Reading Lost civilizations
Date 15th July 16th July 17th July Arrangements In Italy went to a lecture about Pompeii saw the ancient city of Pompeii, be to visit the museum in Naples arrived in Loulan knew some information from an Archaeologist Professor Zhang
24th July
25th July
Place names Pompeii city Vesuvius volcano The museum in Naples Loulan
Historic information
It was founded in the 8th century BC. The Romans took over it. It has been a rich city. It erupted and all the people in Poepeii were buried alive, and so was the city! It houses many of the treasures from Pompeii. It was a stopping point on the famous Silk Road between the East and the West.
Personal feelings & opinions amazing; hard to imagine… so excited… What a pity!
Try to decide what the following words refer to in the passage.

  1) The city was founded in the 8th century BC. ( line
< Pompeii>

  2) People started to dig in the area for treasure, which caused much damage. ( line
< the fact that people started to dig in the area for treasure >

  3) The volcano is still there. (line
  24) < near Pompeii >
  4) It was a stopping point on the famous Silk Road between the East and the West. (line
  32) < Loulan >
  5) …, but even that didn’t prevent the city from being buried by sandwhat a pity! (line
< the fact that the desert was once a green land with enormous trees>
Task 2
Use the following words to complete this passage.
Pompeii civilizations treasure archaeologist volcano sand ruins
commercial erupted represent
I was so excited to be picked to Canada. I have been to represent in Italy and am now in China visiting Loulan. Both places Pompeii were important cities about 2,000 years ago. They both commercial disappeared and became lost . Pompeii was destroyed by civilizations a . It and covered Pompeii with ash. Loulan volcano erupted disappeared under the . No one is quite sure why. There sand are just a few left. Some , such as coins and ruins treasure painted pots, was found, and recently some tombs. I as becoming very interested in ancient civilizations. Maybe I shall become an archaeologist one day.
Language Study

  1. remain
v. 停留,留下,继续,依然 停留,留下,继续,

  1. Vi. 无被动 A few apples remained on the tree. The only remaining problem is how to make more money.
  2. 后可接不定式 Much remains to be done. He remained to direct the battle. It remains to be seen whether you are right.

  3. 做连系动词,意为“保持,仍处于” 后接名词 做连系动词,意为“保持,仍处于” 形容词,分词,介词短语等。 形容词,分词,介词短语等。 This remains a serious problem. We should remain silent on this question. She remain reading books for 5 hours. He remained under the care of a nice nurse in the hospital.
They were problems over by history. C
A.leaving B.remained C.left D.stayed
Having a trip abroad is certainly good for the old B couple, but it remains whether they will enjoy it. see be seen C.seeing D.seen

  2.take over
To get into one's possession by force, skill, or artifice, especially: 取得:通过武力、技巧或欺诈占有,
The television station was taken over and held for some hours. 电视台被占领了几个钟头。 电视台被占领了几个钟头。 He succeeded in taking over that company in the business competition.
take off
take on
take up

to become violently active(尤指火山)爆发:
The volcano erupted after years of sleeping. 那座火山在沉睡多年后剧烈活动起来
Violence erupted after the football match. (喻) 喻 足球赛后发生了暴力行为。 足球赛后发生了暴力行为。

The village is surrounded by hills。 。 Let me explain some of the dangers which surround us.
They could see into the courtyard from the roofs of the surrounding buildings.
Surroundings. n.
We used to live much nicer surroundings. He didn’t pay much attention to his surroundings.

to shock or surprise someone. My family was amazed at how well I could speak foreign languages. Her knowledge amazes me. 她的学识令我吃惊。 她的学识令我吃惊。 I was amazed by the news of George's sudden death. 听到乔治突然去逝的消息,我感到惊愕 我感到惊愕。 听到乔治突然去逝的消息 我感到惊愕。
amazing. adj. amazingly adv.
New York is a amazing city Her knowledge is amazing. Our holiday was amazingly cheap.

  1)作及物动词,以“事物”作主语。以”人“做宾 语,表示“使……吃惊”。 The news surprised/amazed/astonished me.
  2)用现在分词作定语,表示“令人吃惊的”。 例:The new plane goes at an surprising/amazing/astonishing speed.

  3)用过去分词作定语或表语,表示“感到吃惊的”。 例:He was surprised/amazed/astonished at the news. 从意义上看,第二和第三“吃惊”的程度不同。
  4)surprise含意较弱,仅表示出乎意料之外。 例:I’m surprised that you think this way.
  5)amaze强调“使惊讶”,有时还有“惊叹”“佩服” 之意。 例:Your answer simply amazed me We were amazed at the ingenuity with which they overcome their difficulties
例:He astonish us by announcing that he was going to
get married the next day.

to be, to live In the solar system there exist 9 planets. The Roman Empire existed for several centuries. 罗马帝国存在了好几个世纪。 罗马帝国存在了好几个世纪。 One cannot exist without air. 人没有空气就不能生存。 人没有空气就不能生存。 The old lady exists only on rice coffee and bread. 老太太仅靠咖啡面包生活。 老太太仅靠咖啡面包生活。 through :

  1) to extend, stretch, or reach in a certain direction or to a particular point:延伸

  2) to pierce: 穿透,刺穿: The soldier was run through by a bayonet. 士兵被刺刀刺透了

  3) To use up quickly: 挥霍掉: She ran through all her money. 她很快花完了所有的钱

  4) To rehearse quickly: 匆匆排练: Let's run through the first act again. 我们再排练一下第一场
  5) To go over the salient points or facts of: 匆匆看过:把…的突出点或事实过目一下: The crew ran through the preflight procedures. We ran through the witness's testimony before presenting it in court. 机组人员又复习了一遍飞行前的程序。 机组人员又复习了一遍飞行前的程序。在法庭上出示之 前,我们先过目一下见证人的证词 the time
By the time he was 14, he had learned advanced advanced mathematics all by himself. By the time he arrives, we will have finished the work.

  9.It is believed that
It is believed that the strike will last for at least a week. 相信罢工至少会延续一个星期。 相信罢工至少会延续一个星期。 It is believed that they will come to our help shortly. 相信他们很快会来帮助我们的. 相信他们很快会来帮助我们的
It is said that It is reported that It is thought that
Do you believe the news stories? 你相信这个新闻故事吗 你相信这个新闻故事吗? I believe you.我相信你的话 我相信你的话
believe in 信仰;信任 信仰;
to believe in God 信仰上帝 We believe in him. 我们信任他。 我们信任他。
belief n.
The lost civilization, Loulan
remains of Loulan


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