高一英语下学期 Unit16 Scientists at work 单元测
  1.much too…
  2.get done/get sth.done…
  3.There is a high chance that… 一、Write the key words or phrases from memory(默写重点单词与词组)10 分
  20.结论 二、Word spelling(单词拼写)10 分
  1.It's (不必要)to spend so much money on clothes.
  2.Everything has its own advantages and d.
  3.Setting up a car factory here can help develop the ein this area.
  4.In the 18th and 19th centuries scientists made many important (发现).
  5.A condenser is used to collect and store e.
  6.It usually takes four hours to get my cell phone fully c.
  7.Do you know what material (传导)electricity and heat best?
  8.Don't pull the cloth so hard.It (撕)easily.
  9.How do you feel animal experiments? Do you think it c.
  10.There is no d about his honesty. 三、Rewrite the following sentences(句型转换)5 分
  1.My cell phone is power off.I have to store power into it. I have to my cell phone fully before I use it again.
  2.If a medicine works with animals there is a high chance that it also works with people. If a medicine has animals,it that it has people.
  3.How do you feel about the animal experiments? What do you the animal experiments?
  4.Doctors can learn a lot of skills from working on animals. Doctors can more from working on animals.
  5.I think Maglev train costs too much money. In ,Maglev train is expensive. 四、Multiple choice(单项选择)15 分
  1.It looks as if they are going to us a lot of money for the concert hall. A.demand B.cost C.charge D.ask
  2.They had to before they finished the course because they were not well disciplined.
A.drop in B.drop out C.drop off D.drop by
  3.At midnight the enemy attacked . A.without warning B.without notice C.without permission D.A or B
  4.You'd better get all the work before you leave. A.finishing B.to finish C.finished D.be finished
  5.I didn't like aunt Lucy,who without warning and bringing us presents. A.always turned up B.has always turned up C.had always turned up D.was always turning up
  6. no need for everybody to discuss the problem again since it has already been solved. A.It has B.There has C.We have D.There is
  7.Plastic and rubber won't electricity,but copper will. A.have B.do C.pass D.conduct
  8. that he had fallen behind,he tried to work harder. A.Having realized B.Realized C.Realize D.To realize
  9.The key the string was put into the door to stop the kite . A.tie to;flying away B.tying to;fly away C.tied to;flying away D.tied to;fly away
  10.There is that her daughter will pass the exam to go abroad to study. A.chances B.likely C.a high chance D.possible
  11.Arguments happen when people each other's views. A.go against B.go for C.keep D.have
  12. that it's very cruel to kill wild animals for money. A.It is no doubt B.There is no doubt C.It is not doubt D.There is not doubt
  13.Every minute should be lessons. A.made full use to learn B.made use of learning C.made use of to learn D.used of learning
  14.,they'll carry on the work until they can get the money they need. A.As I think B.In my opinion C.In spite of D.To my view
  15.?Do you think we can get there on time? ?Yes, the bus does not break down.
A.even if B.unless C.until D.so long as 五、Cloze test(完形填空)20 分 In the last century there were not 1 big towns in the U.S. 2 there are today.Most towns in the country were small.And in these small towns,the general store was 3 people 4 the things they couldn't made or grow at home. 5 the store sold 6 a good deal about life in the United States at that time.People bought tools that they needed on their farms.They bought salt,sugar,coffee that their farms didn't produce.They bought articles of 8 that they and 7 could not make themselves,and cloth or other materials that the 9 would make into dresses for themselves,shirts for the men and clothes for their children. Life in the 10 century America was 11 .One proves that most people were satisfied with what they had 12 still they looked forward 13 courage to them.It would be interesting to know 15 they whatever the future would 14 would feel about life in the world today. 16 to them that life is too complex,or would they be glad to see that life is 17 in the past? Nobody will 18 know the 19 people at that time would enjoy life today or not.Perhaps man is always the same of his kind.They did take things for granted,and also they did try to make life more comfortable.We have to admit that it is the same people at present. 20
  1.A.many B.so many C.so much D.a lot of
  2.A.where B.like C.what D.as
  3.A.where B.for C.in which D.that
  4.A.made B.bought C.sold D.paid for
  5.A.That B.No matter C.Which D.What
  6.A.says B.talks C.refers D.tells
  7.A.other things B.another food C.other foods D.foods and drinks
  8.A.clothes B.clothing C.dresses D.suits
  9.A.farmers B.men C.women D.children
  10.A.eighteenth B.nineteenth C.twentieth D.next
  11.A.easy B.simple C.interesting D.tiresome
  12.A.and which B.and yet C.and that D.but what
  13.A.in B.to C.of D.with
  14.A.bring B.take C.happen to D.serve
  15.A.what B.whether C.that D.how
  16.A.Did it appear B.Would it seem C.What did it seem D.What appeared
  17.A.still what it used to be B.better than what it was C.much more easier than D.no more than it was
  18.A.never B.always C.once D.ever
  19.A.truth that B.fact whether C.idea how D.information of
  20.A.as B.for C.with D.like 六、Reading comprehension.(阅读理解)20 分 A Air is an odorless(that cannot be smelled;smelless),invisible(that cannot be seen)gas that surrounds the planet earth.It is everywhere on the planet.An “empty”
drinking glass and an “empty” room,to give two examples,are not really empty.Each is filled with air.When the glass is filled with water,the water pushes the air out of the glass. Air,as a gas,has no definite(fixed,particular)shape,but,because it is matter,it takes up space.It is easy to prove that air is something that takes up space.Stuff a dry handkerchief into the bottom of a glass so that it will not fall out when the glass is turned upside-down.Push the upside-down glass,hold it straight into a jar of water till the glass is completely covered.When the glass is taken out of water,the handkerchief will be dry.The air inside the glass took up space and kept the water from coming in.
  1.“Stuff a dry handkerchief into…”.The underlined word means. A.Press tightly B.Take out C.Put down D.Turn fully
  2.The writer tells us that . A.the experiment was done in the laboratory B.the experiment was done outside the room C.the experiment is easily done D.the experiment is carried out indoors
  3.Which of the following pictures gives us the correct result? (W?water;A?air;H?handkerchief)
B Below is a table which shows the melting( 液 化 )and boiling points of common substances.Study the table.Then do Numbers 4?
  7. Substance Water Alcohol Nitrogen Oxygen Melting point(C) 0 ?117 ?210 -218 Boiling Point(C) 100 78 ?196 ?183

  4.The underlined word‘substances'means‘a type of'. A.matter B.liquid C.solid D.gas

  5.Which of the four should be a liquid at-90 degrees? A.water B.alcohol C.nitrogen D.oxygen
  6.Mixing alcohol and water is often used to wash windscreens of cars during the wintertime because . A.it is easier for alcohol to change into gas B.alcohol is not easily separated from water C.alcohol freezes at lower temperature than water D.the mixture is not expensive
  7.In order to change water from a solid to a liquid energy must be . A.removed B.added C.created D.destroyed C Flags have existed for over 3000 years.The earliest flags were wooden or metal poles topped with a carving.About 2000 years ago pies of fabric were added to some poles for decoration.Over the next 500 years the free-flying part of the flag became more important. Every country today has its own flag.Many groups and organizations also have a flag which stands for,or symbolizes,the aims of the group. The flag depicts (描绘)a world map,centered on the north pole.The map is surrounded by an olive(橄榄)wreath(花环)symbolizing peace and co-operation.The flag is blue and white.
  8.Flags have been in existence for . A.500 years B.over 3000 years C.about 2000 years D.between 500 and 2000 years
  9.A very old flag is likely to . A.be made of fabric B.have a map on it C.have white shapes on it D.be made of carved wood
  10.An olive wreath is used to represent . A.peace B.purity C.justice D.equality 七、Error correction(短文改错)10 分 Mr.Smith was a biology professor,but he had
  1. a lot of animal bones that he was very proud.Then
  2. one year he managed to get a better job in others
  3. university.As he was busy at the work,his wife asked
  4. three men to remove all their things to the new house.
  5. One of them was just about throw a large box into the
  6. truck with all the other things,then Mrs.Smith ran
  7. out and said,“Please treat the box gentle! It has
  8. all of my husband's bones in it.” Heard this,the
  9. man was so surprising that he nearly dropped it on his feet.
  10. 八、Guided writing(书面表达)10 分 2003 年 10 月 15 日,神舟五号载人飞船发射升空,伴随着这一时刻的来临,所有的中国人 都记住了一个名字, 杨利伟, 作为中国首位叩访太空的航天员, 在太空中围绕地球飞行 14 圈后, 杨利伟安全返回。我国首次载人航天飞行的成功,标志着中国人有能力攀登世界科技高峰,有 能力把我们的国家建设得繁荣昌盛。
[参考答案] 参考答案] 一、Write the key words or phrases from memory(默写重点单词与词组)10 分
  20.conclusion 二、Word spelling(单词拼写)10 分
  10.doubt 三、Rewrite the following sentences(句型转换)5 分
  2.effect on;is very likely;effect on
  3.think of
  5.my opinion;much too 四、Multiple choice(单项选择)15 分
  1.C charge 在这里表示“收费” I want get my mobile phone charged.charge 则表 ; 示“充电” 。
  2.B 这里的短语意思各不相同,drop out 退学,drop in /drop by 顺便拜访 ,drop off 下降,减少。
  3.D without notice /without warning 表示“没有通知,没有警告” ,这句意思是“敌 人不宣而战” 。
  4.C 句型 get sth.done。
  5.D always 用在进行时中表示“赞扬,批评,责备,厌烦”等感情色彩。
  6.D 句型:there is no need(for sb)to do sth。
  7. D conduct 在这里表示“传导电,热” 。
  8.A 分词的完成式作状语,强调动作在句子的动作前发生。
  9.C tied to the string 过去分词短语作定语,另外句型 stop…(from)doing…。
  10.C There is a chance/There are chances… 表示“有机会……” 。
  11.A go against 表示“反对” 。
  12.B 句型:there is no doubt that…,后接同位语从句。
  13.C 这里使用了被动语态,实际是:make use of every minute to learn…。
  14.B 发表个人意见或看法时,可用短语 in one's opinion…。
  15.D 连词 so long as… 表示“只要……” 。 五、Cloze test(完形填空)20 分
  1.B 上世纪美国没有像今天这么多的大城市。
  2.D so…as。
  3.A 这里 where 引导表语从句。
  4.B 在这些小镇,商店是人们买东西的地方。
  5.D what 在这里引导主语从句,表示商店里卖的东西 。
  6.D 商店里卖的东西讲述了那个时候的美国。
  7.C 他们买盐,糖,咖啡以及农场不生产的其他东西。
  8.B articles of clothing 表示“好几件衣服” 。
  9.C 根据下文 shirts for men and clothes for their children,所以这里是 women。
  10.B 这里上个世纪是指十九世纪。
  11.B 在十九世纪的美国,生活非常简朴。
  12.C 这里是两个宾语从句并列。
  13.D look forward to 表示“期待”with courage 表示“勇敢地” 他们勇敢地期待 , 未来。

  14.A 未来给他们带来的一切。
  15.D 今天是过去的未来,如果让过去的人们知道今天的生活,那是非常有趣的。
  16.B 这里几句都是虚拟语气,用 would。
  17.B 过去的人会不会很高兴地看见今天的生活比过去好呢?
  18.D ever 在否定句中表强调。
  19.B 不可能知道过去的人会不会喜欢今天的生活。
  20.C 就象现在的人不知道未来的生活一样。 六、Reading comprehension(


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