Reading + Grammar 1
豁达者长寿。 豁达者长寿。 健康胜过财富。 健康胜过财富。
A light heart lives long. Health is better than wealth.
有目标的人才能有真正的健康。 有目标的人才能有真正的健康。 A man needs a purpose for real health. 没有健康,人类就没有乐趣。 没有健康,人类就没有乐趣。 Without health no pleasure can be tasted by man. 健康失去时,始知其价值。 健康失去时,始知其价值。 Health is never valued until sickness comes.
病来如山倒,病去如抽丝。 病来如山倒,病去如抽丝。 Diseases come on horseback, but go away on foot. 病从口入。 病从口入。 A close mouth catches no flies. 疾病是可以感觉到的,但健康则完全不觉得。 疾病是可以感觉到的,但健康则完全不觉得。 Sickness is felt, but health not at all. 快乐首先在于有健康的身体。 快乐首先在于有健康的身体。 Happiness lies, first of all, in health. 预防胜于治疗。 预防胜于治疗。 Prevention is better than cure.
Read Zhou Kai (
  1). Answer the questions.

  1. Why is Zhou Kai’s mother anxious? Because he is going out to play football in the rain.
  2. What does she think will happen? She thinks Zhou Kai will catch a bad cold.
  3. What does she ask him to do? She asks him to at least wear his jacket.
Tell the story happened between Zhou Kai and his mother with the key words as follows:
anxious catch a cold
play in the rain do as one is told
Read Zhou Kai (
  2). And finish activity
  1. a
Match the words and their definitions:
be crazy about anxious normal captain rarely
team leader not very often
usual / opposite of crazy be enthusiastic about worried / eager

  1. I don’t have a sweet tooth . a) There is nothing wrong with my teeth. teeth. b) I don’t like to eat sweet things.
  2. Two years ago I broke my arm playing football. football. a) Two years ago I broke my arm but I still like playing football. b) Two years ago I broke my arm when I was playing football. football.

  3.I’m captain of the class team. a) I am aspecial player of the class team. b) I am the leader of the class team.

  4. I’m not too heavy, so I never have to diet. a) I’m not too heavy, so I can eat as much as I like. b) I’m not too heay, so I never have to eat.
Read Zhou Kai (
  1) and Zhou Kai (
  2), and discuss the following questions:

  1. Does Zhou Kai have a healthy lifestyle? Write three or four sentences saying why or why not.
  2. How to live a healthy life as a student?
Nouns used as verbs Complete the following sentences:
  1.Did you (预定)a seat on a plane book (预定)
  2. Please (递)me the book. hand
  3. They (取名 取名)their dog Bob. named 取名
  4. She (护理;照顾)her aged nurses (护理;照顾) mother every day.
Fill in the blanks with the words in the box. Change the form if necessary.
face, hand, paper, excuse, dust, dress
  6. hand Could you me the newspaper? dress The child is old enough to himself. We have to the difficulty. face paper She took out some paper to the windows. You must the desk and chair twice a day. dust We didn’t have any excuse for that, but the old lady us. excused
  1. 我们把谷物运往非洲。 我们把谷物运往非洲。 We ship grain to Africa.
  2. 这些桌椅落上了灰尘。 这些桌椅落上了灰尘。 These desks and chairs are coated with dust.
  3. 我们一起吃了午餐。 我们一起吃了午餐。 We lunched together.
Research Work
Learn and discuss the following points in groups of four. n. see sb. doing sth
  1. diet v.
  4. see sb. do sth see sth. done
  2. fit v. / adj. That’s because… sth. be fit for sb. to do
  5. That’s why… be fit to do sth. The reason is that… It is (not) fit for sb. to do sth. feed sb./ animal injure vt.
  3. injured adj. injury (U) / (C) feed sb./ animal sth.
  6. feed sb./ animal on / with sth. feed on

  1.Read Zhou Kai (
  1) and (
  2) fluently.
  2.Finish Activity 4 on page


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