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使用日期:2009/11/ 06
高一英语必修一 高一英语必修一重点句型回顾
Module 1
  1. Today is my first day Senior High school and I’m my thoughts about it.
  2. Every room has a computer , almost a cinema screen.
  3. The teacher is a very woman Ms Shen. We’re using anew textbook and Ms Shen’s method of teaching is of the teachers at my Junior High school.
  4. And we (玩得高兴). . (我认为上沈老师的课我是不会感到厌烦的!)
  5. Today we ourselves each other. We did this .
  6. Ms Shen gave us and then we worked .
  7. We do this , with spelling games and other activities.
  8. (换句话说), there are ( 女 生 人 数 是 男 生 的 三 倍 ). ( 据 说 ) girls are more than boys, but in this class, everyone is hard-working.
  9. I’m writing to teenagers . I have some questions about your memories of your first year at school. Would you mind ?
  10. Hi, Rob! (你好)? . I’ve just been to my first language class. Oh really? (我也是).
  11. Secondary school in the usually seven years, grade six to twelve.
  12. The school year is two semesters, the first is September through December, and the second January through May. Module 2
  1. Good teachers (确保) that everyone in the class understands.
  2. She’s kind and patient, and she explains English grammar even I understand it! She avoids ! I’ve always hated when I speak English, but Mrs Li just smiles, you don’t feel completely stupid! …… I feel I’m going to with her.
  3. Mrs Chen is very strict we . (如果她不要求,我们连一句话也不敢说。)
  4. There are a few students in our class who but they’re always for Mrs Chen’s lessons!
  5. During scientific experiments, she explains exactly what is happening and My work is improving. Physics will never be my favorite lesson, but I think that I’ll do well in the exam .
  6. Mr Wu for two weeks and he’s already very popular. ……
He’s got so much energy, this is one class .
  7. He talks loudly and fast, and waves his hands about a lot when he . He’s really amusing and when he thinks we’re .
  8. prefer / would rather (P
  17) ① I “Travel”. ② I ” Life in the Future”. ③ I , Mr Stanton.
  9. It is interesting to in different countries.
  10. of France, Germany, and Spain, discipline and respect for the teacher . The same Russia. In northern European countries, however, the relationship between teachers and students is .
  11. In Britain, relationships are quite relaxed, but teachers can discipline. Module 3
  1. I come from Sydney, Australia and I’m . Recently I had my first ride on a train. And !
  2. We ate great meals ! For the first few hundred kilometers of the journey, the was colourful.
  3. We saw abandoned farms (一百多年前建立的).
  4. During the day, I and out of the window, and sometimes other passengers.
  5. A long time ago, Australians needed a way . They tried , but the horses didn’t like the hot weather and sand.
  6. Ghan for Afghanistan. (……的简称)
  7. Camels were better than horses for traveling a long distance. For many years, carried food and other , and returned with wool and other products.
  8. The Afghans and their camels did this (直到 20 世纪 20 年代). Then the government built a new railway line, so they need the camels . In 1925, they (通过一项法律) which if they were a problem.
  9. Polite expressions (P
  25) ① Would you mind me your ticket? ② Would you mind if I your ticket? ③ I’m sorry this is an old ticket.
  10. I can remember the zoo. (第一次去参观动物园)
  11. The eagle suddenly flew and frightened me.
  12. I remember the day my father tried to teach me .
使用日期:2009/11/ 06
使用日期:2009/11/ 06

  13. ( 以 每 小 时 400 多公里的速度行驶), the train can complete the 30-kilometre journey in eight minutes.
  14. The Transrapid Maglev is the world’s first high-speed train . Module 4
  1. Zhang Hua (16 岁的张华) lives in south of China.
  2. They have a small apartment the third floor of a apartment block.
  3. The house is and is local stone.
  4. It six years since we last each other. And this is the first time I your hometown.
  5. You know, I have seen quite a lot of China and I’ve visited some beautiful cities, but this is one of the most places .
  6. I feel very fortunate . And I love living .
  7. (天气如何)? hot and wet in the summer, but it quite cold in the winter.
  8. Cities are exciting, interesting places , and I have always enjoyed them, there is so much to do and see.
  9. But there are times I need the peace and quiet of the countryside.
  10. There are reasons for it.
  11. Another problem is that is becoming more and more difficult farmers from their farms. Module 5
  1. (三分之二) of the earth’s surface water.
  2. 地球是月球的 49 倍大。 ① . ② . ③ .
  3. is hard a world without metals. …….When we use metals, is important how they different substances.
  4. The reaction of metals these substances can be .
  5. the tube for one week.
  6. some oil the water. This will .
  7. Degrees of Comparison (P
  47) ① It’s getting . (越来越亮) ② you are, you’ll see. (你离得越近,看见得就越多。) ③ I read, I learn. (读的书越多,获得的就越多。)
  8. I never science, but last year I changed schools, and the science teachers at my new school are excellent.
  9. The science facilities are very good, laboratories have all the latest
  10. ……, and these are always interesting, the lecturers are people who .
  11. , seven Canadian scientists ! The Nobel Prize is the highest scientific prize , so we should .
  12. I’m becoming physics, and have decided that I want to study it at university. I’m going to try to go Montreal Ottawa University, both (应当) have good Physics Departments. Module 6
  1. The Internet is the biggest of information in the world, and it is through a computer. It millions of pages of data.
  2. They created a network of computers DARPANET.
  3. then became for universities use the system .
  4. NSFNET the Inter- Network, or “Internet”.
  5. The World Wide Web is a computer network that computer users information from millions of websites the Internet.
  6. (目前;现在), about 80 percent of web traffic is , but this percentage is (下降).
  7. Berners?Lee built his first computer he was at university an old television! He (提出;相出) the idea of the World Wide Web in 1989 he was working in Switzerland.
  8. Berners?Lee made possible for everyone , not just universities and the army. He designed the first “web browser”, which computer users information from other computers. , The web and the Internet grew. Within five years, the number of Internet users from 600,000 to 40 million.
  9. Everyone in the world can access the Internet his World Wide Web system. He now a lecturer at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston.
  10. I this idea, (尤其)on the subject of learning English.
  11. Our English teacher is excellent, but she help in the class in 50 minutes. (部分否定)
  12. It would be better if we spent the time on a computer.
  13. The number of mobile phone users in China reach 500 million by 20
  14. Two percent of the total population of China access the Internet, 45 percent in the USA and 15 percent in Japan.
  15. is expensive, so a lot of people send text message. Text message are cheaper than , and you can make even cheaper that you use.


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