高一英语下 高一英语下册教材总复习 英语
第一章 重点词汇

第三章 常见句型
第一节 基本结构

  1). The way 句式
  1. You will hear the difference in the way people speak. (1-2 英语)
  2. Listen carefully to the way the boy is talking. (1-2 英语)
  2). With+宾语 宾补 宾语+宾补 宾语
  1. It has wide streets with trees in rows. (1-3 游记)
  2. We went to see the temple with floors made of silver. (1-3 游记)
  3) Leave+宾语+宾语补足语句式 +宾语+宾语补足语句式
  1. They are left in peace with no hunting(2-4 生物)
  2. Animals should be left in gardens. (2-2 奥运)
  4). 强调结构
  1. It is because I haven’t been outdoors for so long that I’ve grown so crazy. (1-1 朋友)
  2. It was my sister who had the idea to cycle along the river. (1-3 游记)
  3. at university that has made her famous. (B4U1 妇女)
  5). Time 句型
  1. There was a time when a deep sky couldn’t keep me spellbound. (1-1 朋友)
  2. There were times when my size was totally changed. (2-3 电脑)
  3. This was a time when one had got to have a passbook. (1-5 英雄)
  4. This was the time when drought hit the area. (1-5 英雄)
  5. This was a time when two countries were at war. (2-1 古迹)
  6. I felt bad the first time I talked to him(1-5 英雄)
  7. It was the first time that I had seen the night face to face. (1-1 朋友)
  6). So…that…
  1. He liked the Milu deer so much that he took it to Britain. (2-4 生物)
  2. She was so angry that she decided not to get married. (2-2 奥运)
  7). 比较句式
  1. I am as big as a human. (2-3 电脑) Each ear of rice was as big as an ear of corn and each grain of rice was as huge as a peanut. (B4U2 农业) The gravity of the moon is not as strong a pull as the earth's. (B3U4 天 文)Leaving the moon's gravity was not as painful as leaving the earth's. (B3U4 天文) I stay as far away from polar bears as possible. (B3U5 加拿大)Clearly it was as bad to be thin as to be fat. (B3U2 饮食)
  2. Vietnam has almost seven times the population of Cambodia. (1-3 游记) It has twice the population. (1-3 游 记) The bank-note was worth millions of dollars, but not worth one-tenth as much as how Henry felt about Portia . (B3U3 百万英镑)When I tried to step forward I found I was carried twice as far as on the earth and fell over. (B3U4 天文) Using his hybrid rice farmers are producing harvests twice as large as before. (B4U2 农业)
  3. This special strain of rice makes it possible to produce one-third more of the crop in the same fields. (B4U2
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倍数+比较级 倍数+as…as 倍数+the +n +of
同位结构 Jiuquxi, a river in the shape of a snake, is green and clear. (1-3 游记) He won first prize, a gold medal for the long jump. (2-2 奥运) 倒装句式 Never before in history has a city been so completely destroyed. (1-4 地震) Never in the city’s history were people so kind. (1-4 地震) Only then did we decide to answer violence with violence(1-5 英雄) I think it should not be returned. Nor do I think it should be given to the government(2-1 古迹) No other country could join in, nor could slaves. (2-2 奥运) Only after her mother came to help her for the first few months was she allowed to begin her project. (B4U1 妇女)
  10). 省略句型 It easily melts when heated. (2-1 古迹) The word, when spoken, can have two meanings. (B4U3 幽默)
  11). 句子副词
  3. We can keep it because the search costs us a lot of money. Besides, any person who finds something can keep it. (2-1 古迹)
  4. He has a big heart. In other words, he is very kind. (2-1 古迹)
  5. I can make up new moves. After all, intelligence is what I am all about. (2-3 电脑)
  6. I didn’t know they were talking about. Anyway, let’s go back to my history. (2-3 电脑)
  7. I am as big as a human. In fact, I look like one, too. (2-3 电脑)
  8. The animals have enemies that kill and eat them. As a result, many of them have died out. (2-4 生物)
  9. The number of the deer in Britain increased year by year. As a result, Britain was able to help China. (2-4 生 物)
  10. As a result of the terrorists’ attack, tourism has been greatly affected.(2-5 音乐)
  12)too 结构 )
  1. I think it’s too far north here for holiday(B3U5 加拿大)The earth may become too hot for the lives on it. (B3U4 天文) We are too far from the earth now to feel its pull, so we feel as if there is no gravity at all. (B3U4 天文) Many of our young people will be only too happy to work for it. (B3U2 饮食)
第二节 其他句式

  1. I stay awake in order to have a good look at the moon. (1-1 朋友) We have a heart-to-heart talk in order to solve our problems. (1-1 朋友) What do you think the Chinese team will do in order to win more medals? (2-2 奥运) They do what they can to make their company bigger. (1-5 英雄) He did what he can to stop other competitors(1-5 英雄) Those countries speak English either because of foreign rule or because of its special role as an international language.(1-2 英语) We were put in a position in which we had either to accept the fact or fight the government. (1-5 英雄) Most of the time, chimps either feed or clean each other as a way of showing love in their family. (B4U1 妇女)They could either let the animals eat the weeds or turn the soil over so that the weeds were covered and would rot. (B4U2 农业) They thought the ancestors could return either to help or to
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do harm. (B3U1 节庆) As time went by, I realize my idea was totally wrong(2-3 电脑) As the years have gone by, I was made smaller and smaller. (2-3 电脑) As time went by they covered the earth. (B3U4 天文) The spelling of English is more of a problem in the days before a dictionary. (1-2 英语) McDonald’s provides food that is of high quality, safe and healthy. (B3U2 饮食) The fried rice tastes of fat. (B3U2 饮食)The design was of the fancy style. (2-1 古迹) It would be wrong of me not trust a gentleman such as yourself. (B3U3 百万英镑) Well, that’s very kind of you. (B3U3 百万英镑)It’s for us to thank you. (B3U3 百万英镑) There are events like ice skating. That is why they are called the Winter Olympics(2-2 奥运) This is why I am writing to you. (2-3 电脑) I don’t wish to share my secret thoughts with others. That’s why I thought my diary a good friend of mine. (1-1 朋友) It is too high a price to pay. (2-4 生物) The earth got too hot to live on(2-4 生物) The pigs were too nervous to eat. (1-4 地震) They must leave Britain before it was too painful for them. (2-5 音乐) Before the Nazis could get to the Palace, the Russians were only able to remove the furniture. (2-1 古迹) I ask for help by writing a letter. (2-4 生物) She was able to replace her usual afternoon’s work by watching some exciting sports. (2-2 奥运) He became rich by being a computer bully. (1-5 英雄) He wanted to be famous more than anything else. (2-5 音乐) Music is more than just sound. It is a way of thinking. (2-5 音乐) The more you speak English, the better your English will become. (2-2 奥运) The past is not only for us to enjoy but also for the children of the future. (2-1 古迹) In European countries it is the custom to decorate churches and town halls with flowers and fruit. It has always been the custom for people to have festivals. (B3U1 节庆) It’s too bad you can’t go as far as Ottawa, Canada’s capital. (B3U5 加拿大) I did not realize that my homework was to change my life. (B4U1 妇女) I could not wait to find out more about her. (B4U1 妇女) Why not study at medical college like Lin Qiao zhi and carry on her good work? (B4U1 妇女) He wants everyone to call him a farmer, for that’s how he regards himself. (B4U2 农业) As Dr Yuan proves, one dream is not always enough. (B4U2 农业) Dr Yuan searched for a way to increase rice harvests without expanding the area of fields. (B4U2 农业) Even today the report of the noodle harvest is remembered as one of the best April Fool’s jokes ever! (B4U3 幽默)This was the best meals he had ever had. (B4U3 幽默) I have got to go to school on Saturdays. (1-1 朋友 朋友) For one thing, a journal isn’t as personal as a diary. For another, it has a different purpose. (1-3 游记) There is no doubt that it was moved to Germany. (2-1 古迹)
第一节 高频知识

  1). can’t have sb. doing 不能听任 容忍某人做某事 He couldn’t have the man getting away with telling people 不能听任/容忍某人做某事 lies! (B3U2 饮食)
  2).a number of; the number of .
  1. English has a large number of speakers(1-2 英语)
  2. The number of English speakers is increasing rapidly. (1-2 英语)
  3).Used to; be used to .
  1. I used to write about the Games 2000 years ago. (2-2 奥运) Farmers used to hunt the elephants. (2-4 生物)
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Money used to go to big companies. (2-4 生物) The old men used to make one in a few hours. They used to live in skin tents in summer (B3U5 加拿大) used to walk to his rice fields twice a day, but now he prefers He to ride his motorcycle. (B4U2 农业)
  2. I love being used to connect people(2-3 电脑) A keyboard is used to keep data into a computer. (2-3 电脑) The antelope fur is being used to make sweaters. (2-4 生物) Seven thousand tons of amber were used to make the room. (2-1 古迹)
  4). include
  1. Horse riding is not included in the winter games. (2-2 奥运)
  2. All these men and young boys came from different parts of Greece, including Athens. (2-2 奥运)
  3. Others went to work with Murray, including his two daughters. (1-2 英语)
  7).参加 join; take part .
  1. The prison guards also joined us. (1-5 英雄)
  2. Dao Wei will join us there. (1-3 游记)
  3. Join in the discussion(1-1 朋友)
  4. Women were not allowed to join in. (2-2 奥运)
  5. He sang his latest hit and I joined in. (2-5 音乐)
  6. take part in the Olympics (2-2 奥运)
  8).放弃与屈服 .
  1. He has given up many things in his life to help others. (1-5 英雄)
  2. He gave up a rich life for his ideas. (1-5 英雄)
  3. I have to give up a lot of things to win gold medals. (2-2 奥运)
  4. I had to give in. (1-3 游记)
  9)、need 与 dare 、 I didn’t dare open the window. (1-1 朋友) I know I didn’t need to encourage her. (1-3 游记)
  10). agree
  1. I do not agree with your opinion. (2-1 古迹)
  2. I don’t agree with the writer. (2-1 古迹)
  3. I don’t agree that it should be returned. (2-1 古迹)
  4. All members have to agree with what music to play. (2-5 音乐)

  1) Ing 结构
  1. The lights are large stars being slowly sucked into it. (B3U4 天文)
  2. We are sitting in a café in old Quebec, drinking hot coffee to try to warm up. (B3U1 节庆)
  3. One person runs behind the sled, shouting to the dogs to encourage them. (B3U1 节庆)
  5. There was Hu Jin waving at him and calling, (B3U1 节庆) Wang Peiwei sat in his empty restaurant feeling very frustrated. (B3U2 饮食)

  2) 情态动词表猜测 过去习惯、其他 情态动词表猜测/过去习惯 过去习惯、
  1. Harvest and Thanksgiving festivals can be very happy events. (B3U1 节庆)
  2. They thought the ancestors could return either to help or to do harm. (B3U1 节庆)
  3. She didn’t turn up. She could be with her friends right now laughing at him. (B3U1 节庆)
  4. On this important feast day, people might eat food in shape of skulls, and cakes with “bones” on them. (B3U1 节庆)
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Some people might win awards for their animals, flowers, fruits and vegetables, like the biggest watermelon

  3)、重要时态 、
  1. Why are you so late? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time! And I have a gift for you!” (B3U1 节庆)
  2. The music and lights of the carnival continue, but we have been watching the parades and riding in horse carriages listening to the music all day. (B3U1 节庆)
  3. I had been growing the flower throughout the summer. (B4U3 幽默)
  4. If you were to fall in, you would freeze in less than two minutes. (B3U1 节庆) could be thinner as well She as healthy if she ate more vegetables like beans. 虚拟语气(B3U2 饮食)
  4). it 结构
  1. It is said that this university is a center of culture in this town. (1-2 英语)
  2. It is not surprising that native speakers don’t know grammar very well. (1-2 英语) It is not surprising that the panda sign of the WWF has been world famous. (2-4 生物)
  3. It has been decided that those who do not do their homework will have to return to school on Saturday. (2-3 电脑)
  4. It is hoped that one day it will be returned to nature. (2-4 生物)
  5. It occurred to me that he has grown up. (2-5 音乐)
  6. It seemed that Lin Qiao zhi had been very busy in her chosen career. (B4U1 妇女)
  7. It struck me how difficult it must have been for a woman to get a medical training so long ago (B4U1 妇 女)
  8. It was still not too late to fill in the forms for the university entrance exam…(B4U1 妇女)
  9. It astonished me that he was able to separate the bottom of the shoe from the upper part. (B4U3 幽默)
  10. It happened that this flower was a new species (B4U3 幽默)
  11. It goes witho



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