语从句,表示 fact 的内容.模样酷似定 语从句,试着比较一下?9>Xiao Li is also curious about life in France. curious [用法]a.
  1. 好 奇 的 , 渴 望 知 道 的 ;(+as to/about)/+to-v/+wh
  2. 奇怪的;稀奇古怪的,难以理解的 [举例]The boy was curious about everything he saw. 那男孩对所见的一切都感 到好奇。 I heard a curious noise last night. 昨晚我听见一个奇 怪的响声。10>We go to different schools,but we always get together after school to talk and have fun. get together [用法]聚集; 聚会 [举例]When can we get together? 我们何时相 聚? 高一第二单元 English around the world 要点综述 加入日期:2004-3-4 点击次数: 228 Unit 2 English around the world I.Teaching aims and demands
  1.Topics 1>.interview the headmaster and other teacher about the school rules and the ways to learn all the
subjects 2>.make a world map of English-speaking countries 3>.collect words different in spelling,pronunciation,or meaning between British English and American English,to make a list
  2.Function: language difficulties in communication Can you spell that? do you mean by...? Could you speak a bit slowly,please? Sorry,I didn t follow you. I beg your pardon? How do you say...in English? What does...mean? Can you say that in a different way?
  3.Vocabulary bathroom;towel;closet;pronounce;broad;repeat;majority;native;total;tongue; How do you pronounce...? Could you repeat that,please? What
stand;independent;fall;expression;typhoon;publish;southern;president;European; hhowl;cookbook;compare;replace make oneself at home;in total;except for;stay up;come about;end up with; bring in;a great many;at the same time
  4.Grammar direct and indirect speech:imperative(requests and demands) II.Key points
  1.listening and speaking1>Write a passage comparing American and British English. compare [用法]vt.
  1. 和...比较,对照(+with/to)
  2. 比喻为,把...比 作(+to) [举例]Compared with him, I am a bungler. 与他相比,我只能算是一个笨拙的人。 2>What is it that Joe can t find in the bathro



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gossip girl 学英语

   1. X.O.X.O. gossip girl 这是片头独白中的一句。X.O.X.O.是什么意思呢?原来=hugs and kisses (亲亲抱抱)。 关于这个词的来源,大家不妨看看下面的解释: Even as little as a hundred and fifty years ago, not many people could read or wri te. The "X" at the bottom of a document took the place o ...


   [大家网 bbs.TopSage.com] 04.5 笔译综合能力.doc Section 1: Vocabulary and Grammar (25 points) Part 1 Vocabulary Selection In this part, there are 20 incomplete sentences. Below each sentence, there are 4 choices respectively marked by letters A, B, C and D. ...


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