review: present continuous tense
I am doing He/She is doing
What are you doing now? are doing They
? We are having a class.Am I doing? Is he/she doing? Listen! The train is coming! I am doing my homework. Are you reading a book? Yes, I am. No, I am not. Are they doing? Are you doing? Yes, I am. No, I am not. Yes, he/she is. No, he/she is not Yes, they are. No, they are not.
JiuZhaigou九 九 寨沟
Yutai Mountain Qinglong Fall
He He is driving too fast. should down.
He is littering. He is throwing rubbish on the ground. I think he should not throw things anywhere.
He is smoking where he should not. Maybe he should smoke in the smoking room.
The car is parked in the wrong places He should park his car in a car park(停车场 停车场). 停车场
When we are travelling, what else should we pay attention to? We should not carve (乱画,雕 乱画, 乱画 刻)on the buildings or on the trees
We can not pick flowers
We can not jump the queue when we are waiting for the bus.
By train
By subway
By plane
By car
On foot
By air 上海
London伦 伦 敦
By ship By train
Beijing北京 北京
By plane Guangzhou广州 广州 By train
By bus Chongqing重庆 重庆 Chengdu 成都
Think about: what do you have to consider before you decide which means of transportation you will use?
We could consider how far it is We should consider the weather We should consider how much money we will use
Tips: We should choose transportation according to reality(现实)
time machine
With the time machine, you can travel to the past or to the future. You could also visit any year and any place you wish.
? Useful expressions: ? I would like to travel to the year… ? I would like to know what life was like…years ago. ? Which year do you want to go to? ? Do you want to travel to the future or to the past?
? Homework ? To write a travel experience which impressed you most (for daily report).


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