Do you know our Chinese Valentine’s Day?
Qiqiaojie (七巧节 七巧节) 七巧节 The seventh day of the seventh lunar month(七夕) (七夕)
七 巧 节
Feb. 14th Chinese Valentine’s Day the Double Seventh Day
牛郎白天放牛 牛郎织女喜结良缘 王母娘娘把他们分开 牛郎织女终于 在鹊桥上相会了
True or False.

  1. The girl Li Fang loved and waited for didn’t turn up.( F )
  2. Because her most lovely daughter got married to a human secretly, the Goddess got very angry.( T )
  3. Zhinu was made to return to Heaven without her husband. They were allowed to meet once a year on the seventh day of the tenth lunar month.( ) F
  4. Hu Jin had been waiting forseventh for a long Li Fang time with a gift for him.( ) T
Answer the following questions:
  1.What was Li Fang afraid that Hu Jin was doing?
  2. Why did people want the whether to be fine on Qiqiaojie?
  3. What is the reason why Li Fang did not meet on time?
  4.How did Li Fang feel at the end of the story? Why?
Answer the following questions:
  1.What was Li Fang afraid that Hu Jin was doing? He was afraid that she was with her friend laughing at him.
  2. Why did people want the whether to be fine on Qiqiaojie? People wanted the weather to be fine so they can meet the one they love.

  3. What is the reason why Li Fang did not meet on time? Because Li Fang waited in the coffee shop while Hu Jin waited in the teashop.
  4.How did Li Fang feel at the end of the story? Why? He was worried because he has thrown away Hu Jin’s Valentine’s gifts.
look forward with his heart-broken roses and not turn up chocolates not keep her word
Be laughed at?
Throw away his roses and chocolates
At last…
tea shop
Why are you so late? ve I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.
coffee shop

  1. turn up
  1) appear 出现 露面 出现,露面 他到目前还没有出现。 他到目前还没有出现。 He so far. hasn’t turned up 你总是迟到!(做事慢慢吞吞的 做事慢慢吞吞的) 你总是迟到 做事慢慢吞吞的 You’re always late for everything! turning up
  2)调大声音,把...开大点儿 调大声音, 调大声音 开大点儿 请把火调大一点。 请把火调大一点。 turn up Please the fire.
相关短语: 相关短语 turn down turn off turn on turn out turn to sb. for help in turn
关小,拒绝 关小 拒绝 关掉 打开 结果是...... 向某人求助 轮流, 轮流 依次

  2. keep one’s word 守信用 遵守诺言 守信用, break one’s word 违背诺言 in a word 简言之 in other words 换句话说 交谈 have a word with sb. 与sb.交谈 have words with sb. (about sth.)
关于sth.与sb.争吵 与 争吵 关于
我想和你谈一下。 我想和你谈一下。
have a word I’d like to with you.
A gentleman should always __ his __. A. keeps; word B. B keep; word C. keeps; words D. keep; words

  3. hold one’s breath
当那个女孩看到那条蛇的时候,她屏住呼吸。 当那个女孩看到那条蛇的时候,她屏住呼吸。 The girl held her breath at the sight of the snake.
take breath
lose one’s breath = be out of breath 喘不过气来
breathe v. breath n.
When we got to the top of the mountain, we were nearly . D A. under our breath B. lost our breath C. caught our breath D. out of breath
lose one’s breath = be out of breath

  4. apologize 道歉 apologize to sb for (doing) sth = say sorry to sb for doing sth
你必须为你的粗鲁行为向老师道歉。 你必须为你的粗鲁行为向老师道歉。
to You must apologize the for teacher being so rude.
apology n. make an apology to sb for (doing) sth.

  5. drown (drowned, drowned ) 淹没,淹死 浸、泡, 淹没 淹死 洪水淹没了街道和房子。 洪水淹没了街道和房子。 drowned The floods the streets and houses. 借… 消愁 drown one’s sorrow/sadness in… drown one’s sorrow/sadness in coffee
B Frank tried to save the girl in the river, but unfortunately he was . A. drowned; drowning B. drowning; drowned C. drowned; drowned D. drowning; drowning
drowning 将要溺死的 drowned 已被淹死的

  6. It was obvious that the manager of the coffee shop was waiting for Li Fang to leave... obvious adj. 明显的, 清楚的 明显的, obviously adv. 明显地,清楚地 明显地,

It + be + obvious +that-clause
It was obvious that she was in danger.
7.wipe (wiped, wiped)
Vt 擦,擦去
wipe off 抹掉,擦掉 wipe up 擦干净,歼灭
D The students on duty the blackboard during break.
A.Wiped the words off C. Cleaned
clean the blackboard wipe the words off the blackboard
B. washed D. A and C

  8. remind sb. of sth 提醒某人某事
remind sb. to do sth remind sb. that…

  1) 他提醒我那个承诺。 他提醒我那个承诺。 He reminded me of my promise.
  2) 他提醒我要早起。 他提醒我要早起。 He reminded me to get up early.
  3) 他提醒我本应该小心点。 他提醒我本应该小心点。 He reminded that I should have been more careful.

  9. As Li Fang set off for home, he thought...
动身, 出发; 侧重去某一个地方 侧重去某一个地方) set off: 动身 出发 (侧重去某一个地方) 使(地雷、炸弹)爆炸; 地雷、炸弹)爆炸
Tom and his father set off for America yesterday. The bomb set off among the crowd.
相关短语: set about doing sth. = set out to do sth 着手(做某事) set in set up set down 开始 建立,创立 写下,记下

  10. forgive (forgave, forgiven) vt
forgive sb sth宽恕某人某事 宽恕某人某事 forgive (me) the debt免除我的债务 免除我的债务
Fill in the blanks to complete the passage: The weaving girl Zhinü, the granddaughter of the Goddess of Heaven, met the herd boy Niulang and him. Then they fell in love with secretly and lived got married . a happy life
But when the Goddess of Heaven knew it, she was angry about it and very to forced Zhinü __ come back to Heaven. Niulang did what he could to follow __ her, but the Milky Way stopped him.
When Zhinü’s grandmother that found Zhinü was sorrow she finally in deep , allowedthe couple cross the Milky to meet Way once a year. This happens on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month when magpies made a bridge of their wings in order __ let the couple cross the __ to river to meet. This is the story of Qiqiaojiea Chinese Valentine’s Day.
I. 用所给单词的适当形式填空。 用所给单词的适当形式填空。
  1. You must (apology) to apologize your sister for being so rude.
  2. He was really brave enough to save the (drown) boy from drowning the rough sea.

  3. When their grandfather died, a great (sad) filled their lives. sadness
  4. She was weeping (weep) bitter tears over the loss of her lover when I came in.
  5. He has forgiven (forgive) the wrongs I have done him.
  6. Obviously (obvious), he is interested in music as well as (in) painting.
II. 用方框内所给词组的适当形式完成下 列句子。 列句子。 keep one’s word turn up remind ... of ... hold one’s breath set off

  1. You can’t take her promises seriously; she never keeps her word .
  2. If you want to catch that train, we’d better set off for the station immediately.

  3. I was expecting Pile at ten, but he turn up didn’t .
  4. The race was so close that everyone was holding his breath at the finish.
  5. This story he told me just now __ reminded me of my childhood.
III. 根据括号内的提示翻译下列句子。 根据括号内的提示翻译下列句子。
  1. 因为来晚了 彼得正在向他的女朋友 因为来晚了, 道歉。( 。(apologize) 道歉。( ) Peter is apologizing to his girlfriend for his coming late.
  2. 大家都清楚是他做了这件事情。 大家都清楚是他做了这件事情。 (obvious) ) It was obvious to everyone that it was he who did it.

  3. 王先生因为找不到工作,整天借酒浇 王先生因为找不到工作, 愁。(drown) 。( ) Mr. Wang drowns his sorrows in drink everyday because he can’t find a job.
  4. 请提醒我回复那封信。 (remind sb. 请提醒我回复那封信。 to do sth.) ) Please remind me to answer that letter.

  5. 我们请他吃饭他都没有到场。 (turn up) 我们请他吃饭他都没有到场。 We invited him to dinner but he didn’t turn up.
  6. 她是一个遵守诺言的人。 (keep 她是一个遵守诺言的人。 one’s word) She is a person who always keeps her word.

  7. 让我们明天一早动身吧。 (set off) 让我们明天一早动身吧。 Let’s set off early tomorrow morning.
  8. 两个男孩都兴奋得屏息不作声。 两个男孩都兴奋得屏息不作声。 (hold one’s breath) Both boys held their breath in excitement.
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