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年级:高一外研社 年级:高一外研社 课题:Module1 Reading 课题: 一、学习目标: 学习目标:

  2、重点、难点:-ed 和-ing 形式的区别
  3、look forward to 等表达的具体应用
学科: 学科:英语 共 2 课时

  5. have fun for fun in fun make fun of
  6. 把… 介绍给…
  7. 起初,首先
  8. 独自地,单独地
  9. 与…不同
  10. 以一种有趣的方式
  11.描述 III、Important Sentences
  1. What are the main differences between Junior High school and Senior High school? 初中和高中的主要不同是什么? difference 可用作可数名词亦可用作不可数名词,常与介词 between 连用,表两者间的不同。 典例 : It's hard to see many differences between the two parties. 中国食物与美国食物有什么不同? 拓展 :different 形容词 different from 与 …… 不同; different in 在某方面不同 典例 :The two boys are very different from each. Our bags are different in color.
  2. Are Senior High teachers similar to Junior High teachers? 高中的老师与初中老师相似吗? similar 形容词 相似的 , 类似的 表与 …… 相似时,常与介词 to 搭配。 典例: My opinions on the matter are similar to Mary's. 拓展 :
  1. be similar to 与 be different from 构成反义词组 2 .similarity [U ; C] 相似之处 这本书和那本书很像。
  3. The teachers are very enthusiastic and friendly and the classrooms are amazing. 老师们很热情友好,教室也(好的)令人惊奇。 ( 1 )enthusiastic 热心的; 热情的;感兴趣的 表示对某事热心,感兴趣时常与 about 连用 典例:The football star got an enthusiastic reception. 小明对这场音乐会很感兴趣。 ( 2 ) friendly 友好的 表对某人友好时通常与 to 连用 典例:There was a friendly smile on her face. 青岛人对游客很友好。 ( 3 ) amazing 形容词 (好到)令人惊奇的; 令人吃惊的; 难以相信的 典例:He is an amazing player to watch. 昨天晚上发生一件令人惊奇的事情
二、预习指导: 预习指导:
亲爱的同学们,在这课中,你需要掌握下面这些单词,短语,介词搭配,和重点句型, 请查找。 I、Important words .(You can look them up in your dictionary)
  1) amazingamazed eg:I find it that you can’t swim./ His answer me very much./We areat this big apple. boringbored eg: His speech was, so all the students werewith it. embarrassingembarrassed eg: She wasat his request(请求)/ I don’t like speaking in public, because it is so. disappointingdisappointed eg:. interestinginterested eg: This film is very./ I’m in this film. (
  2) describe(v.)(n.) impress(v.) (n.) correct(v.) (n.) enjoy(v.)(n.) courage(v)encourage(v.)(n.) fluency(n.)(adj.) appear(反义词) understand(v.)(n.)( 反) (
  3) Translation. capital; enthusiastic; website; brilliant; textbook; method; comprehension; instruction; improve; attitude; behaviour; previous
II、Important Phrases

  1. 远离…; 远远不是,绝非
  2) (他在一个远离乡村的城市工作).
  2. 远不象…那样; 什么也不如
  4. 期待,盼望

  4. The teacher is a very enthusiastic woman called Ms Shen. 老师是一个非常热情的姓申的女士。 called 在此处为过去分词作定语,修饰 the woman ;同 named; 可译为“被称 / 叫
做 …… ; 名叫 …… ” 典例:A girl named Wang Ping won the game. 一个叫王萍的女孩赢了比赛。 Do you know a person named John Wilson? 你知道一个叫约翰。威尔逊的人吗?
学习策略: 三 学习策略

  1. 收集信息渠道:教材,词典,参考书,英语辅导报。
  2. 解决问题方法:善用工具书独立预习,组内讨论完善补充信息。

  5. We are using a new textbook and Ms Shen's method is nothing like that of the teachers at my Junior High school. 我们用新的教科书,而且申老师的教学方法和我们初中老师的一点也不同。 nothing like ( 1 )一点儿也不像 典例:He is nothing like his brother. 他和他的弟弟一点也不像。 Your mobile phone is nothing like mine. ( 2 )没有比某事更好的了 典例:There is nothing like a hot bath after a day's work. 一天工作之后,没什么比洗个热水澡更舒服的了。 There is nothing like music when you are tired. that 可用来代替前面提到的物体,避免重复。 ( 注意,当指代物为复数名词时,用 those) 典例 :家乡的建筑和北京的一点也不同。
四.预习体会: 预习体会:

  1. 同学们在查找单词短语中遇到什么困难了吗?
  2. 还有其他的生词或知识点需要补充吗?
五、学习检测: 学习检测:

  1. 完成句子

  1)Your T-shirt mine.(你的体恤衫和我的相似) (
  2)Tom to France.(汤姆一直盼望着能去法国。) (
  3)English teacher is very popular with us, ,we all like her very much.(我们的英语 老师非常受欢迎,换句话说,我们都非常喜欢她)

  2. 高考链接

  6. And we have fun. 我们很开心。 fun 不可数名词 乐趣; 玩笑; 娱乐 (在美语中有时可用作形容词,表“有趣的”) 典例: We are going to have a party. 我们计划开一个晚会。 Have fun! __ (2008 辽宁)Could you tell me how to get to Victoria Street? Victoria Street? is where the Grand Theatre is. A. Such B. there C. that D. This (2008 全国) The English spoken in the United States is only slightly different from spoken in England A. which B. what C. that D. the one (2008 辽宁) The information on the Internet gets around much more rapidly than in the newspaper. A. it B. those C. one D. that (2005 上海) At a rough estimate,Nigeria is Great Britain. A. three times the size as B. the size three times of C. three times as the size of D. three times the size of

In other words, there are three times as many girls as boys. 换句话说,女生是男生的三倍。 ( 1 )in other words 换句话说 I don't want to leave you here. In other words, I want you to run away with us too. 拓展 that is to say 也就是说 in a word 总之; 总起来说 ( 2 ) 倍数表达法 表示 A 是 B 的几倍时,可用下列几种方法表达 ① A+ B + 倍数 + as B 典例 :The husband is twice as old as the wife. ② A + B + 倍数…than B 典例:The population in this town is three times more than it was in 19
  80. ③ A + be + 倍数 + the size/length/height/width…of B 典例:Our school is three times the size of yours.
六、学习反思: 学习反思:
班级: 班级:
学习者签字: 学习者签字: 年
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I'm looking forward to doing it! 我正期待着做这件事呢! look forward to 期待; 期望; 期盼 (注意其中的 to 为介词,其后需接名词或动名词) 典例: I'm looking forward to receiving your letter.


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