本试卷分第一卷(选择题)和第二卷(非选择题)两部分。共 150 分,考试时间 120 分钟。所有答案一律涂、写在答题卡上,否则做 0 分处理。 第一卷 (三部分,共 115 分) 第一部分:听力(共两节,满分 30 分, 每小题
  1.5 分)
  1. What does the woman want the man to do? A. To work all the time. B. To play at home C. To work and play

  2. What is the woman thinking about? A.Getting an extra job. B. Changing her job. C. Doing better in her job.
  3. How much will the man spend? A.$34 B. $44 C. $68
  4. What probably is Mr. Smith? A. The woman’s boss B. The man’s boss C. The woman’s friend
  5. When does the conversation take place? A. After Saturday. B. On Saturday C. Before Saturday
  6. What’s the matter with Mr. Hudson’s mother? A. She was ill, but she feels much better. B. She was seriously ill. C. She went to see him.
  7. What kind of person is Mr. Hudson according to the dialogue? A. A hard worker. B. A person who often gets angry C. A person who cares nothing
  8. Which maybe the reason why Mr. Hudson is so bad? A. His mother’s illness B. Maybe his son has brought him some trouble. C.His manager wants to fire him
  9. What are they talking about? A. The man’s trip to New Jork. B. The lady’s trip to New Jork C. The lady’s physics class
  10. What did the lady see in New York? A.The New York Library. B. The New York City Park C. The Statue of Liberty
  11. What advice did the lady give the man? A. Visit New York in spring or fall B. Visit New York when it is hot C. Visit the Statue of Liberty
  12. What is the probable relationship betweeen the two speakers? A. A manager and an interviewee B. A boss and his secretary. C. An ad designer and his customer.
  13. Which is true of Miss Brown? A. She has just graduated from Peterson Secretary School. B. She posted the ad in a newspaper. C. She can do a lot of things besides phoning.
  14. What was the result of the interview ? A. Miss Brown was given the position. B. Miss Brown was likely to be refused.
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C. Miss Brown was likely to be given the position.
  15. What is the possible relationship between the man and the woman? A. Teacher and student B. Husband and wife C. Father and daughter.
  16. How do they get to the place? A. By car B. By bus C. By bike
  17. What food does the man have ? A. A bottle of beer. B. A basket of fruit C. A cheese sandwich
  18. Where does the conversation most probably take place? A. In the classroom. B. In the examination room C. In the teacher’s office
  19. Which of the following was NOT suggested for the exam review? A. The textbook B. Class notes C. The research project
  20.Why does the teacher say that the exam will be not easy for the students? A.There will be a lot of multiple-choice questions. B. Students will be tested on all the topics discussed in class C.Students will have to respond to all the questions in the exam. 第二部分:英语知识运用(共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节:单项填空(共 15 小题,每小题 1 分)

  21. I won’t go there. It’s late now. , it is raining so hard.
A. That’s B. What’s more C. However D. So
  22. After quick dinner, Stephanie likes to play guitar for a while in the garden. A. a; a B. a; the C. the; a D; 不填;the

  23.It is suggested that another school in our city.
A. should build C. will be set up B. be set up D. will build

  24.You can never imagine what great trouble we have the matter.
A. taken to deal with B. taken dealing with C. took to deal with D. taking dealing with
  25.Though he had felt that English was difficult to learn, he never , and finally he succeeded. A. gave up B. gave in C. gave out D. both A and B
  26. is certain is the mystery of Stonehenge has never been fully explained.
A. It, that B. What, what C. It, what D. What, that

  27. Professor Zhang gave all the textbooks to all the pupils, except __ _ who had already taken them. A. these B. ones C. the ones D. the others
  28.My father always tells me that as long as I work hard my wish to be a scientist will surely . A. come about B. happen C. take place D. come true
  29.Because of the hard work of the farmers the desert finally rich farmland. A. changed B. turned C. turned into D. turned to
  30.In the north people sometimes tie straw ropes (草绳) round the trees in winter to them from the cold. A. stop B. prevent C. save D. protect
  31.He paid thirty yuan to post the moon cake, not the charge (费用) for the
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container. A. keeping
B. taking
C. including
D. containing

  32. -- will you leave for Hawaii? --In around two weeks. I am waiting for my passport. A. How soon B. How often C. How long
  33. What about going out for a walk after supper? . Walking after meals is good for health. A. I couldn’t agree more. B. I’m afraid not.
D. When
C. I believe not. D. I don’t think so
  34. The driver was about to drive to cross the street the red light turned on. A. as B. when C. before D. while
  35. What difficulty will you have people when you stay in a foreign country? A. understanding B. understood C. to understand D. understand 第二节:完形填空(共 20 小题满分 30 分)
Enid's wedding(婚礼) dress arrived at five o'clock in the evening, just seventeen 36 before her marriage! “I must try it on Mother!” she cried, as she ran 37 .Three minutes later Enid's for her. It was like a bag in cries brought her 38 .The dress was much 39 the front, and the neckline looked all 40 . Enid was in 41 . “Take it back to the dressmaker's,” Mrs Bale said.“She must 42 it tonight. Hurry now. Take it off and go.” The dressmaker's shop was closed.“Closed for One Week's Holiday,” said a 43 on the door. Fresh tears rose to Enid's eyes. She ran home again to her mother. “This is unlucky,”Mrs Bale said.” But what are we going to do? 44 I ask Mrs. Peters to help? She was a dressmaker once. I'm sure she could change it for you.” Mrs. Peters was 45 in and began to work. She could see 46 was wrong. She had to 47 it narrower at the front, and that was a big job. Then she changed the neckline. In fact she made it again. At ten o'clock the work was finished, and Enid tried the dress on. It fitted her beautifully. The three women were having a cup of tea 48 the doorbell rang .Mrs. Bale answered it and 49 into the worried eyes of a 50 woman. The woman was carrying a large flat 51 . “Does Miss Enid Bale 52 here?" she asked breathlessly. “Yes, she's my I've found you! There's been a 54 .Your daughter daughter.” “Oh, I am 53 has my wedding dress, and I've got 55 . And I'm getting married tomorrow!” She held out the box to Mrs. Bale.
  36. A. weeks B. minutes C. days D. hours
  37. A. upstairs B. outside C. back home D. about
  38. A. husband B. daughter C. mother D. neighbour
  39. A. smaller B. shorter C. too big D. too long
  40. A. wrong B. pleased C. right D. waste
  41. A. love B. tears C. surprise D. danger
  42. A. measure B. make C. repair D. change
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  43. A. voice
  44. A. Will
  45. A. sent
  46. A. neckline
  47. A. make
  48. A. then
  49. A. came
  50. A. short pretty
  51. A. cup
  52. A. live
  53. A. thankful
  54. A. dress
  55. A. yours
B. sound B. Would B. brought B. all B. keep B. until B. got B. fat young B. dress B. work B. sorry B. change B. hers
C. notice C. Shall C. pushed C. nothing C. change C. when C. saw C. slim old C. bag C. stay C. angry C. mistake C. the other
D. saying D. Should D. taken D. what D. take D. while D. looked D. little quiet D. box D. wait D. glad D. wish D. others
第三部分:阅读理解(共 20 小题,满分 40 分)
An explosion on Thursday killed one and injured 21 in a busy street in Tongren, Southwest China’s Guizhou Province. The bomb was hidden in a rubbish bin in the city’s commercial hub (商业中心) , where lots of shops and restaurants are concentrated. The ear-splitting blast was heard around 12∶50 p.m.,said a local newspaper, citing witnesses. The power of the blast shattered (使粉碎) nearby shop windows and ripped the stainless(不生锈的)steel rubbish can to pieces. One passer-by,identified(确认)only as Zhang,said she was shocked by the noise and saw a lot of pedestrians lying on the ground when she got to the scene. Thirteen of the injured were taken to a local hospital after the explosion. A doctor there said five were in serious condition but already out of danger after emergency treatment. The others were just slightly hurt. The cause of the explosion is still under investigation, said an officer with the Tongren police, but refused to speculate as to the cause.
  56.It can be inferred from the passage that . A. All the injured were taken to a hospital B. 8 of the injured were not taken to a hospital C. The rubbish bin with a bomb was in a restaurant D. The rubbish bin with a bomb was in a shop
  57.Which of the following statements is true according to the passage? A. One passer- by, identified only as Zhang, saw the man throwing a bomb into a bin. B. Some customers in restaurants were injured. C. The writer didn’t get to the scene. D. All customers in shops got hurt.
  58. the last paragraph the underlined word speculate”probably means . In “ A. tell B. guess C. discuss D. talk
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  59.What of the following can be the best title for the passage? A. Bomb Hidden in a Rubbish Bin B. The Cause of the Explosion C. A Terrible Thing D. Market Blast Kills 1 ,Injures 21
Women turn to online shopping Women have jumped ahead of men for the first time in using the Internet to do their holiday shopping,according to a study published last week in the US. For Years men have been more likely to shop on the Internet than women,but during the 2004 holiday season 58 percent of those making online purchases were women. “It shows how mainstream the Internet is becoming”, Lee Rainie, said director of the Pew Internet and American Life Project group,which carried out the study. Rainie said it was only a matter of time before women shoppers caught up with men. This is because women traditionally make decisions about spending. Users were more likely to shop online to save time. Internet users between the ages of 18 and 29 were responsible for some of the most dramatic(显著的)increases in the online gift-buying population this time around. However,three-quarters of the US Internet users did not buy holiday gifts online in 20
  04.They worried about credit card security,or just compared online prices with off-line prices,then dashed off to the shops to get the best deals. “But even if shoppers don’t buy online,websites are becoming promotion tools for stores,”said Dan Hess,vice president of Comscore Networks Inc.Hess said that actually most stores’ websites can make customers fully believe the security of their credit card numbers. And most are able to ensure that gifts arrive on time. “It’s all about making the shopping experience more efficient,more reliable and more comfortable,” Hess said.
  60.Which of the following statements is true? A.There were fewer women online shoppers than men in 20
  04. B.Most of the Internet users between the ages of 18 and 29 are women. C.People in the US were more likely to buy gifts online. D.More women shopped online than men in 20
  61.From the passage we can infer that. A.men usually decide how to spend money in the family B.women usually decide what to buy in the family C.the Internet is used in all the shops. D.more and more shops will sell their goods online.
  62.According to Dan Hess,shopping online. A.is unsafe B.is convenient C.is a waste of time D.is cheaper
  63.What can we know from the passage? A.American people only buy gifts in holidays.
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B.Shopping online is fun for women. C.Shopping off-line provides better service. D.Young people like to do gift-shopping online.
A few days ago I asked my sons’ governess(女家庭教师)Julia to come into my study. “Be seated, Julia, ” said, “Let’s settle our accounts. I guess you most likely I need some money, but maybe you’re too polite to mention it. Now then, we agreed on thirty dollars a month...” “Forty.” “No, thirty. I made a note of it. I always pay our governess thirty. Well, um, you’ve been here two months, so...” “Two months and five days.” “Exactly two months. I made a special note of it. That means you have sixty dollars coming to you. Take off nine Sundays... you know you didn’t work with Tom on Sundays, you only took walks. And three holidays... ”Julia was biting her finger nail nervously, her face red, but not a word. “Three holidays, therefore take off twelve dollars. Four days Tom was sick and there were no lessons, as you were occupied only with Dick. Three days you had a toothache and my wife gave you permission not to work after lunch. Twelve and seven - nineteen. Take nineteen off ... that leave



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   (一)书信 概述 书信是人们在日常生活和工作中进行交际的工具,也是高考书面表达中常见的考试文 体。由于民族语言和习惯上的差异,英语信件在书写格式及表达方式上与汉语不大一样,有 些地方迥然不同。本章将向大家介绍一般格式及各种常见信件,如家信、祝贺信、道歉信及 自荐信等。 一般格式 英文书信的构成可分为 8 个部分: 信头(Heading) 日期(Date) 收信人姓名及地址(Inside Name and Address) 称呼(Salutation) 信文(Body of the lette ...


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