Is she polite?
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Please read the text quickly and answer the following questions. (
  1)Please divide the text into three )
parts,then give the main idea of each part.

  2)What table manners can you guess ) the text tells about?

  1)Read the text quickly and match ) A with B A (paragraph) B(main idea) Part1(Para
a. table manners’
changing over time and places
  5) Part3(Para
b.laying the table and
good table manners
c.the order of dishes
and good table manners

  2)What table manners can you ) guess the text tells about? How to lay the table How to use forks and knives How to behave at a table How to eat How to toast and drink

  1)Listen to the tape,then list the )
things on a Western dinner table.
Western dinner table a large plate
a bread plate a napkin
a glass for red wine
a glass for white wine
a glass for water
two pairs of knives and forks of different sizes
a soup spoon
a dessert spoon
How is the table laid ? 8 9 10
dinner plate
11 4 5 2 3 6 7
bread plate
roast chicken
ice cream

  2)In what order will the dishes ) be served at a Western dinner party?Please number them. ? .
main course
starter soup

  3)Decide which of the following ) behaviours are polite or impolite. .

  1. Use the knife with your right
P hand.
  2. Put your napkin on your lap.
is served in front of you.

  3. Start eating as soon as your food
  4. Ask for a second bowl of soup.

  5. Use your fingers when eating chicken. plate.
  7. Talk loudly while eating.

  6. Finish eating everything on your

  8. Make other people drink more spirits than they can take.
If the foreigners come to China and ask you the Chinese table manners. What should you say?Do you know the differences between Chinese table manners and Western table manners? Please give some examples. .
Please find the differences
chopsticks Device for the dishes are eating placed on the table and everyone shares The custom finish the of toasting drink at once
forks and knives everyone has his own plate of food only take a sip
Drinking to Someone’s heath raise and touch the glasses
the glasses should not touch
hosts like to put food into don’t have this habit the guest’s plate
Homework Do table manners in China also change?Write a ? passage about it. .
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