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Unit 2 The Olympic Games,Book 2 Period 1: Warming up and reading

  1.Knowledge aims:
To learn about some basic knowledge of the ancient and modern Olympic Games To master the new words and expressions in this passage

  2.Ability aims:
To understand the general idea of the new text to train the reading ability of the
To be more familiar with some reading skills ,such as scanning ,summarizing etc.

  3.Emotional aims:
To arouse the students’ interest in the Olympic Games and get them to understand the Olympic spirit better.
★Key points:
To understand the general idea of the text To improve the students’ reading ability further
To retell the text To use words and expressions learnd in this text to communicate freely.
Task- based teaching and the integral teaching method
To use some reading skills to understand the text better
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To be more active in group activities
★Teaching aids: ★Teaching
a tape recorder
and learning Procedures:
StepI. Warming up Lead in the lesson by showing the students a short movie about the 2008 Beijing Olympic games. Warming up by checking the preview plans Today we are going to learn about THE OLYMPIC GAMES. But first, I’d like to know how well you have prepared for the class…now, take out your preview plans. Check the answers to the exercises on the prewiew plans with the whole class. Get the students to raise the difficulties or problems they met with in their previewing. StepII. Listening
Look at the title and the pictures and predict the content. Then listen to the tape carefully and see if you were right. Then try to get the general idea of the passage.
After listening,ask:Have you got the main idea?①
Step III.Fast reading Now read the text quickly and silently. The boys shall try to finish the task: What was the ancient Olympics like? The girls shall try to finish the task: What is the modern Olympics like? Then talk about the similarities and differences between the ancient and modern Olympics.②
StepⅣ.Careful reading
Read the text more carefully and finish two tasks
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Task 1 Decide which are true and which are false:③
  1.There are two sets of Games- the Summer and the Winter Olympics and both are
held every four years.( )
  2. The Winter Olympics are usually held two years after the Summer Olympics.(
  3. Slaves and women were allowed to take part in the Games.( )

  4. The 2004 Olympics were held in Greece.( )

  5. People in the modern Olympic Games compete for money.( Task
  2. Ask and answer :SB, P11 Ex
  2. StepV. Retelling Retell the text according to the following key words
The ancient Olympics…every four years…be not allowed to…the modern Olympics ..two sets
of…not only…but also…the opportunity to …compete for …the motto……
StepVI Exercise Fill in the blanks:④ The Olympic Games began in Greece and were held from 776 B.C. to A.D.3
  93. It was held four years. At that time, there were not so many sports as today. And women were notto take part in the games. There were not Winter Olympics at that time. Winners got thewreath as the prize. . The Olympic Games began in 18
  91. They’re held every four years. There are two sets of Games the Winter and the Summer Olympics.In the summer Olympics there are over 250 different sports. Women are allowed to join in play a very important role. Now the competitors compete for medals. The motto is and. Step VII .Discussion Discuss this question in groups:Why do many countries want to host the Olympic Games while others do not. Then prepare for a class discussion.. StepVIII. Summary Sum up the lesson by a quiz about the Olympic games
  1. What’s the name of the country where the first Olympics began?
  2. What’s the large building called in which many outdoor sportsevents are held?
  3. What’s the Olympic motto?
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  4. This is an award giwen to the top threewinners in each event in the Olympics?
  5. how often are the Olympic Games held? StepIX Homework Task 1 Translate the following phrases

  1. 每四年
  3. 为了……荣誉
  5. 与……结婚
  7. as well
  9. take part in
  11. be admitted as
  13. compete against sb
  15. join in
  17. 冬奥会
  19. 奥运会
  2. 扮演角色
  4. 一套
  6. 改变主意
  8. one after another
  10. as a matter of fact
  12. be admitted to/into
  14. take part
  16. 古代奥运会
  18. 夏奥会
Task2 Multiple choice

  1. The games which the young man were difficult to play. A. take part in B. attended C. joined D. joined in
  2. Have you heard of Oxford University? It’s to be quite a famous one. A. said B. told C. spoken D. talked
  3. The harder you , the better progress you . A. will work; will make B. work; have made C. work; will make D. will work; make
  4. Make sure that the windows before you . A. are shut; leave B. were shut; leave C. will be shut; left D. have been shut; left
  5. In the last World Cup Competition, the German Women Team all the other women teams and the world championship. A. won; won B. won; got C. beat; won D. beat; received
  6. “You can’t catch me!” Janet shouted, away.(20
  3) A. run B. running C. to run D. ran
  7. Tom: Mike, our team will play against the Rockets this weekend. I’m sure we will win. Mike: ! (20
  05. 广东) A. Good luck B. Cheers C. Best wishes D. Congratulations
  8. On May 5,2005, at World Table Tennis Championship, Kong Linghui and Wang Hao won the gold medal in men’s doubles with score of 4:
  05.江苏) A. a; a B. /; the C. a; / D. the; a
  9. Bob ran the 100 metres in
  9.91 seconds, and I have not seen one this year. 20
  05.浙江) the ( A. best B. a better C. the most D. more
  10. Bread and butter at the restaurant. It is unnecessary to go out for breakfast. A. are served B. serves C. is served D. serve
  1. Asking and answering w, please read the three questions before the Reading.
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3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net
Let’s do it in turn. Let’s begin from the first row here…ok, you did a good job. Let’s summarize your answers. For reference:
  1. In Summer Olympics, there are running, swimming, shooting, wrestling, jumping, football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, throwing, Javelin, weight lifting, gymnastics, boxing etc. In winter Olympics, there are skiing skating, ice hockey, ski jumping, sledding, snowboarding etc.
  2. The 29th Olympic Games will be held in Beijing on Auguster 18th, 20
  3. To hold the Olympic Games is a rich prize for a country. And it can make a country known in the world. It can stimulate the country’s economy, and help to speed up its development.
  2. Imaging and introducing Please look at the three pictures in the reading. Please talk about them. Imagine whatever you can. For reference: The first picture is the status of a great Greek. His name is Pausanias. He was a famous traveler and writer in the second century AD. His Guide to Greece is an extremely comprehensive guidebook for tourists, concentrating on buildings, tombs and status and including a lot of information on the mythological, religious and historical background to the monuments described. It is so informative that it may be called the foundation of classical archaeology and this ancient Baedeker is still used as a guide to classical Greece. Can you remember a famous ancient Chinese traveler and writer? He also wrote a book. Yes, his name is Xu Shake. His works is The Notes of Xu Shake’s travels. The second picture is the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. Maybe this is the principle stadium. It’s large and can hold thousands of audience. The third picture is a Chinese athlete named Yang Yang. She won a gold medal for China in the 2002 winter Olympic Games. She is a famous skating player.
  3. Talking and Sharing
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3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net
We know there are many differences and similarities about the ancient and modern Olympics. Do you know anything about them? You can simply guess. Yes, Lucy, try … III. Reading
  1. Reading aloud to the recording and finding the general idea Now please listen and read aloud to the recording of the text AN INTERVIEW. Pay attention to the pronunciation and intonation as well as the pauses within each sentence. Then try to get the general idea of the passage. Have you got the main idea? Yes, it tells us the differences and the similarities between the ancient and modern Olympics.
  2. Reading and acting Now let’s play the parts of the Greek writer Pausanias and the Chinese girl Li Li. Now boys, you are Pausanias; girls, you are Li Li. Please pay attention to the bold words.
  3. Reading and finding Now read the text again. The boys shall try to finish the task: What was the ancient Olympics like? The girls shall try to finish the task: What is the modern Olympics like?
  4. Reading and collecting information Ok, now let’s read it silently. First let’s talk about the same points between the ancient and modern Olympics. Who can answer? Any volunteers? Then let’s come to the differences.
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The similarities ① Both are held every four years. ② Both are held not for money but for honour. ③ The beliefs are the same. They are: Swifter, Higher, and stronger. ④ Men are allowed to take part both in ancient and modern Olympics. ⑤ Some events are the same, such as running, jumping, shooting and thowing.
The Differences
① There were not winter Olympics in the past. ② Now competitors are from all over the world. But in the ancient time, only the people in Greece could take part.
③ Only men were allowed to take part in the past, now woman are also allowed. ④ In the past, winners got the olive wreath as the prize. Now competitors compete for medals. ⑤ The events and athletes in modern time are more than those in the past. ⑥ There is a special village for the competitors to live in, a stadium for competitions, a gymnasium for these who watch the games now. But there were not in the past.)
  5. Reading and underlining Next you are to read and underline all the useful expressions or collocations in the passage. Copy them to your notebook after class as homework.
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3eud 教育网 http://www.3edu.net
Collocations from AN INTERVIEW take part in…, gold medals, the spirit of…, be held, in order to, host the Olympic Games, on a magical journey, find out, the present day Olympic Games, used to, write about…, come to your time, be admitted as…, two sets of…, enjoy competing in…, compete against…, for the honour of…, reach the standard, be admitted to…, play a very important role, as well as, a stadium for competitions, as a matter of fact, compete for…, olive wreath, feel proud of…, make… happy Ⅳ Closing down Closing down by doing exercise To end the lesson you are to do the comprehending exercises 1 &
  2. Closing down by discussing You know our government has tried its best to compete for hosting the 29th Olympic Games. It has cost a lot of money. Do you think it is worthwhile? Why? For reference: It is worthwhile to host the Olympic Games. To host Olympic Games can make our country known to the whole world. To host Olympic Games can make our culture and people understood by the other peoples. To host Olympic Games can stimulate the developing of our economy.
Closing by imagining
Imagine what we will do and what we can do for the 29th Olympic Games now. For reference: Maybe we can serve as volunteers to help the foreign visitors and athletes from all over the world. So at present we should study hard. Especially we should try our best to learn English well. Closing down by narrating We can see the text is written in a conversational style. And there are two speakers.
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