I. 单项选择(满分 24 分)
  1. ?Will you go swimming with me this weekend? ?. A. All depend B. It depends C. It depends on D. All depends on
  2. We can’t continue to pretend that the problem of homelessness doesn’t in this city. A. exist B. live C. be D. survive
  3. At last, I made up my mind to speak the truth of the whole class. A. in the present B. at the present C. in the presence D. at the presence
  4. I’m well again, I can go on with my work. A. Even if B. As though C. Ever after D. Now that
  5. Some of the doctors are paid almost as the nurses. A. twice as much B. much as twice C. as much twice D. as twice much
  6. the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids puzzled people for centuries. A. Whether B. What C. How D. Where
  7. ?Why does Mr. Black look so sad this morning? ?I hear that a fire in his house and lots of valuable things were burned last night. A.broke into B.broke up C.broke down D.broke out
  8. The harm the modern farming methods have done the countryside is considerable. A.on B.to C.at D.for
  9. As the busiest woman in Norton, she made her duty to look after all the other people’s affairs in that town. A. this B. that C. one D. it
  10. After he the table,he sat down on the sofa for a rest,waiting for his guests. A.lay B.laid C.put D.made
  11. A satellite is object travelling in orbit(轨道) round another object in space. A. the; /; the B. an; an; a C. the; an; a D. an; an; /
  12. Shops should open till late in the evening. A. be remained B. remain C. leave D. keeps
  13. If a man succeed, he must work as hard as he can. A. will B. is to C. is going to D. as
  14. We never allow in the office. Who allows him here? A. smoking; to smoke B. smoking; smoking C. to smoke; smoking D. to smoke; to smoke
  15. My advisor encouraged a summer course to improve my writing skills. A. for me taking B. me taking C. for me to take D. me to take
  16. you like the flat so much, why not buy it? Well, I’m so poor that I can’t afford flat. A. Because; that big a B. Since; such expensive a C. Now that; that expensive a D. As; so a big
  17. will China be the first to use nuclear(核) weapons. A. At no time B. In no time C. At one time D. At a time
  18. It’s said that the man is hard to . A. be got along with B. getting along with C. get on with D. getting on
  19. Wuhan looks much more beautiful than before, but it is still not as we expected. A. as a green city B. as green a city C. so green a city than D. such a green city that
  20. Was it the boy didn’t pass the exam that his father beat him? A. as B. since C. because D. for
  21. They lost their way in the forest, and made matters worse was that night began to fall. A. that B. it C. what D. which
  22. I had to buy these books because I didn’t know which one was the best. A. both B. none C. neither D. all

  23. You should have thanked her before you left. I meant , but when I was leaving I couldn’t find her anywhere. A. to do B. to C. doing D. doing so
  24. Sunglasses are usually worn to the eyes from strong sunlight. A. prevent B. care C. defend D. protect II. 完形填空(满分 40 分) home from work. The Carol’s husband was killed in a car accident last year. Jim, only 52, was _25 other driver was a teenager who had _26 a lot. Jim died at once. The teenager was in the 27 for less than three hours. It was Carol’s fiftieth birthday, and Jim had two plane tickets to Hawaii in his pocket. He was going to 28 her. However, he was killed by a drunken driver. “How have you 29 this?” I asked Carol, a year later. 30 welled up(涌出) in her eyes. I thought I had said the 31 __ thing, but she said, “It’s all right. I want to 32 __ you. The day I married Jim, I promised I would never let him leave the house in the morning 33__ telling him I loved him. He made the same 34__ . It got to be a joke between us, and as we grew older it got to be a(n) __35 promise to keep. “I remember running down the driveway, saying ‘I love you’ just before he drove out of my 36 , or driving all the way to his office just to put a(n) 37 saying ‘I love you’ on his car. It was a funny 38 . “We made a lot of 39 trying to say ‘I love you’ before noon every day of our married life. “The morning Jim 40 , he left a birthday card in the kitchen and then left 41 . I heard the engine starting. Oh, no, I thought. I 42 out quickly and knocked on the car window 43 he rolled it down. “Here on my fiftieth birthday I, Carol Garret, want you, Mr James E. Garret to _44 that ‘I love you!’ “That’s how I’ve survived, knowing that the last words I said to Jim were, ‘I love you!’”
  25. A. walking B. arriving C. driving D. riding
  26. A. drunk B. eaten C. talked D. done
  27. A. school B. hospital C. office D. prison
  28. A. surprise B. interest C. disappoint D. frighten
  29. A. learned B. survived C. existed D. explained
  30. A. Excitement B. Happiness C. Joys D. Tears
  31. A. sad B. extra C. wrong D. violent
  32. A. tell B. depend C. cheer D. believe
  33. A. with B. besides C. after D. without
  34. A. idea B. choice C. promise D. mistake
  35. A. hard B. easy C. silly D. harmful
  36. A. reach B. sight C. house D. office
  37. A. announcement B. note C. advertisement D. picture
  38. A. game B. activity C. challenge D. test
  39. A. methods B. stories C. memories D. troubles
  40. A. married B. worked C. returned D. died
  41. A. gradually B. quietly C. angrily D. gently
  42. A. cried B. ran C. watched D. looked
  43. A. but B. when C. though D. until
  44. A. say B. prove C. know D. admit
阅读理解(满分 16 分) Edmund Halley was an English scientist who lived over 200 years ago. He studied the observations of comets(彗星)which other scientists had made. The orbit of one particular comet was a very difficult III.
mathematical problem. He could not figure it out. Neither could other scientists who dealt with such problems.
However, Halley had a friend named Isaac Newton, who was a brilliant mathematician. Newton thought he had already worked out that problem, but he could not find the papers on which he had done it. He told Halley that the orbit of a comet had the shape of an ellipse(椭圆形). Now Halley set to work. He figured out(解决,计算出)the orbits of some of the comets that had been observed by scientists. He made a surprising discovery. The comets that had appeared in the years 1531, 1607, and 1682 all had the same orbit. Yet their appearance had been 75 to 76 years apart. This seemed very strange to Halley. Three different comets followed the same orbit. The more Halley thought about it, the ore his thought that there had been three different comets as people thought. He decided that they had simply seen the same comet three times. The comet had gone away and had come back again. It was an astonishing idea! Halley felt certain though to make a prediction(预言)of what would happen in the future. He decided that this would appear in the year 17
  58. There were 53 years to go before Halley’s prediction could be tested. In 1758 the comet appeared in the sky. Halley did not see it, for he had died some years before. Ever since then that comet had been called Halley’s comet, in his honor. 45 Edmund Halley figured out the orbit of . A. some different comets appearing several times B. the same comet appearing at different times C. three different comets appearing at the same time D. several comets appearing at the same time
  46. Halley made his discovery . A. by doing experiments B. by means of his own careful observation C. by using the working of other scientists D. by chance
  47. Halley made a surprising, but correct prediction in the year. A. 1704 B. 1705 C. 1706 D. 1707
  48. This passage in general is about . A. Halley and other scientists B. the orbit of a comet C. Newton and Halley D. Halley and his discovery
  49. Which of the following is TRUE? A. Edmund Halley was an American scientist. B. Halley made his discovery by doing experiments. C. Isaac Newton was a famous mathematician. D. The orbit of a comet had the shape of an around. B These simple ways can increase your popularity(受欢迎度) and win you more friends, so why not try them? ● FOCUSING ON OTHERS This will reduce any shyness you may have. You’ll be more relaxed and therefore more natural and fun. And you will get more goodpeople will love the fact that you’re paying attention to them while you don’t have to worry about what people think of you. ● LOOKING PEOPLE IN THE EYE Making eye contact is very important because it shows you’re interested in them. If you let your eyes wander or keep looking over their shoulder, people will feel slighted, and they’ll like you less they would otherwise. ● ASKING QUESTIONS Doing this gives you two advantages. It shows other people that you are indeed paying attention and that you consider what they are telling you important. Being sure to follow up when you’ve shared a conversation with someone about something important in his/her life, be sure to ask about it later. This shows that you listen and you care. ● MAKING AN EFFORT TO SMILE A smile means acceptance, and that makes people open up to you. Make a conscious(有意识的) effort(努力) one day to smile at the people you stay or work with and watch how well they respond to you. ● BEING RELIABLE People appreciate those who help them, and they quickly begin to hate those who don’t.

  50. By fixing your attention on others, you will . A. be more worried and tired B. feel more confident C. be paid less attention to D. feel less liked
  51. The underlined word means “” A. believable B. unbelievable C. acceptable D. hopeful
  52. Which is the best title for this passage? A. Ways to Make You More Natural B. Trying to Be a Polite Person C. Making as Many Friends as Possible D. Ways to Make You More Popular IV. 单词拼写(满分 10 分)
  1.They stood still, looking at the balloons (漂浮)in the air.
  2. With the d of economy, people’s living standards are higher now.
  3. The illness is s through the village.
  4. Now we still don’t know whether life e on Mars.
  5. Don’t put the bottle on the edge of the s of the desk, or it will fall down.
  6. G speaking, girls are better
  7. at learning to speak languages than boys.
  7. The reason why we have to fall to the ground is that there is g.
  8. U most of young people, he doesn’t enjoy popular songs.
  9. The c here doesn’t agree with me; it’s too dry.
  10. When the bell showing the classes were over rang, all of us left the classroom i. V. 短文改错(满分 10 分) I still remember how nervously I was on my first day in the new school three years ago, when I found difficult to follow my teacher in the first English class. The teacher spoke English throughout the class, that was totally different from lessons I had taken before. In the morning class the next day, the English teacher came to me while I am reading the text aloud as other students.After listen to me for a while, she gave me a big smile and said he liked my voice very much.The smile shone on the whole day and the following days.A week later, I was volunteered to take charge of English study in my class.Thank to the comforting smile in my first morning class, I began to confident.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
姓名: 姓名:
13 14 15 16 17 18
答案 单选 1?5 BACDA 6?10 CDBDB 11?15 DBBAD 16?20 CACBC 21--24CDBD 完型 25?29 CABAB 30?34 DCADC 35?39 ABBCC 40?44 DBBDC 阅读 (A)
  45. 选【B】 。这是一道综合判断题。根据文章的第四段“He decided that they had simply seen the same comet three times.”及上文提到的看彗星的时间分别是 1531 年、1607 年、1682 年可判断正确答案为选项 B。
  46. 选【C】 。这是一道细节理解题。根据文章第一段“He studied the observations of comets which other scientists had made.”可知,哈雷的发现是在研究其他科学家们的观 察中得出来的。
  47. 选【B】 。这是一道计算题。文中的“He decided that this would appear in the year 17
  58. There were 53 years to go before Halley’s prediction could be tested.”这句话告诉 我们:他预言彗星出现的时间是 1758 年,而这个预言还要经过 53 年才能验证, 由此可以推断出哈雷做出这个预言的时间是 1705 年。
  48. 选【D】 。这是一道主旨大意题。纵观全文,不难看出,文章的中心就是哈雷以及他的发 现。 49 选【C】 。这是一道综合判断题。从文章首句可以看出 A 项错误;从第二题的分析中可 知 B 项也错误;牛顿告诉哈雷彗星的轨道是椭圆形的,可排除 D。 (B) 50?52 BAD 单词拼写
  1. floating
  2. development
  4. exists
  5. surface
  6. Generally
  7. gravity
  8. Unlike
  10. immediately 短文改错 nervously?nervous find 后加 it that?which lessons 前加 the am?was Listen?



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