单项选择) (范围 必修 3 单词拼写 完成句子 单项选择) Ⅰ. 单词拼写 (35 分)

  1. Even a small success gives you a sense of (成绩,成就).
  3. Perhaps if they had an (紧急情况,突发事件)they could not reach a doctor.
  5. That was a (一代,时代)when girls' education was always placed second to boys'. What made her succeed later on was the kindness and (考虑,体谅)she showed to all her patients.
  9. Mohandas Gandhi was the leader who helped gain India's i from Britain. With your (允许), I'd like to say a few words. I a to the teacher for my cheating in the final test. It was (显而易见的)to everyone that the child had been badly treated.

  10. Today's festivals have many origins, some(宗教的) and some for special people or events.
  11. I stopped worrying and started advertising the (好处,利益)of my food.

  12. We are still looking for someone who (联合, 结合)all the necessary qualities.
  13. Have you(咨询,请教) your physician about possible treatments?
  14. We would be grateful for your (合作,协作)in clearing the hall as quickly as possible.
  15. The boy lifted the stone with all his (力量).
  16. The letter wasn't addressed to me but I opened it out of c.
  17. The night found the boy(徘徊,来回走动) on the pavement alone.
  18. He put the letter into an e and then put it into a mail-box.
  19. She was a lovely girl with (耐心).
  20. He is always finding (过错,毛病) with the way I do things.
  21. The A of Tom Sawyer is one of Mark Twain’s masterpieces.
  22. I am not familiar with the British educational (体系,系统).

  23. The earth became so (暴力的)that it was not clear whether the shape would last or not.
  24. The hotel offers a friendly (气氛,氛围)and personal service.

  25. There is a (基本的,根本的)difference between the two points of view.
  26. Without g on the earth, you can float in space.
  27. Cigarette smoking (增加,乘)the risk of cancer.
  28. We must take some immediate measures to solve the problem of (全球的) warmth.
  29. He has been home from abroad, (筋疲力尽的).
  30. There was frost on the ground ,(证实)that fall had arrived.
  31. Ottawa, Canada's capital. It's (大约)four hundred kilometres northeast of Toronto

  32. People say it is Canada's most beautiful city, (包围)by mountains and the Pacific Ocean.
  33. There are seven c in the world, of which Ascia is the biggest.
  34. As is known to us ,air is a m of many gases.
  35. What is the exact (位置) of the city?
完成下列句子( Ⅱ. 完成下列句子(20 分)

  2. 她过着忙碌的生活。 I looked carefully at the text and realized that (它是为农村
  4. Suddenly (我想到)how difficult it was for a women to get medical training at that time. (数不胜数的故事) of how Lin Qiaozhi, tired after a day’s work, went late at night to (接生)for a poor family.
  5. Lin Qiaozhi had devoted her whole life to her patients and had(选择 了不拥有自己的家庭).
  6. The path on your right(通向) the old temple.

  7. His three kids are (盼望去钓鱼) with him.
  12. The country , covered with cherry tree flowers, (看上去好像) it is covered with pink snow. The picture (让我想起来我的童年). (显而易见的是)the manager of the shop was waiting LiFang to leave. (一定发生了可怕的事情) if Li Chang was not
coming to eat here as he always did.
  13. He could not have Yong Hui(向人们说谎而不受惩罚)!
  14. Why don't you sit down and try a meal? and try a meal?

  15. He has (厌倦了住在国外). He is considering coming back to China.
  16. Wang Peng was(对感到惊奇) this and (特别 是,尤其是)at the prices.
  17. I think (没有什么比旅行更令人愉快).
  18. He(以最出名) his novels, most of which (以为背景) his boyhood world on the river.
  19. (看书入了迷), he missed the train.
  20. The fact is that I(挣取旅费)(通过做义工) , which (对作出解释)my appearance.

  21. The next morning I'd (刚要放弃) for lost when I was spotted by a ship.
  22. I hope you'll come here(不管你何时喜欢).

  23. He decided to (碰碰天气的运气) and have the party outdoors.
  24. However,(根据一个广泛被人接受的理论) , the universe (从开始)a "Big Bang" that threw matter(朝着各个方向).
  25. What many scientists is that (持续的水的存在) allowed the earth to dissolve harmful gases and acids into the oceans and seas.
  26. They produced young generally(通过下蛋的方式).
  27. They are putting too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, (这阻止了热量从 逃脱) the earth into space.
  28. But when I tried to step forward, I found I was carried (两倍远) on the earth and fell over.
  29. (而不是)take the aeroplane all the way, they decided to fly to Vancouver and then(坐火车从东到西横穿加拿大)
  30. Have you (适应新的工作了吗?)
  31. It is so wet there that the trees are extremely tall,(有些量起来超过 90 米).
  32. Mr.Smith asked the tailor to make some new clothes (按照他自己的尺寸)

  1. When he was doing the software development project, he many problems that he had to solve on his own. A. came up with B. came through C. came across D. came out

  2. (2008?重庆卷) Only when I left my parents for Italy how much I loved them. A.I realized
  3. Tom, yourself . A. behave B. .I had realized C. . had I realized D. did I realize
Did you forget the school rules? C. perform D. help E. admire F. observe G. remind
B. believe

  4. I didn’t mean to keep you waiting here for a long time. There are several traffic jams on the way. Can you me? A. apologize B. interrupt C. forgive D. behave

  5. It is strange that long skirts should come into again. A. connection
  6. B. celebration C. fashion D. religion E. location
The old professor travelled from one school to another, first-hand information about the education situation in China. A. to gather B. collecting C. getting together D. to get together

  7. This memorial was built those heroes who laid down their lives for the liberation of the poor people. A. in memory of B. in favor of C. in celebration of D. in place of
  8. I’m really tired Tom. He had me for two hours in the rain.
A. of, waiting B. with; wait C. of; waited D. with; waited
  9. She is already two hours late. What to her? A. can have happened B. must have happened C. should have happened
  10. ? How well did John do in the match? Wonderful. I think we can’t have player in our football team. A. a good B. the better C. a better D. the best
  11. The secretary worked deep in night, a speech for the president. A. to prepare B. preparing C. prepared D. to be preparing
D. must happen

  12. He couldn’t the fact that the money was found in his house. A. answer for B. leave for C. account for D. care for

  13. Nobody could have ever imagined that the poor man be a millionaire. A. in rag; could B. in rags; should be C. wearing poorly ; should D. dressed poorly; might

  14. The reason she gave for not being present was the heavy snow prevented her coming. A. why; because B. why; whether C. that; that D. how; that

  15. These wild flowers are so special . A. whatever B. that
I would do I can to save them.? C. which D. whichever ?

  16. I want to see is in charge of the international sales. A.
  17. who B. whom C. whoever D. no matter who
made the teacher proud was more than half of her students had been admitted to key A. What; because B. What; that C. That; what D. That; because

  18. What will happen to the child if Jim and Mary ? A. break down B. break up C. break out D. break off E. break away

  19. The naughty boy spends most of his time playing computer games his lessons. Canada is the only country that an entire continent in the world, facing the Atlantic the east. A. makes up; on B. covers; on C. takes up; to D. do up; in

  20. Canada is the only country that an entire continent in the world, facing the Atlantic the east. A. makes up; on B. covers; on C. takes up; to D. do up; in

  21. you feel tired after the long tiring journey, A. So that
  22. B. In that C. Now that
you may as well (不妨)take a good rest at home. D. In order that . The world is not at an end.
My goodness! I failed again in the computer test. A. Look up B. Pick up C. Cheer up
D. Keep up

(09?山东卷) The girl who got lost decided to remain she was and wait for her mother. A. where B. what C. how D. who

  24. How often do you go to the cinema? A. It all depends B. Have no idea
,but usually twice a month. C. As usual D. Not at all

  25. When and where we’ll hold the next meeting yet . A. are decided B. is decided C. has not been decided D. have decided

  26. Having checked the doors were closed , and all the lights were off, he left the classroom.
A. that B.
when D.

  27. After his long and tiring trip from abroad, he returned home, . A. exhausted B. being exhausted C. inspired D. puzzled E. limited F. respected

  28. You can’t imagine that a well-behaved gentleman be so rude to a lady. A. might B. need C. would D. should

  29. This is not a cheap way to get more water; , it is not a little(=very much) expensive. A. on the whole B. on the contrary C. in short D. in addition

  30. That is the best way you thought of (prevent) people (get) into the dangerous areas.
  31. I think hard work is to success. Nobody is an exception. A. fundamental B. global C. modest D. worthwhile

  32. Tom, you play football in the street; you be hurt. A. won’t ;can’t B. shouldn’t ; must C. mustn’t ; may D. can’t ; shouldn’t

  33. You are saying that everyone should be equal, and this is I disagree. A. why B. where C. what D. how

  34. His suggestion to see the art exhibition interested every of us. A. that we would go B. which we should go C. that we go D. when we should go

  35. It is always difficult being in a foreign country, if you don’t speak the language. A. extremely B. basically C. specially D. especially E. approximately

  36. Who is the girl standing over there? A. may B. can C. shall D.
If you know, her name is Mabel. must

  37. You may your notebook when you deliver the speech if you want to. A. refer to B. turn to C. lead to D. devote to

  38. As is known to all, cigarette smoking the risk of cancer . A. combines B. confirms C. consults D. multiplies

  39. Many scientists hold the view that the atmosphere of Mars couldn’t life. A. support B. intend C. deliver D. cover E. float F. respect

  40. I know you don’t like her, but try not to make it so . A. religious B. violent C. obvious D. energetic

  41. We listened to the news with a of surprise and joy. A. adventure B. agriculture C. measure D. mixture E. fault

  42. The hotel offers a friendly and personal service. A. atmosphere B. achievement C. emergency D. benefit E. award F. reward

  43. He didn’t have the to walk any further. A. system B. theory C. patience D.
He was worn out.
curiosity E. strength

  44. The trees provide for the farmers in the summer. A. shade B. shadow C. scene D. scenery E. origin

  45. There is a in our family that we have a party on New Year’s Eve.
A. tradition



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