英语必修4 Module One Life in the future
Reading and vocabulary
Activity 1 Read through the topics Tick the topics you think it will mention
Activity 2 Read the passage Check the answers
The topics mentioned in the class: alternative energy (paragraph1-line
  9) crime
(batman net) (forget the malls) (paragraph1-line
  5) (recreation) (garbage)
entertainment public service traffic
Activity 3 Match the words and phrases from the text with their meanings.
Read through the words Complete the task Check the answers
Match the words and phrases from the text with their meanings. 1 a problem which prevents you from doing something disability 2 not in a building outdoors 3 from the sun solar 4 free time activities, such as sport and entertainment recreation 5 you can use this to catch a lot of fish at the same time net 6 through the internet online 7 a place where you can get medical treatment clinic 8 to do with town or city life urban 9 a shopping center mall 10 to use up or finish completely run out 11 medical treatment in which the doctor cuts open your body surgery
Activity 4
Match the words and phrases in Box A with those in Box B. Check the answers
Match the words and phrases in Box A with those in Box B.
1 arrest criminals 2 carry out operation 3 load huge spaceship 4 recycle material 5 rely on 6 waste alternative energy natural resource
Activity 5
Find the words or phrases in the text which mean these things Check the answers
Find the words or phrases in the text which mean these things:
1 not a wise thing to do a risky business 2 someone who needs medical treatment but doesn’t need to stay in hospital outpatient 3 remove 4 old people get rid of senior citizens free of charge landfill
5 you don’t have to pay for something
6 a hole in the ground filled with garbage that can’t be recycled
Activity 6
Read the passage again Work in pairs. Ask and answer these question about the passage Check the answers
1 what have students in a Texas university done? They’ve thought how to run a city in 20
2 Where will garbage ships go?
They will go to the sun.
3 Who will batman nets catch? The bat nets will catch criminals.
4 where won’t people be allowed to smoke? People won’t be allowed to smoke within a city’s limits.
5 How will people go shopping? People will go shopping online.
6 What number will people keep for life? People will keep their telephone number for life.
7 What people won’t have to pay for?
People won’t have to pay for recreation.
8 How will cars be different ? They will be powered by electricity.
9 What will doctors do from a distance? Doctors will do surgery from a distance.
10 Where will old people go without moving? Old people will go anywhere without moving.
Vocabulary The city of the future Homework


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